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A Planned Life

What if Jacob had been in love once before Bella? What if this other love was named Isabella as well? What if Jacob thought this other Isabella was long dead? What if she was not? What if this Isabella was coming back? What if she had the world on her shoulders?


1. The Return

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We were best friends since we met at age three. She lived in Forks, her dad was the head doctor at the hospital, and her mom stayed at home. She had one brother and three sisters at total of five kids; she was the second youngest. They lived in one of the biggest houses in the entire Washington peninsula, just outside of Forks. I told her everything, though she was a girl.

It was your typical rainy day; my dad had just bought me an old bicycle motor to fix up for my tenth birthday. As usual she was coming over to help me tear it apart and put it back together again (it was how we passed the time). She was walking over from Forks with her sisters and brother; it was about noon. By two o’clock, they still hadn’t shown up and that’s when I began to panic. My dad Billy, was about to phone her parents when Charlie the Forks city sheriff showed up at our door. I heard my dad and him speak in low whispers from my room. After the front door closed, my dad came into my room with tears in his eyes.

I stood in front of the tombstone still not really believing that she was six feet under me. I kept reading what was written on the stone over and over again…

Isabella Adelaide Novea

Born July 9, 1990Died October 12, 2000

“Beloved daughter and friend”

Tears rolled down my cheeks mixing with the raindrops falling from the sky. I collapsed to my knees, wrapping my arms around the stone, pouring my guts out. She was truly gone, Izzy was actually gone. My love was gone from me.

It had been about six years since her death and now another love was leaving me for someone or more like something else. Couldn’t I just be happy or would it always be this way? Izzy was dead and soon Bella would be also.


My paws stomp the ground as I ran through the woods. I don’t dare to look back for this could all just be a dream. I had longed for this day, we had all longed for this day. This was the day when we would finally escape their horrid grasps, the day were I would return to my family and friends again. This was the day I was going home.

We could hear them coming after us with all their anger. They thought we were theirs, since they created us. They created monsters was what they created, a mixed race that should have never existed, but yet we did. At first we were supposed to be the new them, a more elite vampire, one that no werewolf could take down, but then something went wrong. As the two bloods mixed in our veins, our hunger began to grow not for humans as was expected, but for those who created us. Vampires.

We ran all the way to the airport in Vienna, quickly shifting in order to get our airplane tickets. We had lost them just as we had entered the city. We could smell them from miles away, but they could never smell us. We were scentless to their kind and to all other creatures for that matter. I sat down in the seat which was printed on my ticket, leaning my head back against the head rest. My brother Luke held my hand, my two sisters holding each others behind us. We were doing it, we were actually going home. I would see my parents and friends again. I would be the carefree Izzy I had once been. I would be able to see and hold Jacob again. I was going home.