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Black Tide

a very carefree person arrives to the reservation, she has a semi shady past. will that affect the pack?

yeah got the title from the band Black Tide and i was listening to shockwave while writing the first chapter. i might just run with that for the chapters,

8. chips, pizza and werewolves

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I ran through the house to see what was available to take with me to the game. My parents haven’t gone shopping yet this week so we had very limited amounts of junk food, which meant that I was going shopping.

I grabbed my keys and headed towards the local market. The market was nothing special, you basic grocery store milk, eggs bread, no gourmet organic foods or anything like that. I grabbed a cart and headed to the nearest junk food isle. I loaded the cart with bags of chips, varying in flavors and textures.

When I got to the check out lane my cart was filled with chips, dips and like six frozen pizzas, that was all they were going to get out of me, they could get their own drinks. As I unloaded my groceries onto the conveyor belt the cashier gave me an odd look, “Party?”

“No, just a hockey game with a group of guys,” I smiled at her, pleased to remember grabbing my credit card as I left the house.

I crammed everything in my tiny trunk and headed back towards home. Thank god when I got home Jacob was outside grabbing the mail, he would so help me take the bags in it was the least he could do.

“Come here, your mine,” I shouted getting out of the car and popping the trunk open.

Jacob smiled at my comment, “Well, I already knew that and now the neighborhood knows also.”

“You know what I mean. Now grab a bag.” I ordered him shoving bags at him.

“Wow, you certainly know how to entertain a group of guys.” Jacob said taking a look in the bags.

“What can I saw I want to make a good impression on your friends,” I said taking the remainder of the bags out of the trunk and shutting it.

“You only have four more to impress, Embry is your best friend after you set him up with Tia.” Jacob spoke walking beside me towards his house.


After I cleaned up and changed into some comfortable clothes I went back over to Jakes to cook the pizzas. I didn’t know how skilled he was in frozen pizza reheating and I didn’t want my fifty bucks to go to waste if he burnt them.

“I know how to set a timer.” Jacob scolded sarcastically as I put in two pizzas.

“I don’t doubt your ability, but I just want to..” I started to say as closed the oven door, but Jacob cut me off.

“You want the guys to like you, I know. Trust me they will like you, it’s Leah you might have some problems with, she’s a little more complicated.” He said wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Fine, I’ll cool down the Betty Crooker, just help me with Leah then, I sometimes have trouble being friends with girls at first.” I told him hugging him tight.

“Can’t you two get a room, you are making me sick.” A husky voice asked from the front room.

“Show time.” Jacob laughed in my hair and gave me one more confronting squeeze before we walking into the living room.

There were four new faces I haven’t seen yet, they were all different but they all seemed to blend in together.

“Guys, this is Monroe. You remember Embry and Quil.” Jacob introduced me to the guys with a nod.

“I’m Sam, Jacob has told me only good things about you.” The tallest and oldest one said shaking my hand.

“This is Jared and Paul and the pup here is Seth.” Jacob said messing up the youngest boys hair.


The game was great, we were winning by a goal and the food was a big hit with the guys.

“Monroe can you cook anything other than frozen pizzas or is that it?” Seth asked eager to eat more.

“I’m a pretty good cook if I saw so, but I know how guys like simple things like pizza so that’s what I made.” I told him with a smile.

“Then you must meet Emily she makes good food also.” Seth smiled back at me than returned to the game.

“Is that the one I should worry about?” I whispered in Jacobs ear.

“Emily is nice, Leah’s the bitch.” Paul snickered from the floor.

“Paul. Emily is my fiancé, she would like to meet you. Having another girl with the pack is great.” Sam corrected Paul then smiled as he mentioned Emily.

“I would love that also, maybe we can trade recepies.” I chuckled and went back to watching the game.


In the end we won three to two and the guys were hungry once again so they headed to get burgers, so Jacob and I cleaned up.

“I told you not to worry didn’t I?” He asked grabbing plates from the floor.

“You did. I should have more trust in you.” I smiled throwing away some cups.

I closed up the half empty bags of chips and tossed them into a cabinet. Jacob surprised me once again with arms around my waist, “They like you.”

I turned to face him, “Good, because I like them too, and I’m going nowhere.”

I slid my hand up from his arms to his chest and ended wrapping them around his neck. His hands traveled from my hips to higher on my back then back down and into my back pockets. You could light a light bulb with the electricity between us almost. I was stupid and looked into Jacobs eyes and got lost once again. He smiled as he knew I was trapped and leaned in more.

“So what’s Leah like?” I questioned as Jacob was about to kiss me.

“Don’t worry about her right now.” He whispered across my lips, then kissed the corners of my lips.

“I just want to know how tough I should be. Should I be scared?” I asked again.

“She would have to go through me, and that won’t happen. Now no more questions.” He commanded and finally kissed me.

I got let go of my worries and gave into my need for him, I tangled my hands into his silk hair and he pulled me even closer. Time passed and we didn’t care, until a knock at the door finally made us break apart. Jacob made a low growl as he pulled away from my lips and let his head fall.

There was another knock then the front door just burst open, “You watched the game and didn’t invite me, you jerk!” a mad girl voice called from the door.