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Eye is a story about two siblings Isabelle and Andrew Lynch. Their father dies and they move to the country to live with their Aunt and Uncle. Isabelle and Andrew are no ordinary sixteen year olds they are blessed with 'powers'. Here they discover that there is more to their life then happy endings. Chapter 3 will be posted hopefully by tomorrow (16th)

Uh,please reveiw and constructive critism is welcomed.I hope to have te next chapter up soon.

1. Chapter 1

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Isabelle and Andrew Lynch stared up at their new house.

Andrew sighed an put his hand in Isabelle's.

'We'll get threw this Izzy' he said softly, squeezing her hand.

Izzy nodded feebly and turned to face him. Her electric blues eyes glistened with tears.

‘I know’ she said squeezing his hand back. Andrew looked down at her, her long black hair tied roughly in a ponytail, their was no spark in her eyes. She wasn’t the Izzy he used to know ; the happy, bubbly always smiling Izzy. Not since father died. He bit his lip thinking if she would ever be the same again. She was so small and delicate looking. Izzy had always been independent but lately she depended on Andrew a lot, he didn’t mind, it was just such a change from her usual all embracing, taking life to the max self.

‘C’mon kids’ their Aunt Lydia said. ‘Better get going with these bags’

Andrew gently released his hand giving Izzy a little smile before he grabbed his two suitcases from the car. Lifting them easily as if the were empty instead of full of his books and other various items that Izzy knew he'd hide from Aunt Lydia. Izzy stared at his untidy head of black hair as he disappeared into the house his broad shoulders slouched slightly with the weight of the cases but not nearly as much as anyone else’s. He turned at the door and smiled at Izzy.

‘Are you coming?’ his eyes were slightly squinted with the sun but they shone an even brighter blue then usual.

‘Yeah’ she grabbed the suitcases struggling with them more then her brother. She heaved one out of the car and it fell on the ground. It opened slightly and a picture fell out.

It was of her, Andrew and her father last Summer in Italy. Her father always loved history so they visited Rome to see the coliseum and the old ruins.

She smiled down at the picture that she now knew by heart. They looked so happy, and old house behind them, Andrew on one side and Izzy on the other. Her father beaming up. She even knew the strangers faces by heart the ones that happened to be passing at the time the picture was taken. A tourist had taken it for them.

Izzy loved it. She tucked it into her back pocket of her jeans.


Andrews voice called from the house his head popping around the door to see if she was coming. He took one look at her struggling to get her second suitcase out and chuckled.

‘Your such a little weakling’

He walked to her and picked up the two suitcases.

‘Can you manage that one’ he inclined his head to her small rucksack.

‘Oh ha-ha’ she said sarcastically.

She wouldn’t have been able to handle this without him, and Izzy wasn’t talking about the suitcases she was talking about moving, starting a new life away from everyone she knew away from father, but he was dead. Now she only had Andrew. Her mother died giving birth to them and her father died a month ago. The doctors told Aunt Lydia and Uncle Graham that it was a heart attack but Izzy knew better; murder.

She grabbed her rucksack and followed Andrew in the house.

Aunt Lydia was telling Andrew about their rooms. They paused when Izzy came in.

‘Oh Izzy, I was just telling Andrew were his bedroom is, your across from him’ she smiled the skin around her eyes wrinkling.

‘Thanks’ Andrew said moving towards the stairs.

‘Oh, no problem sweet pea’ she said moving to the kitchen.

Izzy tried not to laugh, when she was sure Aunt Lydia was out of ear shot she whispered to Andrew.

‘Can you manage them sweet pea’ she giggled her laugh like a fairies chirpy and light. The corners of Andrew mouth twitched.

‘Shut up’ he said before he burst out laughing still moving up the stairs with his suitcases.

Izzy followed dragging her suitcases with her.

‘When does Jeremy and Lily come home from school?’

Andrew shrugged and turned to face Izzy as he had landed at the top, he helped her heave her suitcase up to the landing lifting them easily.


He turned left.

‘This is me’ he said referring to the door. He opened it and strode in leaving his bags at the door. Izzy followed

'Hm not bad' he said as he looked around the room.

It was small but nice. The walls were a cream colour and a wooden floor. A small bed on your left and a window facing out to the garden. There was a small desk under the window with a vase of overflowing flowers on it. Izzy looked out the window and into the garden. There was so many flowers out there so colourful. The trees were high and so green.


‘Huh what?’ Izzy said waking from her daydream.

He had obviously been calling a while since his expression was a mixture of annoyance and concern.

‘Don’t you want to see your room?’ he said gently slouching so that they were at the same eye level.

‘Yeah’ she said as cheerfully as she could. ‘Lets go’ she took his hand and ran to her new room.