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It seems as though Jacob will never get over Bella. His feelings never change no matter what she or Edward does. Until... a relative of the Clearwater's comes for a visit. Why is Jacob so interested in her? And why does Bella seem so interested in Jacob now? -Chapter FIVE is now up!- I'm a little disappointed at the lack of reviews and comments. :[ Come on guys!


5. Broken

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The sounds were all around me. A shrill, constant beeping coming from my left, or what I expected was my left. An airy hum was coming from directly behind me. I heard soft, clackety footsteps to my right. They were the kind only leather, professional shoes made. Last, I heard a conversation, in low hushed voices. I strained to hear what the voices were saying.

“Carlisle, how is she?”

I was a bit comforted to hear Carlisle’s name. It was assuring to know I was being taken care of by him.

“She’s got quite a few deep cuts and she’ll be getting a lot of large bruises. She fractured her left wrist, but she’ll be okay. You have to remember, she’s been through worse.” I recognized the voice as Carlisle’s.

I suddenly felt an icy-cold hand brush across my forehead. I shuddered and cracked my eyes open. Everything around me was white. It was only until I turned my head that I could make out two dark silhouettes against the white.

I blinked a few times. My vision cleared out and I could see who the two people were. They were Edward and Carlisle. I attempted to sit up, but as I did, a sharp pain shot through my arm.

“Bella!” Edward was suddenly at my side His hand eased me back into a laying position, and his cool breath blew on my forehead. It was all very comforting and soothing. “Bella, be careful, please. I don’t want you hurting yourself even more.” He whispered into my ear just before he kissed my forehead.

“What happened?” I mumbled.

Carlisle stepped forward. “You..” He paused, glancing at Edward, who was now sitting in the corner of the room. “You got in a car crash, Bella. The driver’s door was forced open and you flew out of the car. You passed out right on the grass.” He must’ve noticed my eyes widening in terror. “You’ve broken your wrist and gotten… quite a few deep cuts. You’re gonna have to take it easy for a while, Bella you got hurt pretty badly.”

“Where’s Jacob?” I asked, sitting up, carefully this time. Edward, still sitting in the corner, flinched when I asked my question. I saw his hands ball up into fists.

“Him and a few of his friends are out in the waiting room, though I think it’d be best if you stay in here for a little while longer. Not too long, only a few minutes, I promise.” Carlisle answered as he headed toward the door. “I’m going to look over you x-rays and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He opened the door. “Please Bella, try not to get hurt while I’m gone.” He added before he finally left the room.

Edward was still sitting in the corner when Carlisle left. Carefully, I slipped my legs over the edge of the hospital bed and stood on the cold tiles. “Edward?”

Edward looked up at me, his elbows resting on his knees. “Yes, Bella?”

I slowly walked over and sat in his lap. “What’s wrong?” I asked as I laid my head on his shoulder. I looked up into his liquid-gold eyes.

Edward exhaled deeply and closed his eyes. “Bella, what were you dreaming about when you were… passed out?”

“I… I don’t remember..” It was the truth, I couldn’t remember much after the crash.

“I’m just curious, but, why were you saying ‘Jacob’ in your dreams?”

Suddenly everything came rushing back to me. My dreams, the figure, everything. So it wasn’t Jacob in my dream after all. I right away felt guilty about thinking it was Jacob in my dream. It seemed logical, Jacob was the last person I’d seen before the crash.

“Oh, no, no Edward it’s not what you’re thinking. Not at all! You see, in my dream, I saw a… a person, but I couldn’t tell who it was. I thought it was Jacob, because he was the last person I’d seen before I crashed.” I told him everything in almost one breath.

Edward wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on mine. “Oh, I see.. I believe you Bella. “

I looked up into his eyes. They were still glossy and disappointed. What I’d said obviously hadn’t been enough. There was still something that was bothering him.