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I Love Your Existence

Edward never came back, Bella never jumped...instead both became musicians. What will happen when they experience a connection in their music? my first story, be gentle.

i love music and i decided to write this because it was chewing my insides. hope you like it...

3. I Love Your Existence/ My Dream Is You

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Bella's Point of View

I could hear the loud complaints and jabbering coming form the stage. I seriously needed to get myself together. How was this any

different from my other hallucinations? The rush of adrenaline I got when I rode my motorcycle could be compared to the one I got when I

was on stage, the obsessive mindset I was in when I was looking for the meadow could be compared to the obsessive fervor I wrote my

songs with. It's the same thing. Yes. Exactly the same thing. No need to get bent out of shape. Breathe in, Breathe out.

I walked back on stage when I calmed down completely. I had to apologize.

"I'm so sorry guys, teenage hormones, you know. They get the best of all of us." I turned around to wink at Becky. We both knew

that wasn't the case. Everyone believed the lie anyway. My lying ability increased incredibly over the last couple of months. I guess having

to act normal for weeks upon weeks when you really were just a zombie inside helped me in some way. I could lie freely now a days. Nobody

knew the whole truth,except for my closest friends, and for that I was insanely grateful.

"Okay now. I recorded this song as a duet with Ronnie Winter, but he isn't here. so i'm just going to sing it alone. It's called I love

your existence."

Edward's Point Of View.

I shot out of the House of Blues like the fate of the world depended on it. I moved at vampire speed, not even caring if anyone

seen me. I ran faster than I ever had before. I couldn't believe that we were in the same city as each other and I didn't even know it! Alice

told me that she would be at a place called the Knitting Factory. Looking back at how clumsy Bella used to be,i was confused as to why she

would be anywhere near knitting needles

I stopped running when I seen the sign to the Kniting Factory, I almost slapped my forhead at my absurdity. It was a concert hall,

not an actual factory. The thought made me relax considerably. I ran passed the long line, that was stretched halfway down the next block,

and straight up the the bouncer. I flashed the artists pass that allowed me to get into any place I wanted to get into. Before, I never wanted
it, but now I was grateful that I carried it around with me. He let me in. I heard everyone groan in unison, and yell insults. I paid no attention

to their thoughts, I was too focused on finding my Bella.

There were hundreds of people in my way. I pushed and shoved my way through the crowd, trying to get to the stage. Her scent

was everywhere. I stood in the middle of the room, tasting the air. It was simply mouthwatering.

Then, her heavenly voice came through the speakers.

"Okay now. I recorded this song as a duet with Ronnie Winter,but he isn't here. So i'm just going to sing it alone. It's called I love

your existence." My head swam at the words she said. If my heart would beat, I would have had a heart attack by now. Just then, I had a

spark of inspiration, all I had to do was get a microphone.

I ran backstage. It was pure luck that I happened across a tech girl as I ran. Pure Luck.

"Excuse me Miss? May I please have a microphone?" I asked, I tried to dazzle her, making her forget that I was not supposed to

have access to the sound equipment.

"S...Sure" of course you can gorgeous! she stutttered out. I thanked her quickly and shoved my way toward the stage. The intro was

almost ending, before Bella could utter the first note, I sang the verse for her.

"Perfection is defined when your heart beats next to mine, and time stands still for us."

Bella's Point Of View

I started to play my guitar. This particular song was my favorite song to come back and listend to. It made me remember the

happier times, you know, when I wasn't the emotional wreck I was now. I listened to the drums and bass blend together, my favorite sound

to hear, well second favorite. I closed my eyes and lost myself to the music.

The trance the music had put me in was shattered with an increase of applause and screams. I opened my eyes to figure out what

the disturbance was. My heart practically leaped out of my chest. There he was, standing in front of my eyes, with all of his vampire glory,

grinning his crooked grin, Edward. Although it was deafeningly loud in the hall, his grin grew wider,as if he had heard it.

"Perfection is defined when your heart beats next to mine, and time stands still for us." Edward's voice rang through the speakers.

this must be another one of my hallucinations, like earlier. some figment of my imagination. I tried to shake my head, to disspell the image of

him. Otherwise I would break down like before. I tried, but didn't succed. I just ended up giving in to my illusion and I stopped and stared at

the beauty of Edward. This was one great hallucination.

But it turned out to be exactly the opposite.One girl's screams tore me out of that mindset with one ,"OH MY GOD IT'S EDWARD

CULLEN!" Holy crow. This wasn't one of my ill fated attempts to conjure Edward in my head, he was really here, on stage with me, singing

my song. OH MY GOD is definetly the correct thing to say in this situation.My eyes bugged out of my head. I started to sway where I was

standing. My head started to spin all of the sudden,I felt almost faint really.

Edward saw the sudden change in my posture. He walked slowly up to me,grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it. He did not let

go,instead, chose to cling tightly to my hand, keeping me upright.I was afraid if he let go of me I was going to collapse right then and there.

He continued to sing while the band played on. I completely forgot about the guitar slung accross my shoulders.

"My hand in your hair, and yours on my chest. Moments with you are my life's best.We crossed paths for a reason
The planets aligned in that particular season,Its clear to me that well eventually be,Inseparable"

His eyes seemed to be like magnets as they found my gaze. I couldnt look away. I was immediately immersed into those topaz

pools.I saw so many emotions in them I found it hard to comprehend them. fear,sadness, guilt, happiness, lust, and the most overwhelming

was love. Which also happened to be the most hard to comprehend. Didn't he say that he didn't love me, that he didn't want me anymore? I

had only a split second to ponder that Question before I had to sing. I took strength from Edward. I opened my mouth. The voice that came

out was surely not mine. It was the voice of an angel. Heavenly, beautiful, whole. Not the broken and haunting voice that mine had become.

"I love your existence,and I cant get enough,Your song is sung in your beautiful voice,My senses rush cause they have no other

choice,I breathe you in, and I see through your eyes.You are an angel in a beautiful disguise."

My eyes started to tear up as I saw him shake his head in denial. I lifted my hand up to touch his cheek. His face tilted up to mine

and I saw his sadness. The tears fell freely then. No matter how much it hurt me, this angel should not cry. He stepped closer to me. We

were chest to chest now. He pulled me into a soft hug and kissed the top of my head. This was too good to be true. After all this time there

was nothing I wanted to have more than what was happening right now. Me, in Edward's arms, him just being with me.

"We crossed paths for a reason" he sang beautifully. Edwards voice was so immesurably gorgeous. No other sound could ever

compare to the way he was singing.
"The planets aligned in that particular season,Its clear to me that well eventually be"

"inseperable" we sang together. Our voices wove together like the finest silk, the smoothest chocolate, like they were meant to be

that way forever.

"I love your existence,and I cant get enough"

"So pucker up and embrace the greatness" Edward had a small smile on his face as he winked and puckered up his lips at me.

"you get me high and erase my sadness." I wiped the tears from my cheeks and smiles ruefully back at him.

" I love your existence." I said, no longer singing.

"Bella." Edward wasn't singing either.

I took a look into his eyes.They burned like the fires of a thousand suns,with love. I took one look and forgot everything. I forgot

that we were standing on stage in front of hundreds of people. I forgot that he left me. I forgot the hole in my chest, and the nightmares that

came everynight since he left. One look, and I came undone. I flung myself at him and kissed him with all of the force I could muster.

He froze for the smallest second and then kissed back, with as much, if not more force than I did. There could have been more

applause and screaming, but I paid no attention. All I could think of was the way Edward's lips moved against mine. This kiss was not careful

like all of the others we had shared. That was perfectly fine with me.It was both passionate and sweet. Both lustful and loving.

I am going to marry this man- I thought to myself. Although I had never thought that before. And it came to my mind with such

assured rightness, I had no other choice than to accept it. I didn't want to have any other choice. I wanted Edward for eternity.

I hated to have to break away for something as trivial as air but I had almost feinted. I definelty wasn't breathing. When we did

part, both of us were breathing heavier. I smiled at him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked when I finally got my breath back. His face changed frm insanely happy to extremely sad faster

than I thought was possible.

" I came here to apologize, Bella. I love you. I always have. That day in the forest. I lied to you. When I told you I didn't love you it

was the darkest type of blasphemy. I heard you sing your song, actually I performed your song too. A most curious experience. I needed to

come back to you and out things right,to beg for your forgiveness..." he took an unnecessary breath and I saw that as my chance to interrupt


"You're forgiven" I said quickly. I continued faster when I saw his confused expression. Clearly he didn't comprehend what I was

talking about. "I love you Edward. Soo much, nothing can ever change that. I knew you left because you had to do it for yourself. If leaving

was what made you happy then I endured the pain for you. I would do anything for you. I am soo glad you love me too!" He grabbed me and

kissed me again, happiness radiatingform every facet of his marble skin. I was in complete bliss.

I hadn't even noticed when Becky come up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder.

"Umm, Bells. We have a show to do..." she trailed off and I reluctantly broke away from Edward.

"Oh, yeah. Do you mind if Edward played with us too?" I turned to her, giving her my puppy dog eyes, pleading. She nodded with a

wicked grin on her face. She knew exactly which song she wanted us to play. Becky ran off stage and returned with sheet music. She silently

handed Edward my blood red electric guitar and the sheet music. Okay, maybe I lied when I said that I love your existence was my favorite

song to go back and listen to...if I had to choose between these two songs I would definitely choose this one as my favorite.

"Well then. That was unexpected. Moving on shall we? This next song was written a long time ago. I just never had enough

courage to play it before, but since the fabulous Edward Cullen has graciouly accepted to accompany us with the song, I think I can manage.

It's called 'My dream is you'"
You even know, what you mean to me.
Well I get lost for words.
You even know, you make me so happy.
Well I get lost for words.
What can I say?
What can I do?
So that you know how much I treasure you.
I can be with you, a hour or two.
And not even say a word.
We could sit and talk the day away.
And we would still have more to say.
What can I say?
What can I do?
To let you know how much I treasure you.
How can we speak, its to good to be true.
It's you and me sweetheart.
My dream is you.
My dream is you.
My dream is you.
My dream is you.
When I'm down.
How do you do it?
You give the perfect words.
It's just the way you live your life.
I'm inspired.
When you hold my hand I'm free.
And when you kiss my check.
You melt me.
You melt me.
You melt me.
My dream is you.
My dream is you.
My dream is you.
My dream is you.

I silently praised Becky as I sang the chorus, I hadn't even thought about singing this song ever before. We put this out on our first

EP. It wasn't new material, that's why I had never thought to put it in the set. Man, she was a miracle worker!

My eyes, out of habit, flickered to Edward. He was smiling so big. His fingers played the song like he had heard it a million times.

That man never ceases to amaze me. I could tell he was getting into the song, as was I. I walked over to his side of the stage and set my

head on his shoulder, singing to him. His jaw dropped as my fingers traced his lips. He leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek. I let him kiss

me with a huge smile on my face.

I wrote the lyrics during the first summer we were together. That was before I went into song overload. One day I had this stroke of

brilliance and wrote it down on some crumpled up reciept form McDonalds. After Edward left, Jake found it and gave it to me.I carried it in

my pocket for weeks. I gave it to Becky and she put it to music. The song described exactly the way I felt when Edward was around me.

I finished singing and took a bow along with everyone else, thinking about how this was by far the best show I had ever done.