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Black Tide

a very carefree person arrives to the reservation, she has a semi shady past. will that affect the pack?

yeah got the title from the band Black Tide and i was listening to shockwave while writing the first chapter. i might just run with that for the chapters,

1. Shockwave

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Jacob POV

A SUV pulled up to the vacant house across the street from my house. At first a guy got out and started to unload the cargo packed into the bed.

Then the passenger side door opened and a lady got out as well.

"Look newbie’s," Embry said pointing out the window.

"Any kids?" Dad asked from the kitchen.

"It doesn't look like it, or at least yet." Quil said looking up from his magazine.

"I give them six months a year tops, once they hear what the town has gone through they will be running for the hills and fast." I said gazing out the window.

A second car pulled up to the house, this one looked like a kid would drive. It was small, silver and sleek looking.

Whoever was in the car like loud music, because it was pouring out the windows when they pulled up.

The door opened and a leg stepped out.

Monroe POV

I pulled up to the house and took a look before getting out the car. The neighbors were nosey, at least the ones across the street.

I stepped out of the car; I looked straight at the eyes peeking out the blinds and gave a wave. Apparently they like to keep tabs on people around here.

I'm putting up my curtains first!

The blinds shut close quickly but one side was still pulled up, whoever it was, was not going down with a fight.


I started to unload my things when I heard my mom calling to me, "Finally Monroe what took you so long?"

"Oh come on mom, give me a break it was a long night." I told her kicking my boxes along the driveway

.Jacob POV

"Girl! Look Jake girl!" Embry yelled in my ear.

"She's hot" Quil said as the chick waved at us.

"Look Jake, Look!" Embry said tugging on my arm.

"Fine, I'll look if you stop trying to rip my arm out of the socket!" I yelled back in his face and took a look out the window.

The girl gave another wave and Quil closed the blinds, but I kept looking.

She's actually not that bad looking.

She was built nice; she had a small petite frame and long Auburn Red hair that came to the small of her back.

She started taking her things in the house, when her mother stopped her and started talking to her. She looked like she really didn’t care what her mom had to say because she kept on her path.

Monroe POV

I started setting up shop in one room that faced the street. The only bad thing about the room was that it was on the second floor and that means it will be tricky to sneak out at night.

I finished putting away my things and took the remaining boxes downstairs to dispose of them. I started my way down the stares when I heard voices that didn’t belong to my parents.

God welcome wagon already?

I silently went down the stares to check out the people first before making a retreat back to my room. There were three tall guys and one man in a wheelchair.

I was just about to retreat when I stepped on a loose step and it gave my position away, “Monroe, come down here. We have guests.” Mom commanded me.

I had a moment on the stares to brace myself then took the last remaining steps to my death it felt.

“Billy, this is Monroe. Monroe this is Mr. Black” dad told me.

“Nice to meet you,” I said taking the last step on the stares.

“Honey, this is Jake his son, and his two friends Embry and Quil.” Mom said gesturing to him.

Jake POV

Monroe looked hesitant standing on the steps. You could almost hear what she was thinking in her head, all the excuses not to come down the stares.

She slowly made her appearance at the bottom of the steps. She really didn’t want to be bothered, you could see portrayed in her eyes.

She was polite though when she was introduced to everyone, acknowledging us all.

“Well, dad don’t you think we should let them continue with their unpacking?” I asked seeing the annoyance building in her eyes.

“I guess so, well if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.” Dad said as I started to wheel him out the door.

As we exited Embry and Quil started to chuckle to themselves, then they started making weird gestures and then started in, “Jake and Monroe sitting in a tree.”

“I swear if you finish that stupid song I’ll string you both up by your tails in a tree.” I threatened them.

“Oh, Jake let them have their fun,” dad said as we entered the house.

Monroe POV

After dinner I took a walk around the backyard. There was no fence, odd to me since every other house we owned had a fence.

I guess no one cares about things like home privacy or security.

I wondered around the path that leads into the woods. It was still fairly light out since it was summer so I had a good hour or two before I got lost.

I was all alone in the silent woods and loved every second. I sat on a log and started listening to the birds sing around me when I heard a twig crack behind me.

I quickly turned to face my intruder, “Oh” I grasped.

“Did I scare you?” Jake asked walking up to me.

“Yeah, it was all quiet before you came along” I told him resting my hand over my pounding heart.

“You really should not be in the woods at night. There are things that are more dangerous out at night” Jake said walking closer to me.

“Like what? You. I’m not afraid of you.” I told him catching my breath.

“Maybe you should” Jake said with a laugh.

“What is that suppose to mean?” I asked puzzled.