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It seems as though Jacob will never get over Bella. His feelings never change no matter what she or Edward does. Until... a relative of the Clearwater's comes for a visit. Why is Jacob so interested in her? And why does Bella seem so interested in Jacob now? -Chapter FIVE is now up!- I'm a little disappointed at the lack of reviews and comments. :[ Come on guys!


7. Fight

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Edward went at least twenty miles over the speed limit on the way to Angela’s. I clutched the handle of the door, careful not to open it up. My knuckles turned white. I didn’t see why Edward couldn’t slow down.

We were soon at Angela’s. I could see Angela peeking out at us through her upstairs, bedroom window. The curtain dropped back into place as she dropped it and headed for the front door. Before I had a chance to walk up to her porch, she was already outside, rushing toward me.

“Bella, where were you?” She asked, she was more concerned than angry. She looked over my bandages and cast. “What happened to you?!”

Edward sighed behind me. “I…” I paused. How was I going to say this? “I was on the way to your house and… I got in a car crash.”

Angela’s jaw dropped. We were silent for a moment before she spoke. “You… got…what?!” She demanded. “Here, come inside and tell me everything.”

I followed Angela into her house and Edward followed closely behind me. Angela led us to her living room. It was a small, homey space with pictures and paintings covering the wall. A small fire crackled in the grand, red fireplace. The three of us sat in couches around the fireplace.

“So?” Angela urged.

“Alright, so I was stopping for a quick smoothie at Mickey D’s. While I was pulling out, I wasn’t paying attention and a car ran into mine from the right. From what Edward and Carlisle tell me, I was thrown out of the left of the car and I landed on the ground where I passed out. I was taken to the hospital and it turned out I broke my right wrist.” I huffed, I’d told her everything in almost one breath. “That’s why I didn’t show up and I’m sorry if I worried you.”

Edward leaned toward me. “I can leave if you want, and pick you up afterward.”

Angela must’ve heard Edward.” Oh, no, no, it’s okay, Ben was going to come over in a little bit anyway.” She turned back toward me with a shocked expression on her face. “I… I can’t believe that happened. In that short time… wow. I guess it’s good you’re okay but dang, Bella, try not to get hurt so much!”

I frowned. I was beginning to hear enough of that.

The doorbell rang, interrupting our conversation.

“That must be Ben.” Angela said, standing. “Hold on a second, I’ll be right back.” She stood up and walked in the direction of the front door.

Edward inched toward me. “Don’t get so upset Bella, you’re completely fine.”

“I’m getting really sick of hearing about getting hurt. It gets really annoying Edward!” I said sternly, my brows furrowed together angrily. I crossed my arms over my chest and fought the urge to look into Edward’s persuasive, golden eyes. I was doing pretty well.

Edward exhaled. “Bella, yes, yes you’re right.” He said, his breath cool on the side of my face. He grabbed by chin between his thumb and forefinger and gently forced me to face him. His face was surprisingly close. My breath caught in my throat.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” I heard from the direction of Angela’s front door. I’d expected it to be Angela, but this voice was lower and deeper. It must be Ben.

Edward quickly gave me a gentle kiss before Angela and Ben entered the room. I kept a straight face, but secretly wished it would last longer, knowing it wouldn’t.

Edward broke away, but he wrapped his arm around me waist and pulled me closer. “Hey Ben, how have you been?” Edward asked cheerfully.

Ben and Angela seemed surprised by how close Edward and I were on the couch. Ben seemed nervous as Angela sat down on the loveseat opposite of our own couch. I couldn’t help but smile.

Luckily, Ben never found out about my little incident, not that I would’ve cared if he did. I just didn’t want to go through the whole story and pity all over again. I’ve done that enough for one lifetime. I was surprised he didn’t ask about my cast and scars, but he could be a little… shy, at times.

“So how have you guys been?” Ben asked with a smile, looking over us awkwardly. Edward and I were a bit close, it seemed to bother Ben, make him feel pressured to do the same with Angela.

I shifted a bit farther from Edward, chewing my lip.

“We’ve been okay.” Edward said, realizing my intentions and moving away, only our hands were touching, laced in each other’s fingers. Of course, Edward actually knew exactly what Ben was thinking, so that made it a whole lot easier for him to better understand Ben’s unease.

“I don’t remember if I asked, what colleges are you two going to?” I asked, in an attempt to strike up a conversation. Things were always awkward with Ben AND Angela.

My question seemed to have brightened the dull mood somehow, for Ben and Angela at least. Both of them sat up and opened their mouth to speak. It was Ben who got the words out first, leaving Angela disappointed.

“We’re actually kind of changing our minds a bit. Both of us are interested in different careers, so that makes things… difficult.” He said while throwing a sideways glance at Angela before continuing. “We were both going to go into a career in science, but Angela decided not to…” He sigh long and hard, it almost seemed exaggerated.

Angela’s eyes narrowed and her whole face took on an annoyed look. “We’ve talked about this before. I never said I wanted to go into science. I only said it was a possibility. You were the one that assumed that meant I wanted a career in science!”

Ben looked annoyed as well, but not surprised. It was almost as if he’d expected it to happen. They’d obviously talked about, no, argued about the subject before.

“From what remember you CLEARLY told me you wanted to follow that subject. Don’t blame me because you changed your mind.” Ben countered.

I winced. The voices of Ben and Angela were raising steadily until they were almost yelling. I snuggled into Edward’s arms to avoid Ben and Angela. In the midst of the fight, Edward stood, bringing me up to a standing position with him, though I was nestled comfortably in his arms.

“Hey, Ben,“ Edward said gently. “Angela..” He paused. The couple were arguing over him. Edward raised his voice a bit. “Ben.” He said sternly. “Angela.”

Ben and Angela took their minds off each other for a moment and turned to face Edward. Ben looked overwhelmed, and ashamed. Angela’s face was contorted to express an emotion that could only be near-rage.

Edward’s eyes burned into Ben and Angela. The two stepped bad a bit.

“Ohhh shit..” I muttered.