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A Planned Life

What if Jacob had been in love once before Bella? What if this other love was named Isabella as well? What if Jacob thought this other Isabella was long dead? What if she was not? What if this Isabella was coming back? What if she had the world on her shoulders?


3. No in between

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She stood right in front of me. Her amazing green-blue eyes stared right into mine. Her flaming red hair waved in the windy rain. All different forms of emotions ran up my spine. For some reason anger seemed to be the greatest. She had made me suffer all these years; thinking that she was dead. She was alive yet had never bothered to come back.

Gigantic tremors ran up my spine making my frame shake drastically and my eyes water. I knew I needed to calm myself down, but my eyelids wouldn’t shut; they wouldn’t shut her out. If I blinked then perhaps she would disappear again; die again. The world around me became a blur, all that remained was her. Izzy was all that mattered; she was the girl my wolf had been waiting to imprint on. I took a step towards her…


Jacob began walking towards me, causing my stomach to twist in nervousness. A small wind picked up just then. Vampires. I turned to see a group of them surrounding the human girl protectively. There scent was different not appealing at all; unless I was starving of course. However there was a scent which made my mouth water. It was the human girl’s.

NO! My stomach began to growl in hunger. It was asking for her blood. Marcus had succeeded.

So we didn’t fail entirely Isa. You are one of us, a vampire not hybrid. Perhaps I will even forgive you Isa. After all you are mine. My Isa. Forever you will be my Isabella.

Marcus voice ringed in my head because of the blood bond we had. No I would never be a killer like him.

I hadn’t been paying attention to the world around me, so when Jake stood inches in front of me I jumped in surprise. Jake stared down at me with his black eyes. There was no emotion in his eyes (well perhaps anger). He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out and instead his entire body began to shake. His eyes closed for a moment, his bare chest heaved up and down. I knew he was trying to control his anger, but in turn he was making me angry.

Just as he opened his eyes and was about to begin speaking, I turned and began rapidly walking in the opposite direction; Marcus’s direction. There were no foot steps behind me, no yelling to return, nothing but the silence of the forest.


Control Jacob. Control. I had to repeat this a few times in my head before the tremors finally subsided. I opened my eyes slowly to look at her and tell her how I felt, but the next thing I knew was that she had begun walking in the direction of the head vamp. Great just when my anger had seemed to diminish, she had to raise it again.


“What do you want Sam?” I answered in between clenched teeth.

“Did you imprint?” I could feel him standing close behind me.

“Yes.” My anger began to quickly rise.

“Jake you should go after her then.” It was Bella who spoke now.

I turned to look at her. Bell’s was nothing like Izzy, besides there name, they had nothing in common. While Bella was your typical brown eyed girl next door, Izzy was not. Izzy had the most amazing greenish-blue eyes, wild dark red hair spilled all the way down to her thin waist. She looked like one of those rock stars with that straight hair. Let’s face it Bella was normal and Izzy was well gorgeous.

A giggled at the fact that Izzy had always hated being called Bella she said it sounded like a cow’s name. Typical I just had to like two girls that were entirely different. Like? Did I still like Bella? Of course I did, but not in a romantic way anymore, no not anymore.

“Sam I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I looked down at Bella. “I’m sorry Bell’s, but I got to go.”

“I know.” Bella whimpered, tears forming in her eyes.

I usually would have stayed to comfort her a little, but that was Edward’s job. My job was to find Izzy and tell her how sorry I was for being angry. Izzy was mine, just mine, and no one was going to stand in between this love.

Tremors begin to run down my spine as I leaped into the air. When I landed I was just a wolf. A wolf running after his mate. A wolf begging forgiveness from her. A wolf that was far to determined to succeed that nothing could possibly stand in my way. No not even she will stand in my way of what I have longed for and needed for so long.

Izzy had mend my heart once more, but if she were to ever disappear I knew that this time it would be unmendable and that her end would be my end. We were bound together as one. We live, die, and love as one.