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Eye is a story about two siblings Isabelle and Andrew Lynch. Their father dies and they move to the country to live with their Aunt and Uncle. Isabelle and Andrew are no ordinary sixteen year olds they are blessed with 'powers'. Here they discover that there is more to their life then happy endings. Chapter 3 will be posted hopefully by tomorrow (16th)

Uh,please reveiw and constructive critism is welcomed.I hope to have te next chapter up soon.

2. Chapter 2

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A soft voice was calling me from my dream. I grunted and sat upright in my bed. It was dark, I looked at my digital clock beside my bed 3:15 the red light blinked.

‘Iz? What is it?’

I could feel it in the air that she was scared.

‘Andy I seen it again’ her feet swept the floor almost silently as she sat down on my bed.

‘Was their any change?’ I said suddenly wide awake.

I felt the air move as she nodded I could just make out her expression from the moonlight.

‘Yes’ she said almost inaudibly. ‘Green eyes’

‘Green eyes?’ I repeated.

‘Yes he had green eyes the most unusual green it was so, bright’

I nodded. Izzy has a power so do I ,but lately hers as been developing.

She can tell where someone is if she concentrates on their face but recently, since father died she started having these dreams always the same one with a man in it but she could never tell who it was. Tonight she learned he had green eyes.

‘What does it mean Andrew?’ she said fear was clear in her voice.

‘I don’t know Iz’

I don’t know how long we sat their thinking wishing that miraculously the name of the man would pop into our heads.

‘Iz go to bed’ I finally said.

She got up and walked away without another word. I lay back and tried to hear a crack in the wooden floor. Noting. Silence. It was eerie.

I lay awake thinking about the man that Izzy so often described but still never knew.

I could hear she was still awake her heartbeat so loud to my ears but only if I concentrated.

I rolled over and waited for sleep to take me.

'Andrew wake up' a high pitched voice shrieked from the bottom of my bed. 'Wake up!'

I felt small hands pushing my side. I sat up and there was Lily cute as ever staring at me with her innocent eyes.

'Andrew' She wrapped her little hands around my neck and kissed my cheek.

'Hi Lily' I said pushing her hands gently away from my neck.

'Mummy said you have to wake up and go down for breakfast, Izzy's down already'

‘Okay’ I said. ‘just let me change first’

She nodded her red curls bobbing up and down. To my surprise she sat down on my bed.

‘Uh Lily, you have to go out for me to change’

She looked confused. ‘But Jeremy lets me stay when he changes and he’s a boy too’

Jeremy was my younger cousin he was fifteen, Lily was six.

I was embarrassed.

‘Well I’ll change in the bathroom then’

She looked a bit hurt.

‘I‘m not a baby’ she said before getting up and running out of my room.

I waited until I heard her little feet patter down the stairs.

I changed quickly glad that I unpacked last night and made my way downstairs.