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Off The Road

Everyone falls off the wagon at some point, right?


4. Emmet

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He is happy. He is with his own angel, his savior.

They hunt one night, traveling through the mountains.

“Hey baby, do you want to go back to the house, have a little fun?” She glares teasingly at him.

“Good, clean fun, I’m sure, right, Emmet?” She answers.

“Of course, dear lady,” He says, bowing slightly. “Have a bear,” He lunges to the left and tackles a bear to the ground, snapping its neck. “I caught it just for you.” He smiles angelically.

“Why, thank you Emmet!” She daintily bites into the creature’s throat, sucking out the blood.

They share laughter and kisses, hunting for pure pleasure.

The wind shifts – they find that the road is closer than they thought. Travelers travel merrily down, not knowing that a certain vampire has frozen, breathing deeply, while the other freezes from fear.

“No, don’t think about it. Look, here’s some bear! Fresh bear,” She whispers frantically, waving at his face.

“Rose,” He strangles the words out. “She’s my, singer, I just can’t…” He is lightning quick, flying out to meet the travelers.

She stares in horror at the scene.

“Excuse me, ma’am. I think you dropped your hat back there,” He says politely to the woman in back of the party.

“Oh, thank you, sir!” She hurries back into the dark, searching for her supposedly missing hat.

“Let me help you,” He murmurs, following. Once they are a considerable distance from the rest of the humans, and conveniently in the shadows, his eyes are completely taken over, and he strikes.

His eyes are ruby red, his face full of cheer. “Rose! You wouldn’t believe how amazing it was, I mean, she tasted so good, bears can’t even compare!”

“Emmet! You are so disgusting!” She cries, turning away from him. “What is Carlisle going to think? You’re my responsibility.”

“Aww, Rosalie, its fine. Once he tries some, he’ll never drink from animals again!” He says carelessly.

“Emmet! Do you ever stop to think? The reason he, I, all of us, don’t drink human blood is because they are people! We used to be one of them too.” Her voice shakes as she glares at her lover.

His eyes are wide. “I…I never thought of it that way,” He mutters, hanging his head.

“Well, you should!” She snaps. “Let’s go home.”

They run in silence, with her shooting daggers at him through her icy glare.

They reach the fancy home after an hour. She stalks inside, her destination their room.

The mother glances up, her face full of shock. “What happened, dear?”

“Nothing. I need to talk to Rosalie,” He answers, slowly ascending the stairs.

He reaches the room they share, and stops right outside of it. He takes a deep, unneeded breath and pushed the door open.

“I’m sorry, Rosalie. I’ll try to think now, honestly.” He means every word.

She sighs and looks up at him from her magazine. “I know. I shouldn’t have reacted so strongly. It is in our nature, I suppose. Don’t worry, love. Everyone falls off the wagon, right?”

“Except you,” He mutters.

She smiles angelically. “Correct, except me. Now, Emmet…what did you want to do for the rest of this long, lonely day?”