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Off The Road

Everyone falls off the wagon at some point, right?


5. Isabella

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She struggles. Day after day, the same routine. Stay in the woods, or the house. Don’t go near the city. Stay with someone else at all times.

“It’s just to keep you from hurting someone,” He tells her.

“It’s for your own good,” She is sick of hearing it.

Everyone is hunting but him and her. He is easy enough to leave behind.

“I’m going to the meadow, alright?” She tells him. He frowns, unsure, then agrees and turns back to his video game.

She does no such thing. She runs hard and fast, her destination home.

It’s too green; that’s her first thought. Too green, but she loves it. Maneuvering the silent streets, she ends up where she wanted to be, but the person she was hoping to glimpse isn’t there.

Sitting in a tree overlooking the yard, she waits. A car crawls into the drive after hours of waiting, the same even after the years.

A person, her father, walks out, and she is hit with craving. Her eyes are blacker than night, though she fights it.

Dad, he’s my Dad, she thinks furiously, clenching the tree branch with her hands. She involuntarily leans forward. Person, he’s my father, a person, with a life, I just hunted, I like animals…

He looks towards her tree. “Hello? Anybody there?” He asks innocently, a slight frown on his face. “Kids these days, always messing with people…” He mutters.

She is fighting a losing battle. He steps towards her tree, and she snaps.

She wipes the last of the blood from her mouth when she’s attacked. Dark, chocolate brown fur whips around the beast as she sidesteps its teeth. “What – werewolf!” She realizes what happens.

The wolf snarls at her. They lock eyes for a moment, and both freeze. With a soft pop, one she knew is sitting on the grass, looking dumbfounded at her. “Why are you here?” He asks warily.

“I…wanted to see him,” She shuffles her feet, looking down. Her nose scrunches without her noticing.

“You did more than see him. If you were any other… I won’t kill you if you leave now. Just leave.” His voice is hard, though his eyes are full of sorrow.

“I’m so sorry; I never meant it to happen…I guess I just wasn’t ready. Yeah yeah, I’m leaving, Quil,” She says, noting how he opens his mouth to speak.

“You smell.” He says as she turns to run. “Do you want me to tell Jacob that you’re here?”

“No…”It’s hardly more than a whisper. “I don’t want to hurt him any more.”

He nods, and dashes out of sight.

She hunts on her way back, her eyes returning to gold, and not a word of what happened passes through her lips. He is there when she gets home, and asks how the meadow was.

“Lovely,” She says. Her best friend arrives, wearing a grimace. She keeps quiet, though.

Later, they talk, in private. “Even the most humane of us fall off the wagon, right?”