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Off The Road

Everyone falls off the wagon at some point, right?


2. Mother

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She is beautiful, and she knows that. Her dark eyes are seductive, as is the small smile playing around her lips.

“Come here, handsome,” She beckons to the man walking down the silent street.

“Hey,” He says in acknowledgement. “A pretty lady like you shouldn’t be out this late at night without an escort,” His face is worried.

“Oh, I quite agree.” She laughs, the sound of silver. “I seem to have left my purse in that alley over there, and I am too afraid to go down there alone and get it. Would you accompany me?” She gestures to the mouth of the tiny road with one stark white hand.

“Of course,” He says quickly, “I wouldn’t want you to have to face the unknown by yourself!”

Her next grin is far from angelic; rather, it is demonic. The man doesn’t see it, however, and leads the way to the alley.

They walk a few feet into it, and then the man turns. “Where do you think it is, sweetie?”

She grimaces at his term of endearment, but quickly covers it with a stunning smile. “Oh, it seems that I misplaced it somewhere else. Sorry,”

The man barely has time to scream before her teeth are ripping into the soft flesh, sucking up the blood quickly.

Once the body is empty, she leans back, elation on her face. Her blood red eyes shine in the darkness.

“I wonder why Carlisle doesn’t want me to drink…” Her voice trails of as she thinks of her mate. “I- I just-no!” Her face turns into a mask of horror, her voice cracking from the tearless sobs.

“Why? How could I? He was a person, a person with family and friends, and I,” She gulped, tears metaphorically streaming down her face. She buries her head in her hands, backing away from the now dead man.

She takes one last look of pity at his motionless body, and then flees, heading far, far away.

She hears him before she sees him.

“Please, Mom?” The young voice calls to her. “Please come back. You don’t need to be ashamed,” He adds, reading her thoughts.

“I’m…I’m so sorry, dear,” She hiccups, still sobbing tearlessly. “I don’t know what came over me. I just can not believe that I k-killed a man-”

“Please don’t apologize!” He says, coming into view. “I know how hard it is, and believe me, you’ve done so well for someone so young!”

It’s time like these that she really sees how much more time her son has seen. “I’m so sorry,” She murmurs again.

He sighed. “Carlisle is looking for you. He’s seven blocks that way,” He said, pointing north.

“Alright,” She looks around. “Thank you, dear.”

She runs. Before she can grasp what is happening, cold arms are around her, and her head is resting on a cold chest.

“Esme,” He breathes. “Don’t ever disappear like that again.”

“I…I’m sorry,” She sobs, shaking with despair. She buries her head into his marble chest. “I just didn’t realize that it was so… easy to give in, to just kill.”

“Shh, love, it’s alright. The only thing I’m angry about is you leaving like that. Do you have any idea how worried I was?” He pulled away so that she could see his face. His glorious features were intense, focused on her trembling lips and saddened eyes.

“I truly am sorry. I just panicked, when I realized what I had done. But do you really mean that, are you sure you aren’t angry with me?” Her gentle voice wavers.

“Esme, even the strongest of us fall off the wagon sometimes. I love you too much to be angry.” And then he reaches closer and kisses her gently.