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Black Tide

a very carefree person arrives to the reservation, she has a semi shady past. will that affect the pack?

yeah got the title from the band Black Tide and i was listening to shockwave while writing the first chapter. i might just run with that for the chapters,

7. What's it like

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So finally Friday arrived and Tia made it down to my house without a problem, “So where are we going?”

“There is nothing really that fun to do down here, so we are going to the movies.” I tried to convince her that this would be fun and not a snoozefest.

I took her things and went inside and showed her my new room, and odds and ends around the house. Tia was my best friend at my old house and I wanted us to loose our friendship because we moved. She was more like a cousin or sibling more than a friend because we were always around each other or we were always talking to each other.

We just grabbed a snack from the kitchen and were heading into the living room when I heard a car pull up. I went up to the blinds and pulled one line slightly up not to be obvious and peered out. Jacob was walking up the path to his house along with Embry hot on his tail, “Tia, the one in front is Jacob, and the second is Embry.”

“Oh, both are cute, I approve.” She smiled and winked at me.

“Paws off Jacob, you have Embry need I remind you.” I smacked her in the arm.

We still had an hour before our date so we watch T.V. for a while then decided to get ready. We didn’t have to fuss over the outfits because it was just the movies, so we just went back to talking until the doorbell rang.


The ride to the movies was a little awkward because Tia was just getting to know Embry. Embry on the other hand looked happy just to be next to a girl who didn’t live on the rez, and looked completely different than the norm. I could tell that he was trying no to say too much about himself, he told her his favorite color and band, things like that but he left out a major factor that made up himself and for good reason.

The movie theater was just like an old drive in, the seats were the back seats of old Buicks and Chevy’s, and there were those speakers that you put on the widows that actually worked. Tia and I went to get seats when the boys went to get snacks, I knew they would buy out the entire stock to I suggested to take their time deciding and let others go before them.

“So what do you think of Embry?” I asked Tia grabbing one back seat as she grabbed the one in front of me.

“He’s not bad. He’s way taller than the guys I’m used to, I might just wear heels every time I see him.” She laughed.

“Oh, every time hun?” I snickered at her comment and sunk into the seat.

The guys arrived back with a boatload of snacks, each had popcorn and candies, they also had a drink each, “Did you leave any of it for the other customers?” I played grabbing the drink from Jacob.

“It’s their fault for taking so long, they were just asking for it.” Embry laughed as he sadown.

The movie started and the lights grew dim, “What are we seeing again?”

“Underworld: Evolution, I just love vampire werewolf movies,” Jacob whispered in my ear.

“You would.” I hushed back at him also tossing a small handful of popcorn at him.

The opening credits began to play and I grabbed Jacobs huge arm and wrapped it around me and snuggled into him. He gave a small squeeze but still held a hold of his popcorn determined not to let it go.


There were some parts where I jumped and Jacob just wrapped his arms tighter around me to reassure me. In middle of the movie Embry did the typical tired-yawn-stretch-arm-wrap-around maneuver that all guys have used once before, and I pointed it out to Jacob, and we both whispered laughed at it.

After the movie let out we grabbed our stuff and headed next door to the pizza joint. Even though all the snacks were completely gone by the middle of the movie the guys were still hungry and so was I, Jacob ate all our popcorn only leaving me the kernels. Like before Tia and I got the seats and the guys placed the order.

I gave Tia a smile and winked at her, “Well?”

“He’s not back, but did you see the arm move he pulled on me? I mean we are not stuck in middle school.” Tia laughed and stretched her arm mocking Embry.

“That’s great, Embry is a nice guy and you two are a cute couple, my work here is done.” I smiled and dusted off my shoulder.

The guys once again returned with two large pizzas that were half gone by the time they sat down. Tia and I both nibbled at small pieces, afraid to reach over too far and get a finger eaten. We sat and hung out at the shop to just about closing time just talking and joking.

“Well, gentlemen I do believe that it is getting late and we shall head back.” I suggested as the cashier was starting to count her money and giving us dirty looks.

This car ride was better than the first Embry actually talked and Jacob and I were quiet for once. Jacob pulled up to his house and parked the car, Tia and Embry got out first as Jacob and I sat in quiet. We watched Embry walk Tia up to the front door holding her hand the entire way, “Aw, look at them, he so owes me.” I smiled leaning over Jacob to see the couple.

“Trust me I’ll make have him pay his debt back,” Jacob said running his hand through my hair gently twisting me to see him.

“So, what are you doing tomorrow?” I asked trying to look away from his hypnotizing eyes.

“Well there is a game on at 4, some of the guys were coming over and watch it,” he said

“What sport?” I asked unbuckling my seat belt and reaching for the handle.

“Hockey, we’re playing the red wings.” Jacob said also unbuckling his seat belt.

“Perfect, would the guys mind if I come over?” I asked a little shy, blushing a little.

“As long as you bring food, they should not mind.” Jacob chuckled leaning down closer to me.

“Chips or pizza?” I asked also leaning in closer, God he smells good.

“Whatever you have a ton of would be best.” He smiled and leaned the rest of the space in and placed a delicate kiss on my lower lip.