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I Have A Secret

Bella: I have a secret. I'm in love with Edward Cullen. But thats not it. I'm also in love with Darren Blake. But shh, don't tell Edward. Banner made with BannerFans.com, hosted on ImageShack.usCHAPTER THREE NOW UP :]


1. Chapter 1

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I have a secret.

I'm in love with Edward Cullen.

But that's not it.

I'm in love with Darren Blake.

But Shh, and don't tell Edward.

I sat next to my love, Edward Cullen, during biology. It was a typical November day in Forks. Raining, cloudy.

I didn't realize all of the fuss about a new student until I noticed the guy standing at the front of the room.

He was cute. No that's an understatement. He was AMAZING!

His eyes an icy blue, hair a golden honey blonde, his body was built much like a football player. He was beautiful. But unlike Edwards, his was humanly.

"Class," started the teacher, "We have a new student today. Everyone meet-"

"Darren Blake." He said confidently.

All the girls in the classroom- including me- all sighed at the sound of his voice.

It was smooth, but deep. Like dark chocolate.

"Yes, this is Darren Blake. And Mr. Blake you can take a seat in the only empty one."

And the only empty one was the one across the isle from Edward and my table.

He smiled when he looked me in the eyes, and walked casually down the isle.

He sat down gracefully, and winked at me.

I felt a blush creep into my cheeks.

It wasn't until then that I realized Edward growling lightly at my side.

I felt a pinch on my right elbow and looked down.

Darren was leaning across the isle giving me a note.

I smiled and opened it.

Hey angel, what's your name.

Edward growled quietly as he read it.

I quickly wrote back: Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella.

Then I passed it back to him.

Not a second later the note was back at my elbow.

Is that your boyfriend next to you? He seems pretty mad that I'm ‘talking' to you.

I almost laughed. Yeah, he is. He tends to get over protective.

Right as I sent it over to him the bell rang.

And today, instead of my usual talking to Edward, I was spun around by Darren.

"Can you show me to my next class?"

"Uhh, sure. One second." I said lifting up my finger.

I turned to Edward. He was already out the door. I sighed and turned back around.

Darren was being swarmed by five other girls. I couldn't help but be jealous.

I don't know why I was, I just felt the monster clawing at my heart. So I just decided to walk away.

I made it half way to the door, when I heard "Hey, Bella! Wait up!"

I turned and saw Darren jogging up to me.

And he once again was stopped by a girl. But this one was Jessica.

I saw her whisper in his ear. She leaned back with a smirk directed towards me. He just nodded, with a smile.

And then he continued to walk over to me.

She just crossed her arms in defeat, and stomped off.

"What did she say?"

"Just that you have a boyfriend. And I told her I already knew."

I nodded my head. "What is your next class?" I asked.

"Uhh," he said struggling to get his paper. "Oops."


"I forgot my schedule on my desk." He started to turn around to get it when I stopped him.

"No, let me get it. Just stay right her, and I'll be right back."

I started off inside the maze of students and snaked my way through groups, and past cliques. I finally made it to the class room and I made my way to the back and couldn't find his schedule. I looked around, and realized that the note he passed me was on his schedule.

I quietly laughed, and walked back out of the classroom. But this time the halls were empty. Huh. Passing period here is 10 minutes long. I wonder why everyone went so fast today.

But my question was answered when I saw a huge group gathering in the middle of one of the halls.

I saw Angela looking around, and once her eyes landed on mine she ran up to me.

"Bella! Oh my god! It's Darren- and- and"

"What is going on?"

"A fight!"

"Why is Darren already in a fight?"

"And- and- EDWARD!"

"What? Why?" I didn't wait for an explanation, and just ran. I ran through people, and pushed my way to the center.

"EDWARD!" I yelled.

He had Darren, a few inches off the ground, up against the wall but his shirt. Edward looked at me suddenly, his eyes pitch black.

"Edward, put him down." I said more calmly.

Edward looked at me for a moment longer, but hesitantly obeyed.

I slowly walked up to him.

He still had Darren's shirt in his death hold grip.

I slowly unlocked his fingers.

"Darren, are you okay?" I said looking at Edward.

"Yeah, sure." He said calmly. More calm than I expected.

"If there's anything I can do for you." I said finally looking at Darren.

"Go to dinner with me on Fri-"

Before he could even finish his sentence Edward tackled him to the ground.

"This is what got you in this position in the first place." Edward said to Darren.

"EDWARD! Stop!" I cried, literally tears falling down my face.

"EDWARD!" Boomed a voice from behind me; It was Emmet with Rosalie. "Bella, come with me." Said Rosalie and Alice who appeared out of nowhere.

"Calm down sweetie." Alice cooed while rubbing comforting circles on my back. They led me to the nearest bathroom.

"Okay, no what is going on?" asked Rosalie.

"Well Darren is a new student and I was taking him to his next class-"

"Bella, you of all people should know how protective Edward is over you." complained Alice.

"I was showing him to his class." I defended.

"But also you didn't see what Darren had in his head." Rose commented.

"What?" I asked skeptically.

"Darren wants you for more than a friend." Rose continued.

"Actually, I couldn't see anything about Darren. I didn't even know about him until I saw Edward hit him." She said squeezing her eyes shut tight and pushing her pointing fingers to her temples.

"Bella. What was the first thing you noticed when you met him?"

"What do you mean?"

"When he looked at you, what was the first thing that you saw?"

"His eyes."

"What color are they."

"Blue, kind of and icy blue."

"Next thing."

"Blonde hair..."

"Just keep going until I tell you to stop."

"Nice build, football player like. Deep voice like dark chocolate."

"Like dark chocolate?" laughed Rose.

I glared at her, but she only laughed harder.

A moment later a freshman walked into the bathroom.

We all yelled "OUT!"

And the little girl just ran out like she was being chased.

We looked at each other and started laughing.

Once we calmed down Alice said, "Actually, I think Darren is a mythical creature."