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Black Tide

a very carefree person arrives to the reservation, she has a semi shady past. will that affect the pack?

yeah got the title from the band Black Tide and i was listening to shockwave while writing the first chapter. i might just run with that for the chapters,

3. Fresh Start

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My alarm went off at 5:30 and I jumped, well more like fell out of bed trying to figure out what was making the noise. I forgot that I set it last night and looked confused at the time.

Is this a practical joke my parents are pulling?

I finally remembered that I was starting over today and moved like a snail over to get my running shoes and clothes. I pulled on my sweats and made my way down the stairs. As I opened the front door chilly wind meet me. I went back into the house to get a jacket just incase.

As I stretched on the front porch my list popped back into my head.

1 running check almost, 2 find a job no check 3 start fresh major check.

I started down the street the same way I came in last night; I knew that much of the neighborhood at least. If all else fails and I get lost, which seems highly unlikely with La Push being so small, I would wonder around for a while and eventually find my way back.

Everything was so green here, it wasn’t such a huge change from my last house but everything looked like it had its own spot light on it. Even the dew on the grass looked like it was something out of Wizard of Oz.

I must have ran for a good amount of time because people were starting to leave their homes and go to work. That reminded me that I had to get a paper today to find a job. I didn’t want something boring like my old waitressing job. I had other qualities than asking people if they wanted lemon with their tea.

I ran back home just in time to get the morning paper. My dad was making his way out to his truck and started to grab for the paper.

“Hey dad!” I yelled at him running up the driveway, “Stop!”

He looked confused like I was hurt or something like that, “What?!”

“I want classifies,” I gasped at him trying to catch my breath. “I need job.”

“Alright Forest,” dad laughed at my remark and flipped through the paper to get the section out for me, “Do you need me to call 911?”

“Ha Ha, so funny just give me the paper.” I said with my breath finally back.


After a shower and a bowl of cereal I opened the paper to start looking. There were always secretary jobs but I can’t sit still for a long time. “Dog groomer, don’t think so.” I said to myself out loud.

“What are you looking for honey?” mom asked walking into the family room.

“Well I need to get a job to bring the bacon home.” I told her circling a tempting one.

“Any waitressing ones?” she asked hopeful.

“Doesn’t look like it,” I said completely ignoring the thought about being a waitress again.

“I’ll know it when I see it.” I told her flipping the page.

And there it was on the top of the page. It stood out like a sore thumb, “Bingo!”

I ran back upstairs and changed into jeans and a shirt then ran back down the stairs, “Be back later mom!” I yelled.


I pulled up to the shop and parked in the last spot. I looked in the mirror to check myself, and then got out of the car. I walked into the shop and waited at the front desk. No one was near so I looked around until I heard footsteps.

“Need Service?” the guy asked.

The guy looked familiar then I remembered he was one of the guys I met the other night.

“No, I was wanting an application actually.” I told him standing tall.

“Um…okay, hold on let me get one.” Embry walked back into the open dock up to one of his other coworkers. They all got a weird look on their face then turned in my direction. I didn’t know what to do, wave and act cocky like the last time I was spied on, or just look down at my feet.

The oldest one walked back towards my way with the others hot on his tail, “Can I help you miss?”

“Yes, I would like an application please.” I asked him confidently.

The guys looked me up and down and started to snicker at each other, “Miss do you know anything about cars?” the old man asked.

“Yes I do, very much actually,” I stood my ground trying to look like I was tough as nails.

“How about this, we go into the garage and you tell me what’s wrong with the cars then you can get the application.” He told me with a smile on his face.

You should never under estimate a girl.

We walked into the garage and up to the first car. I looked into and over looked everything. Everything looked really greasy and dirty just what it was supposed to look like. I wanted to disappoint all the guys so I started to touch every thing.

After fiddling with the engine I made my conclusion, “The piston rods need some work. One looks like it’s on its last leg.”

“That’s one. Now the other two,” the man said taken back a little.

We all moved over to the next car, and once again I looked in. This one was easy, there was no battery and some of the wires looked fried. I told them my thoughts and we moved to the last car. This one took me a little longer, every thing looked good.

Is it a trick?

“Well besides the grease and smudges here and there I would say that this car is okay.” I told the man. I almost put my hands on my hips but remembered the grease, so I just inner twined my fingers.

“Well done, when can you start?” he asked.

All the guys still looked confused that a girl knew so much about cars. They started talking once more amongst themselves and went about their ways.

“How do you know so much?” the man asked, “By the way I’m Gus.”

“Well I have two older brothers and they loved cars, plus we had body shop everyone hung out at, I picked up a thing or two.” I told him.

We talked a little more then I started to leave to go back to my house. On the way to my car a small car pulled up and parked next to my car. I was almost to my car when the guy got out.

“Hey, are you following me?” Jake asked playfully closing the door.

“Ha, you wish. No I just came to get an application, but I got the job.” I explained.

“Wait you are going to work here now?” he asked confused.

“Yeah. Why do you have a problem working with girls?” I smirked.

“No, I just…” he trailed off.

“Come on Jake you’re late!” Gus called out, “See you tomorrow Monroe.”

“Alright!” Jake called to him, “We’ll I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Yup.” I said and waved at Gus.