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More Happier Endings

Rosalie realizes that Emmett isn't the only part of her world. She learns that somethings take time to be loved.


1. A Sound in the Distance

Rating 5/5   Word Count 800   Review this Chapter

I found my first prey in fifteen minutes. It did not take that long, as I knew the area well enough. Ripping the deer away from its herd, I quickly drank its blood. Licking the blood away from my lips, I turned as I heard a noise.

My eyes were sharp as I found what I was searching for; a toddler, more or less. I did not want to harm the child, so I calmed myself down and returned to my more humane state. I went over to the little creature. Looking at him, I realized that he had an uncanny resemblance to Emmett and little Henry. I took a step back, was I hallucinating?

I shook my head, I could not be. Could vampires even hallucinate? I glanced back at the little human. Yes, he was still there, staring at me.

I took two steps forward. The toddler continued to stare at me. Had he not seen what I was capable of? Lowering myself down so I could look him in the face, I saw him perfectly. He was a vampire – a toddler vampire. This was not adorable, I thought, toddler or not how could someone do this to a child? Picking him up so I could get a closer look at him, I saw that he was a vegetarian vampire like me, Emmett, and the rest of my family. He settled in my arms and took the curve of my elbow. I knew he wanted to go home, so I took him with me and went back to the mansion that Emmett and I usually stayed at.

Emmett was waiting for me at the door. As I came up to him, he noticed the toddler. “Rose, honey, who is that?” Emmett questioned me. His face looked so funny that I laughed. To me he looked like a dog hanging out of a car window.

“Rose? Why are you laughing?” I laughed again, I could not even remember the last time I had laughed or even giggled.

Emmett stared at me as if I was losing it. I suppose I was but oh well, the kid was cute.

I looked at Emmett then at the toddler.

“This is,” I hesitated for a moment as I thought about this whole mess of a situation. Who could be so cruel as to change a human being, no a toddler into a vampire? It is not fair for the poor child, the pain he must have suffered. It is unbearable for me to think of his pain. I looked down at the child’s infantile face and my anger melted away. As much as I wanted to hate whoever changed this innocent child, I could not erase my pleasure and gratitude. I was so thankful because this child brought me everything I had ever wanted. “Emmett, this is a little vampire. My little vampire.” I smiled at the thought of having a child of my own.

His face became distorted and his eyebrows came together. “What did you do, Rosalie?” He hissed through his teeth.

I stared at him. He thought I did this. “Emmett,” I started, “Emmett, you think I did this?”

He glared at me at first, and then his face softened, “Rosalie. What will Carlisle think?”

“Emmett! I did not do this. I found him and he was like that.” I gestured to the child who was playing on the floor now.

He looked at me, probably trying to see if I was lying. “Rose. You’re lying aren’t you?” He asked.

It was my turn to glare, “Emmett. My record as a vampire is almost as clean as Carlisle’s. Do you really think I would change an innocent child into one of us?”

He looked down, not sure. When he looked back up, his face was of the Emmett I truly loved, “I guess not. But Rose, who did this?”

I shrugged. I was content that we were not mad at each other, but the child was interrupting my happy thoughts.

“Emmett. What are we going to do with him?” I asked, and I bent over to pick him up. “Darling?” I asked the child, “What is your name.”

He stared up at me, with his topaz eyes. I melted; he had so much influence over me.

“Rose, can he even talk.” Emmett asked from behind me.

I lifted the child up higher, “Please talk to us. We aren’t going to hurt you.”

“Rose…” Emmett’s voice got cut off when the child started to mumble.

“My. Name. Lucas”

I stared at him in amazement; I didn’t expect him to talk at all.

“Lucas. That is a pretty name. I’m Rosalie.” I told him, “Do you have a family?”

He curled up in my arms and shivered.