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Dark Moon

Twilight from Edward's point of view.

I won't compete with Stephanie Meyer, she's the fantastic writer who came up with this whole world. This story starts just after the first chapter of Midnight Sun which is posted on her website. Enjoy!

3. Wrecked

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I hit the patch of ice going far enough above the speed limit to deserve jail time. The Volvo locked, and skated down the highway, shaking the car from side to side.

“Damn, that was what, 50 meters farther than the last one?” Emmett asked.

No more. Jasper was begging in the back seat. Please, just let us get to school in one piece.

“Alice,” I said. “Can you please assure Jasper that we aren’t going to get in a wreck?”

I slammed my foot back on the accelerator as the ice ran out and started slowing my car to a stop.

“We’re going to be fine,” Alice was saying. “And I see you getting an A on your chemistry test in an hour.”

Jasper didn’t seem relieved, so I decided to take it easy on him. “Sorry, Rosalie,” I told my sister. “Maybe we’ll hit a few more on the way home.”

In the backseat, Rosalie pouted and threw Jasper a look. Major Whitlock afraid of a little ice…how’d he hold up in war really...?

I snorted. I had seen how our brother had held up in war from his own mind and if he was afraid of the ice…well, at least he was afraid of something.

Emmett was pouting too. We’d made a bet on how far we thought my car could slide and he’d lost twice already. He was hoping to call the next one. “How long is the ice going to hold up, Alice?”

“Long enough,” she said. In her mind sprang a picture of Emmett trying to ice skate and breaking through to the water below. I chuckled and we exchanged a look through the rear view mirror. Think we should salt it? My nod was barely visible, but Alice’s answering grin was instant. Emmett could use an ice bath.

Rosalie had caught onto our silent exchange and looked ready to prod Alice for answers so I decided to interrupt. “I think we should wait for Carlisle to get off work and go ice skating.”

Oh, finally. I didn’t get to use the new ones I bought last year. Or are they too out of season? Should I go to the Newton’s store and get a new pair?

I rolled my eyes. “They’re fine, Rosalie.”

“I don’t want to look ridiculous out there,” she answered.

Jasper grinned. He already looked much calmer since I’d started avoiding the ice patches. “Who’re you trying to impress?”

As Alice saw it, I started seeing the image of Rosalie pushing Jasper in the water after Emmett, a look of gleeful revenge on her face. Alice glanced at me through the mirror again. I guess she’s decided to show him who looks ridiculous.

I pulled into the school parking lot, lining up with the rest of the slow moving cars waiting for parking spots. I tapped my fingers impatiently against the steering wheel. Going slow was so boring.

Almost as if I was seeking her unconsciously I realized that Bella’s truck was in line a few cars ahead of us. I could see her eyes through the rear view mirror. She seemed to be concentrating very hard. I watched her as the cars found their places, and then I pulled into our usual spot.

Rosalie and Jasper were arguing as they climbed out of the car, and I tried to pay attention to the conversation, but my eyes were drawn back to where Bella was standing at the rear of her truck. She looked like she was somewhere else entirely, her eyes glassy, her expression vacant. I was trying to decipher her expression when I heard Alice’s soft “Oh no.”

The vision I saw in her head was gruesome. The blue van pulling into the parking lot was going to hit a patch of ice and swerve right into Bella. I saw her mangled, bloody body lying limp across the pavement; I saw my family having to hold me back as I snapped my jaws at them, desperate for release.

Not her! I made my decision, almost without thinking it. The screech started just a half-second before I started moving. I was at her side instantly, pushing myself against Bella, holding my body between her and the van. She fell to the ground, with me atop her, caging her in. The van hit the corner of Bella’s truck; right where she had just been standing, and I cursed aloud when I realized it hadn’t come to a stop. It was still moving, coming for us again. I sat up, holding my hands out in front of me, and dug them into the bumper of the van. The van still had some momentum left in it, it was moving now towards Bella’s legs.

What did I have to do to save this girl? Even though the thought, as well as my actions surprised me, I wasn’t finished. I turned my body, bracing the van against my shoulder, while I swung Bella’s body around. She was as so light, but I didn’t have time to think about damaging her as I pushed her body away, making sure that when the van finally came to a halt it wasn’t on either of us.

When it was over I stared in horror at my hands, unable to comprehend what I had just done. What had I been thinking? I saw the imprints my fingers had left on the bumper and immediately reached out to punch uniformed holes into the groves.

Suddenly the thoughts started assaulting me. Everyone had been utterly focused on the crash that they hadn’t been thinking straight, but now their every poured into my head. Wincing, and particularly avoiding the thoughts of my family, I turned to Bella. She had to be okay, I hadn’t just risked everything for nothing.

She lay limp, her eyes closed, her breath ragged. My chest felt tight, she could be hurt…had I been too rough? Had I damaged her? Not even the monster within me rejoiced at that. “Bella? Are you alright?” I whispered, desperate for her answer.

“I’m fine,” she said. I doubted a human could have heard it. It was so soft and frail. I had to protect her; I had to make sure she was okay. I swept her body to mine, just as she attempted to sit up. It felt right, holding her close, but she was struggling. Obviously, she had more unconscious self-preservation than I did.

“Be careful,” I warned her, trying not to sound hurt as she drew away. “You hit your head pretty hard.” Had she noticed anything? Had she seen how I saved her? Maybe I could convince her she had a head injury. There had to be a way to salvage this yet. How could I have been so stupid?

It was hard to chastise myself when so much of me was still worried about her. She seemed okay, but human bodies were so delicate. There was so much…soft stuff inside them.

“Ow,” she said as she felt her head, but there was an almost smile on her lips, that I wasn’t sure she was aware of.

“That’s what I thought,” I said. The look on her face was so comical, all twisted up like Rosalie loosing her favorite pair of shoes.

My laughter stopped instantly when she spoke again. “How in the…How did you get over here so fast.”

She had noticed. She’d seen me. How could I make this right? “I was standing right next to you, Bella.” If only I could hear her thoughts, maybe I could work this to my advantage, but I had no idea what she was thinking.

I let her go when she tried to sit up again and then moved as far away from her as a could. I had made a mistake. I shouldn’t have tried to save her…but I couldn’t have let her die, could I? I couldn’t have her blood…I wanted to close my eyes and think, but Bella was looking at me, and I could not look away.

Then they were all around us, hands clearing away the debris, trying to reach for Bella. Far fewer hands were trying to reach me. Bella tried to stand up again in order to climb out of the wreckage herself, but I pushed her back down. If she was hurt, I wasn’t going to have herself do harm now, not after everything I had just done.

“Just stay put for now,” I said, there was nothing in my voice, nothing.

“But it’s cold,” she complained.

I chuckled disgustedly. What was colder, the pavement or me?

“You were over there.” I stopped laughing. “You were by your car.” I glared at her. Was she really going to do this to me? Would she spill my secret? I had to make her believe she saw something else.

“No,” I said hard, willing her with everything in my body to believe me. “I wasn’t.”

Even injured, even though her voice shook, she jutted out her chin and glared. “I saw you.”

I could feel my eyes darken. The monster was slowly coming back to life, catching up with my racing thoughts. It was slowly realizing what an opportunity I had given up. “Bella, I was standing with you, and I pulled you out of the way.” I needed her to hear the plea in my voice, to see the truth in my eyes. Humans were usually so suggestible, why was she being so stubborn?

“No.” Her eyes were level, her voice firm. Nothing else existed around us, and for a split second I was awed.

Then I became aware of how short our time together would be, the rescuers were nearly at us. She had to stay quiet; I couldn’t let her say a word to the paramedics.

My resolve fell. “Please, Bella.”

She looked suspicious, and surprised all at once. “Why?”

There were only seconds left. She had to give the paramedics my story. “Trust me,” I said. My secret, my life was in her hands. If she said anything…I had messed up far worse than Emmett ever had.

Her face softened. “Will you promise to explain everything to me later?”

Was it so impossible to trust a vampire? “Fine,” I snapped.

“Fine,” she shot back, just as angry.

Feeling vengeful I knocked aside the stretcher when the EMT tried to get me to climb on, and mentioned to him that Bella had a head injury. With some satisfaction I watched as they strapped her to a head brace and loaded her into the ambulance, knowing that she was furious.

I avoided the eyes and thoughts of my family as they loaded Tyler and Bella up. I couldn’t bear to see the horror and shame in their eyes. Could they understand that I had to do what I did? Could I understand?

Still, as I climbed into the passenger seat of the ambulance, I couldn’t help but catch sight of them, standing just beyond my Volvo. Rosalie looked furious, and her thoughts were deadly. Jasper looked disapproving, and Emmett merely confused.

It was Alice’s thoughts that hurt the worse. Edward, what have you done?

I looked away. Of all of my siblings, I would have hoped Alice understood my actions. After all she had seen how I would have reacted to Bella’s blood exposed right in front of me.

There were more urgent matters to worry about now. I couldn’t have the EMT’s examine me in case they discovered that I didn’t exactly have a heart rate, and that my temperature was about as warm as a buried corpse. I pulled the Carlisle card, demanding that my father be the only doctor to examine me, and really, the EMT’s didn’t want to argue. The danger on my face was plain and at least these humans instinctually knew better than to prod a vampire.

The trip was short, complete with a police escort. I did my best to ignore the thoughts of Bella’s father as we drove. I couldn’t help but imagine how he would respond if I had released the monster a week ago. Charlie Swan clearly cared very much for his daughter and loosing her would have destroyed him, I could see that now.

When we got to the hospital I strode in through the ER doors and sought Carlisle immediately. I got past the nurses station with the EMT’s and found Carlisle leaning over a patient’s bed, drawing blood. He glanced up at me in complete surprise, but nodded at me to wait for him.

I had to stop breathing to be able to approach him and waited while he finished up; unable to look at the blood as it flowed from his body into a clear, sanitized tube.

“What’s happened?” Carlisle asked as soon as he had led me back to his office where it was safe to talk.

I clenched my jaw, not knowing where to begin.

Just spit it out Edward!

It was unlike Carlisle to be so impatient.

“I’ve done something terrible…or good…I’m not really sure which.” I didn’t feel sure of anything anymore.

“What is it?” Carlisle prodded.

“A human…” I struggled. “May have seen me run across the school parking lot and stop a speeding van from crushing her.”

Carlisle looked…conflicted. His thoughts were bouncing almost too quickly for me to catch. Human…well if she saw…but what could she see…and if she was going to die...oh Edward.

I hung my head. I knew I wouldn’t be able to bear it if Carlisle didn’t approve of my actions.

“Of course you did the right thing,” Carlisle said finally. “You’ve saved an innocent’s life. That’s always the right thing to do, I just wish…” I wish it hadn’t been so public.

“I know,” I agreed, but I already felt loads lighter. Carlisle supported me.

Who was it…His tone was suspicious, even in his mind. He had already guessed at the answer.

“You’re right,” I said, thinking of Bella. “But I had to, I couldn’t see her die.”

And as I said it I knew it was true. I had to protect her; I couldn’t let anything bad happen to her, ever. It was ironic really, that a week ago the only thing in the world Bella Swan needed to be protect from was me.

“I know, Edward,” Carlisle sighed. “Still, now I suppose we’ll have to leave town before she can tell anyone what she saw.”

I hesitated. Would Bella do as I had asked? Would she protect our secret? I couldn’t leave Forks now. I wasn’t ready to leave yet. “She won’t tell.”

“She won’t tell? Or she didn’t see?” Carlisle clarified.

“She won’t tell,” I repeated again, with more conviction than I felt. I really hoped Bella wouldn’t disappoint me.

Then Carlisle smiled and clasped me warmly on the shoulder. “You are a good man, Edward.” You are a good son. “I am proud of you.”

I felt myself rejoice at the words. I knew my father loved me, but his respect was something more.

“Tell me what I can do to help,” said Carlisle.

My thoughts were coming easier now. Carlisle was proud of me, Bella was going to keep quiet, and everything would turn out for me—for once.

“I need you to discharge me, the EMT’s knew I was in an accident and have my paperwork,” Carlisle nodded, that much was easy. “Then, if you would—take a look at Bella?” I ended on a plaintive note, but Carlisle didn’t mention it.

“Very well,” you go ahead and check up on your human, and I’ll finish up your paperwork.”

I didn’t immediately move. I smiled at my father for another moment longer, and then I turned back through the hospital and made my way to Bella.

It was laughable how easy everything was now. The smells of the hospital didn’t affect me at all. I felt light as air, and probably moved a little faster than a normal human would, but for once I wasn’t second guessing, I wasn’t caring.

I slowed my pace as I reached Bella and saw her resting on a bed, eyes closed, looking utterly peaceful. I stopped breathing, not because I chose to but because I suddenly felt unable to. Something was happening to me. Something both unfamiliar and wonderful.

“Is she sleeping?” I asked, noticing that Tyler was looking at me.

I smirked as Bella’s eyes snapped open and watched as a fight broke out on her face. She seemed drawn between awe and anger, but in the end her glare won out.

“Hey, Edward, I’m really sorry—” Tyler interrupted, but not even he could dissipate my good mood.

I held up my hand to silence him, and he quieted instantly. “No blood, no foul,” I said. I smirked at my little joke, almost wishing one of my family members were here.

Tyler nodded slowly, not willing to push his luck. He still looked like he wanted to say something so I sat at the edge of his bed and turned my back against him so I could face Bella. “So, what’s the verdict?” I asked.

I watched as Bella’s jaw clenched. “There’s nothing wrong with me at all, but they won’t let me go. How come you aren’t strapped to a gurney like the rest of us?”

I smiled again. I could hear Carlisle’s thoughts as he neared us. “It’s all about who you know,” I said, feeling sly. “But don’t worry, I came to spring you.” I leaned forward, my smile widening, and wondered what was coming over me. This wasn’t like me at all.

Its good to see you smile. Carlisle looked at me. Aloud he said; “So, Miss Swan, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” said Bella. She’d lost some of her conviction, and my smile faded, just slightly. For the first time I was glad that I couldn’t hear what Bella was thinking. If there was even one thought of my father in her head right now…I didn’t want to think about that.

Carlisle was examining her X-ray on the light board. No damage done, how do you want me to play this? Concussion? Or worse? Is she going to need further convincing?

“No,” I whispered so only my father could hear me. The humans didn’t even turn their heads.

“Your X-ray looks good,” Carlisle said aloud. “Does your head hurt? Edward said you hit it pretty hard.”

“I’m fine,” she repeated, going so far as to throw in a glare at me.

Carlisle was already at her side; she jumped when his cool fingers started probing her temple. “Tender?”

Bella hid a grimace behind badly acted indifference. “Not really.”

Stubborn, Carlisle thought

I chuckled. She narrowed her eyes at me.

“Well, your father is in the waiting room—you can go home with him now. But come back if you feel dizzy or have trouble with your eyesight at all.”

“Can’t I go back to school?” She sounded pitiful; I glanced up at my father to let him see me roll my eyes.

“Maybe you should take it easy today.” Very stubborn, Carlisle corrected.

“Does he get to go to school?”

I held back another laugh at her tone, I didn’t think she would take it very well, but I couldn’t resist one more prod at her expense. “Someone has to spread the good news that we survived.”

And explain to your siblings…I’ve just had a call, and they are really looking forward to talking with you, Edward.

I sobered a bit at that, but I refused to let it ruin my good mood.

“Actually,” Carlisle went on. “Most of the school seems to be in the waiting room.”

“Oh no.” Fascinated I watched as the blood flooded Bella’s cheeks, until she buried her face behind her hands.

Did she hit more than her head? Carlisle’s tone was suddenly full of concern.

I shook my head, exchanging a look with my father over Bella’s head.

“Do you want to stay?” he asked Bella.

“No, no!” she insisted. Afraid of Carlisle keeping her longer, she leapt out of bed too quickly. My father caught her before she could fall. Maybe I should keep her for observation, and get her checked over.

“I’m fine!” Bella repeated.

I smirked at Carlisle, and raised my brow in a challenge. If he could keep her…

I guess that answers that. “Take some Tylenol for the pain.”

“It doesn’t hurt that bad,” she insisted.

“It sounds like you were extremely lucky,” said Carlisle. Lucky my son has taken such a fancy to you. Both his eyes and mine widened, he hadn’t meant to think it, and I hadn’t expected to hear it.

“Lucky Edward happened to be standing next to me.” I drew my eyes away from Carlisle’s to look at Bella in amazement, shocked for the second time in under a minute. She’d actually managed to say it with a straight face.

“Oh, well, yes,” agreed Carlisle. He was gathering up his papers, reciting the Latin names of every bone in the body to keep his thoughts to himself. I didn’t know who he was nervous about revealing something in front of: Bella, or me.

My good mood wasn’t holding anymore. I needed another private moment with Carlisle to discuss what he was thinking. Did he really think I had taken an…attraction to Bella? The idea was ludicrous.

Bella turned to me the moment my father moved onto Tyler. “Can I talk to you for a minute,” she hissed.

I flinched away, confused at the response within myself. Her anger was really something, but was I drawn to it? I stiffened under her glare. This was ridiculous. “Your father is waiting for you.”

Calm down, Edward, you’ll scare the girl like that.

She glanced at Carlisle almost as if she had heard him then looked back at me. “I’d like to speak with you alone, if you don’t mind.”

Do what you must.

I strode out of the room, knowing that Bella would not be able to keep up. Suddenly I wasn’t terribly excited about spending time around her. I spun around when I felt her catch up. “What do you want?” What more would I have to do for her? Wasn’t it enough that I hadn’t killed her? That I saved her life?

She faltered. “You owe me an explanation.”

Then what would I owe her? “I saved your life—I don’t owe you anything.”

She flinched away, but I felt no victory for it. Instead I felt only disgust. “You promised.”

“Bella, you hit your head, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Maybe I should have Carlisle hold her after all, draw up some paperwork, make everything think Bella Swan had knocked all sense from her brain.

Her cheeks swelled with blood, her temper rising again. “There’s nothing wrong with my head.”

“What do you want from me, Bella?” What more could I give?

“I want the truth,” she said stubbornly. “I want to know why I’m lying for you.”

My lip pulled upward into a sneer. I was truly an idiot. How had I gotten myself involved with her? “What do you think happened?”

“All I know is that you weren’t anywhere near me—Tyler didn’t see you, either, so don’t tell me I hit my head too hard. That van was going to crush us both—and it didn’t, and your hands left dents in the side of it—and you left a dent in the other car, and you’re not hurt at all—and the van should have smashed my legs, but you were holding it up…” She ground her teeth together to stop the torrent of words.

I didn’t know how to react. She’d seen much more than I thought she had, and she didn’t sound like she wanted to keep it to herself. There was only one way to play this.

“You think I listed a van off you?” It wouldn’t be the first time I would have to convince someone that they were mistaken.

She nodded. She didn’t seem like she was buying it.

“Nobody will believe that, you know,” but we wouldn’t be around long enough to find out. If she was going to talk it was time for us to leave.

“I’m not going to tell anybody.”

I couldn’t read her thoughts, but I could read the honesty on her face. She really wouldn’t tell anyone. “Then why does it matter?”

“It matters to me. I don’ t like to lie—so there’d better be a good reason why I’m doing it.”

“Can’t you just thank me and get over it?”

“Thank you.” I almost smiled at the menace in her voice. It was the most threatening expression of gratitude I had ever heard.

“You’re not going to let it go, are you?” Maybe this would work. She could torture herself all she wanted over this, as long as she didn’t tell anyone else.


“In that case…” What more could I say? She wasn’t going to back down, but neither was I. “I hope you enjoy disappointment.”

We glared at one another. It was a stalemate.

“Why did you even bother?”

I paused, imagining the picture I had seen in Alice’s head, her body twisted, her blood running freely. “I don’t know,” I whispered. I hadn’t meant for her to hear that, so I turned on my heel and strode away as quickly as humanly possible.