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Black Tide

a very carefree person arrives to the reservation, she has a semi shady past. will that affect the pack?

yeah got the title from the band Black Tide and i was listening to shockwave while writing the first chapter. i might just run with that for the chapters,

2. Show Me the Way

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Monroe POV

After my little encounter with my new neighbor I went back home, to finish getting unpacked. I swear before our move it felt like I had a very small wardrobe but now that I have to put everything away and in its rightful spot, it feels like I could dress an army.

When I was finished with all my clothes I moved onto my nick-knack box and started organizing where everything would go.

Alarm clock by bed, iHome on dresser, brush also on dresser etc.

I was at the very bottom of the box when I came upon a folded photo. I hesitantly took the photo out of the box and unfolded it. When I saw the other person in the photo with me I crumpled it up and almost yelled.

A sickening felling over came me, I wanted to vomit and scream at the same time. Rage flowed through my veins and the hair on my neck stood up. I started to shred the photo up into a tiny million pieces and threw it back into the box.

I was then finished with all my boxes so I took them out to the trash. On the way down the stairs I tried to calm myself. That time in my life was done and over with and I just wanted to forget entirely about it.

I walked up to the trash cans and started to cut up the boxes with a knife, then once again I came back up to that box with that photo in it. I wanted to set the entire trash can on fire just to erase the image forever. But once again in composed myself and tossed the boxes into the open can.

I took on last look at the trash can then started back inside. I was on the porch when a headlight caught my eye. I quickly turned to face the car from which the lights were a part of. I car shifted gears and took off like a bat out of hell. Who ever was in the car was caught and now had to flee.

I got that same sickening feeling when the car passed the house, it looked familiar like one that I used to know and now wanted to erase out of my memory. I clutched my stomach and dropped to my knees. I started to hyperventilate a little but stopped when I saw a shadow come around the house.

“Are you okay?” it asked as it cornered the porch.

“Yeah, I’ll be alright. It must have been some bad tacos or something, I’m fine.” I told Jacob.

“Oh okay, you should really not eat bad tacos then.” Jacob said with a laugh.

“Noted thanks.” I said and started back inside.

“Did you know that car or something?” Jacob asked walking closer to the porch.

“What? Oh um no. I have no clue who it was.” I told him tracing the small scar down my arm.

Jacob noticed what I was doing and had a puzzled look on his face, “Old battle wound?”

I stopped tracing the scar and pulled down my sleeve to cover it up “You can say that again,” I said.

“Well its getting late and I need my beauty sleep, so night,” I said making a turn towards the door.

“Sure, sure.” Jacob said walking down the lawn.

I made my way back into my room and changed for the night. After changing I walked up to my mirror and took a look at myself. I pulled up the shirt and rubbed my bruised stomach, the bruises were turning a sour shade of yellow so it meant they were healing. Then I turned my body and looked at the fresher bruises on my back, those were just turning a deep shade of black and blue.

“God why was I so dumb to stay with him?” I asked out loud.

There was a slight tap at the door and I quickly let down my shirt and dashed to it.

“Yeah” I asked opening it to face my mother.

“Hi sweetie, do you want anything to eat, we still have some pizza left over.” She told me holding the box in her hand.

“No, I’m fine thanks, I ate earlier.” I lied to her.

She left and went back down the stairs towards the kitchen.

I haven’t had a strong appetite in a long time ever since I was with him. I needed to regain so many things in my life that unraveled in the past year, and a healthy new me was the top of the list.

I finally was able to relax and made my way to my big comfy bed. I laid my head on the fluffy pillow and waited to Mr. Sandman to meet me. As I waited for my visit from the Sandman I went over all the things I wanted to do in the morning.

1 Get my running shoes out and take a lap around the neighborhood. 2 look for a job anywhere. 3 start over.

That seemed like a good start at a new life and from now on everything was going to change