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What She Saw In Me

This is a poem about what Edward is thinking when he meets Bella and when he has to leave Bella for her safety.


1. Chapter 1

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What She Saw In Me

I had been a monster,

I had no hope of getting out of the hole that captivated me.

There was nothing for me to look forward to.

No reason to live.

But then,

She saw something in me,

She pulled me out of the hole,

Allowing me to see through the darkness that surrounded my life

She was the light that guided me through the dark tunnel.

She brought joy and life to me

And love.

She captivated me with her smile.

She dazzled me with her eyes.

She loved me with her heart.

She kissed me with her lips.

She was everything that was good and pure about life.

But then,

I left.

I was left with nothing but my memories about her;

Her hair

Her blushes

Her eyes

Her smile

Her love

I left a piece of my heart with her.

The memories;

Afraid to forget

Afraid to remember

I couldn't take it anymore

The hole was just getting larger and larger

There was no meaning in life without her

No point in living without her

I went back to her.

Her smile was gone.

The sparkle in her eyes was gone

They were filled with nothing but

Hurt and betrayal

Here was my angel.

I held nothing but love for her.

Words of love and comfort spilled through my mouth

Her eyes filled with light and color again.

She but whispered three words

That sent me soaring through the sky

"I love you."

She had, once again

Pulled me out of the hole,

Towards the light

With her,

By my side.