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Off The Road

Everyone falls off the wagon at some point, right?


3. Rosalie

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He is always following her, ever since the incident. The incident, he calls it. Hah. It was no ‘incident’, nor ‘accident’ or ‘mistake’. Murdering those…monsters was needed. She just couldn’t ‘live’ until she had done that.

She growls loudly, walking faster. “Stop following me, Edward.” She continues down the muddy sidewalk, somehow keeping her polished heels mud free.

The bronze-haired boy sighs. “I’m not following you. I happen to be going to school too.”

“Oh, right. Sorry,” Her voice is filled with contempt.

“Look, Rosalie, I just want you to be safe, alright? We don’t need a blood-crazed vampire on the loose.” He grins crookedly, his voice light and teasing.

“Thanks.” She mutters, looking down at her feet.

He internally curses himself. He knows she doesn’t want to accept that she’s one of the eternally damned.

Her nose picks up a scent, one she’s never smelt; blood, fresh and hot. Her eyes swivel up, locked on the little child ahead, sitting on the ground, clutching his bright red knee to his chest.

“No, Rosalie, stop breathing!” He commands, reaching forward to grab her. Too late.

She is already standing above the child, breathing in the heavenly scent. “Oh, you poor thing,” She murmurs, bending close. As she lifts the boy’s confused face towards her, something hard and cold slams into her from the side.

She snarls as she spins far from the child, her eyes the deepest black. “Out. Of. My. Way.”

“Go home,” He orders, crouching protectively in front of the child. “Now, Rose.” The steel in his eyes seems enough to get through her wild state.

She takes a few steps backwards, slowly, then turns and runs full speed, a look of horror on her angelic face.

She bursts through the front door of the large home, coming face to face with her mother.

“Rosalie, dear, what happened? Are you alright?” Her voice is concerned.

“I…I almost attacked a little boy.” She confesses, pain marring her features.

“Oh, dear, it’s alright!” The mother says, checking her eyes. They are still a deep golden, much to the relief of the mother.

“No, it’s not. Esme, I’m a monster, I’ll never grow old, I’ll never cry, I’ll never be a mother,” She babbles on and on.

The mother stands there patiently, patting her on the back softly and nodding sympathetically.

He arrives, his bronze hair disheveled. “Rosalie! Good, you made it home!”

“Yeah…” Rosalie mutters, looking down. “I’m sorry, for not listening right away,”

“It’s fine. Listen…sis,” He says embarrassedly, calling her sister for the first time. “We all mess up. But you didn’t actually drink his blood. You’re much better than I ever was.”

She knows that this is his way of letting her know that he loves her, in some strange way. “Thank you, Edward.” She reaches over and wraps her arms around his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” He asks his voice innocent and confused.

“I’m hugging you, Edward.” She sighs at his ignorance.

“I’m not stupid!” He says in response to her thoughts. “I love you too, Sister,”

The mother looks like she could cry. “Awww! I must call Carlisle!”