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A Planned Life

What if Jacob had been in love once before Bella? What if this other love was named Isabella as well? What if Jacob thought this other Isabella was long dead? What if she was not? What if this Isabella was coming back? What if she had the world on her shoulders?


2. Reunion

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The plane touches the ground, waking me up from my slumber. I open my eyes and look out to the rainy city of Port Angles. I was almost home! I shook my brother Luke awake, once the attendants gave us permission to exit the airplane. My entire frame felt Jell-O like as we quickly exited the plane. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening, we were actually almost home.

The homecoming rain began almost immediately when we stepped outside the airport. Gentle rain drops fell onto my uncover face. I looked up at the dark grey sky, tears of pure joy slipping out. It had been so long since I’d seen the sky, any sky. I had been locked underground for the past seven years. Been bred to be the perfect vampire, the future vampire. Then my hunger began to rise. I killed a guard first, then Marcus’s secretary. For a year they thought I was the only defect, but then my siblings began to change as well.

I discovered Marcus intention for me a few months before our leave. I was to marry him on my eighteenth birthday which would be in a year; Luke would never allow it to happen. We began planning our escape (several times failing), and now we are here, running to Forks.

The woods smelled exactly the same, mossy and clean. I jogged slowly through the woods just behind my siblings; Luke and my oldest sister Iris leading the way. A small wind suddenly picked up through the mossy forest. I smelled his scent immediately, but that was not what alarmed me. Marcus and the rest of the Volturi were here.

Without thinking I took off towards the scent, every bone and muscle contracting as one, making my white wolf frame speed soundlessly and sightlessly through the woods. My mind was in utter panic. Did Marcus know about Jacob? Oh please, please God don’t let anything happen to Jacob. Please.


No it was worse than before, now the head vampires were here for Bella. I had been in Colorado when I smelled them, so I ran immediately back to Forks to warn Bella and her leech. Now we stood facing the pale royals, with my pack surrounding Bella; Bella’s bloodsuckers standing in front of us.

“She will be turned Marcus.” Carlisle calmingly tried to convince the vampire in the middle.

“How do I know you are telling the truth Carlisle? Yes we have a strong history together, but what type of acquaintance chooses to surround themselves with those hounds?” The vampire spat.

“Please we will be wed next week and then I will turn her.” I cringed as Edward spoke the horrid words.

“Normally I would have given you more time Edward, but now is not a time to push me.” The bloodsucker exclaimed. “I have lost so much in this one week, and with them out there in the world, our very race is at risk.”

Wait did he just say his race was at risk? Something or someone or someone’s were out there somewhere, with the capability to destroy this dreaded race. I have to admit I am certainly going to get their autograph if I ever meet them.

Jacob pay attention! Sam barked into my head bringing me back to the present.

Hey Jake don’t forget to share those autographs with me okay. Paul exclaimed, making me smile inside.

“Who do you speak of Marcus?” Carlisle asked calmly.

“I speak of my love, my own Isabella the one who has turned on me.” Marcus seemed to gain some reddish color as he spoke the name.

Another Isabella, one who could kill the bloodsuckers. Well I would surely be falling in love with this one if Bella hadn’t left me all heart broken. My bones shook a little at the thought of Bella being changed into one of them came into my mind. My breathing grew dangerously heavy and I had to concentrate to lower the impulse to attack his royal highness.

“Alright this is taking to long, Alexander and Brutus take care of the mutts, and we’ll deal with the Cullen’s. Leave Bella to me though.” The vampire snarled.

Immediately after his order, his followers began to attack. I took the one coming for me down by ripping off his head. My eyes quickly searched for Bella, finding her trapped against a tree by Marcus. My instinct to save her kicked in and I immediately charged, but before I even got close, a giant white wolf came out of nowhere and attacked the vampire.


I frantically followed Marcus’s scent. Luke was yelling in my head, but I ignored every word he said. Please I had to make it on time, please. My eyes finally saw the hustle of vampire and werewolves fighting. A short, brown haired girl stood cornered up against a nearby tree with Marcus cornering her. No he would not get to anyone else; I would never let it happen.

My legs pushed me off the ground and I tackled Marcus with all my strength. Marcus lay frozen under me, his ruby eyes staring both angered and passionately.

“Isabella?” He let out.

I wanted to kill him, but not in front of the human girl. My breathing calmed and I shifted into my human form just as Luke, Iris, Melody, and Carly caught up; shifting as they did. I got off of Marcus, standing in front of him with my fists clenched, fighting every urge not to kill him for what he had done. The rain had begun to pour now and thunder could be heard just a few miles away.

“Isa you have come back to me, I knew…” Marcus let out before I cut him off

“NO! I would never go back to you. You simply invaded a place that is mine or do you not remember this place?” I quickly snapped.

“No this can not be the same town which we…” He stopped unable to go any further.

“Yes this is Marcus and now you are on hybrid land.” My body was shaking drastically as I desperately fought the urge to kill, to feed. “Leave Marcus.”

Marcus eyes turned cold and angry, but he turned around to face his followers whom had stopped fighting with the wolves in order to watch. He quickly gathered everyone up and orders them to leave. Then he turned his face towards me.

“You will be mine one day Isa.” And with that he left, speeding through the forest.

Luke wrapped his arm around my waist and smiled down at me, showing how proud he was. My siblings and I wrapped each other in a quick embrace. We were free, they had left us. I didn’t care about what Marcus had said, I could take him.

“Luke?” A small voice that of a girl finally made us let go of each other.

I turned to look at who it was. There in a black sports bra and blue basketball shorts stood Leah, Luke’s old crush and best friend. Not only did Leah stand there, but Sam, Luke’s best guys friend, Paul, Iris’s best friend, Embry, Melody’s best friend, and Seth, Leah’s little brother and Carly’s best friend. What caught my eye though was that Jacob stood just a few feet away from me with his mouth wide open and tears forming in his eyes.

“Luke your dead.” Leah finally cried out, tears rolling down her cheeks

“No Leas I’m not. It’s me Leas.” Luke took a few steps towards her.

“But, but I-I-I went to your funeral. And I visited your grave every year, and-and…” Leah began to sob.

She almost fell to her knees, but Luke caught her in his arms. Her small arms wrapped around his neck and she looked up to his face. Luke gave her a gigantic smile, that I hadn’t seen since we were captured.

“So you really aren’t a ghost.” Leah laughed nervously, as she poked Luke in the chest.

“Nope.” Luke simply smiled.

With that Paul, Embry, and Seth practically tackled my sisters, knocking them to the ground. Paul planted a gigantic kiss on Iris’s lips which made her gasp in surprise. Embry simply cradled Melody in his arms, squeezing her body to his. Seth and Carly sat on the ground crying. Me I was just standing there.

I didn’t want to turn to look at Jake, because I could already feel his cold stare on by back. He was pissed and I didn’t exactly feel like facing that right now, but I knew I had to. My feet twisted making me face Jake…