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Accidentally in Love

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So she said "What's the problem baby?" What's the problem? I don't know Well, maybe I'm in love I think about it every time I think about it Can't stop thinking 'bout it Hello- My name is Jacob Black. It was Jacob Black, for animals do not own names. I have a story. But you won't like it, for it is sad and I have heard that people are fond of happy stories nowadays. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been life if I had never met her. But I quickly dispel that thought because life without love is not worth living. Technically, I should not have ever loved her. She was a daughter of my Enemy and a child of Once Loved. Yet, I did love her and it is too late to change any of that. I think I am dying. I place my pen to the paper one last time...
Chapter 7 is UP! This story used to be call 'Fire to Ashes'

Okay this story was once called, "Fire to Ashes" Please review! Only 14 people have reviewed yet, It did make me sad:( The plot is this- Jacob meets Bella's Child who he falls in love with. She dosn't love him though:( But when she does fall in love with him some one else come's in. Someone who loves her. Someone who will stop at nothing too get what he wants. Can he survive it all?

7. Libra

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Chapter 7: Libra

"My sister, my twin, is in love with a dog! Ugg!" Jake put his hand on his temple and rubbed it. "You! You sick, moronic mutt!" He hoisted up the other Jacob by his neck, "Stay away from her!"

Jacob made no struggle to get down, "I'm afraid I can't do that."


"I love her-"

"We know that already! But does she love you!"

"I think so..."

"Will you leave if she doesn't want you here"

"In a heartbeat," Jake studied the werewolves eyes,

"Then I accept you." Jake raised Jacob even higher, "However, if you ever her, I'll will rip your throat out, dog."

"Thank you-" He lowered his head humbly, then turned Alice and Jasper. Jasper looked at Alice expectantly, she held her head in her arms. Her eyes blanked out, and went clear-

"Yes! Yea! Hurrah!" All eyes turned to her-

"Umm, Alice? Are you alright?" Bella said, Alice made no reply. "What happened?"

Edward scrunched up his nose, "Alice, what are you hiding?"

"Nothing," She answered, a mischievous smile on her face. Edward gave her a look of loathing. Alice stalked over to Bella, and whispered in her ear. Too low, too soft, even for a vampire to hear. Bella expression turned to one of pure joy, she danced forward and hugged Jacob Black around the waist.

"Oh, Jake you've always been my best friend!"

Edward glanced from girl to girl, trying to find a single hint. Nothing.

"I believe that you will be perfect for each other." Romantic Emse.

"So do I." Calm Carlisle.

"It's not my choice, only hers." Rosaline, now Emmet would agree as well.

"I trust her judgment..." Jasper and Ally were best friends, he trusted her to the ends of the earth. No other friendship could be closer.

"No! No! No!" Edward began to pull out his hair in a fury, "He's a werewolf, she's my daughter I won't stand for-"

"Hey Dad! Hey Jake!" Ally swung herself around the staircase, she took in the growling Edward, the haughty Jacob, and excited Alice.. "Crap. Tell me this is testosterone-induced stupidity, and not The Great Werewolf/Vampire War."


She came sliding down the banister, inducing a grand entrance.

"Hey Dad! Hey Jake!" Ally peered at each at us in turn, resting on me... "Crap. Tell me this is testosterone-induced stupidity, and not The Great Werewolf/Vampire War." I snorted.

Edward sauntered over too her daughter in an attempt to calm her. "No darling, don't be ridiculous. We were just having a little chat."

"Naturally- you only wanted to talk with you're worst enemy. Of Course."

Everyone began to laugh, lightening up from the tense argument.

"Come on Jacob," Ally grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room. The rest of the Cullen's watched with a slight disgust. "Lets go to the meadow..."


"Alice Elizabeth Artemis Isabella Renée Hale Cullen," I bent down on one knee and extended my arm, a small black box clutched in my hand. "I promise to love you for every day in eternity, too never leave you, to never hurt you in any way, I mean... Crap- I'm really bad at this." I cleared my throat and begun again, "Al, will you marry me?"