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The Last Vampires

The Last Vampires banner This is my first ever fanfic so here it goes... Bastian and Brina were born Quileutes. They live in the future, in a time when all vampires have been killed off by the werewolves. They spent their years praying that they had some Black blood in them, but their wishes never came true. Instead, their worst nightmare has. It turns out there was one more vampire out there and Bastian and Brina ended up as prey. Hardly escaping with their lives, Bastian and Brina are two of the blood-suckers they were raised to despise. Now, they're on the run from their own people, searching for answers about the mysterious vampire who bit them, and any humans who know the truth.


1. Bella's Last

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To Whom It May Concern,

I will be long dead by the time you get this message. The bombing has nearly killed me; I am buried under massive rubble, choking on my last breaths of air. It troubles me to go without leaving some sort of sign that I was once alive, that I was one of the humans who knew the truth. I am Isabella Swan Cullen, married to Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. He, unlike I, was a vampire. I was to become one today. That is, before the bombs hit. I know there is no way for me to survive and I am aware of what will become of Edward. He will certainly be long dead as well. My only condolence is that we are together now. Vampires do have souls. I am certain that he is in heaven with me now.

I am sure that a true war will have blossomed by now. The Volturi attacking the werewolves was only the first domino. The humans are suspicious of terrorist involvement, the Iraqis to be precise. The werewolves will attack back. They have no strength in numbers, but their strengths lie in other places.

I must end my letter here, hopeful that someone will find it. I am dying, quickly and quietly and without the one I love. It is the worst way to die in my eyes, especially as I never believed I would die at all.

Yours Sincerely,


The letter was penned sloppily, but with a flourish of a signature at the bottom. Sabrina Archer skimmed through it quickly before handing it to her twin brother Sebastian.

"Vampires do have souls," muttered the teenage boy under his breath. Brina caught it.

"We're eternally damned abominations of nature. We no longer have souls." She said it coldly with a serpentine hiss in her voice. Brina had forced herself to believe it.

"How could you be sure? They're dead, all of them. All we've got is Quileute folklore. They hated vampires. They would've said they were soul-less wouldn't they?" Bastian's voice had deepened just before he was attacked. He looked like his fourteen years, yet spoke with a solemn growl that was musical and wise beyond his years. He had only been a vampire for a year now, but used the beauty of the creature in the persuasive way it was meant for.

"I don't know. I just think. I've grown up with that outlook. I can't be blamed for believing in what the tribe has taught me," snapped Brina back.

"C'mon. Arguing isn't gonna help us feed. Let's get out of here and see if there's any decent wildlife left in this place." Bastian was 11 minutes older and acted like it. He took charge and tried to keep the peace when Brina couldn't.

She just looked at him for second, a bit of anger in her liquid topaz eyes that dissolved in an instant, and followed him as he climbed out of the rubble that was once the house of Jacob Black.

It was only after Bastian had left that he realized he'd probably walked over Bella's remains.