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A Planned Life

What if Jacob had been in love once before Bella? What if this other love was named Isabella as well? What if Jacob thought this other Isabella was long dead? What if she was not? What if this Isabella was coming back? What if she had the world on her shoulders?


4. Wolf's Love

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My feet pound against the leafy moss covered ground of the woods. A chilled wind is blowing against my face, yet I feel no cold. I run, I jump, and I leap. I feel nothing yet I feel so much. I feel the worry in my pack as they organize themselves to run after me. Fee the anger within me making me run faster. Yet I do not feel him.

Do not feel the love which I had desired so much when I was forced to put on a smile for Marcus. Do not feel the love which had kept me alive all these years. No I feel nothing. No cold, no warm. Just dead like the vampire I hunt.

I let a growl escape my lips. I don’t want anything to do with these monsters. These monsters which stole me as a child. Those monsters which stole away the love Jacob once had for me. Those monsters which I feed upon. Those monsters which have changed me into something which will forever be part of them.

I am half of what they are and thus I am half dead. I was once part human and now I am…

I hear heavy footsteps running after me. My heart begins to pound in my chest. I don’t have to turn around to know who it is. He is the only one able to get this far without me detecting his brain waves.

Instinct takes over me as the wolf within me envelops my body and prepares for my defense as she has done so many times before. The second she obtains full control she runs into a sprinting furry. The pounding footsteps following me turn into soft sounding touches of the ground as their speed increases. My wolf keeps running, her breath never faltering, legs never buckling.

Where I was weak she made up for with her strength. And where I was strong she unfortunately was weak. Something I realized a little too late when she turned her head back towards him and stopped dead in her tracks, so fast that I swear I got a whip lash.

At first she just stayed staring at the Jacob wolf. She examined him from head to toe; from the rust fur to the strongly defined muscles in his legs and chest. When she got to hiss dark brown eyes she saw her mate, yet I saw Jake.

Then she slowly began making her way towards him, with her tail tucked in between her legs and ears flattening against her head. I kept screaming in her head, desperate to change her course. She ignored me with ease’ lowering her body in a submissive way as she reached Jacob’s wolf. As I expected he began affectionately nibbling on her ears, his tongue danced gently against her muzzle.

She soon became distracted by the fact that her mate was here with her. However, before she could let her happiness slips into me I forced her to subside, shifting me in to my human form.