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I Have A Secret

Bella: I have a secret. I'm in love with Edward Cullen. But thats not it. I'm also in love with Darren Blake. But shh, don't tell Edward. Banner made with BannerFans.com, hosted on ImageShack.usCHAPTER THREE NOW UP :]


2. Chapter 2

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My name is Darren Blake. And I am a vampire. I am moving to Forks.

I was changed about 100 years ago, with my best friend. You may know him. His name is Edward Mansen. We were dying of the Spanish Influenza, when a doctor changed us. When I woke up, I was alone. No one was near me; no one was there to tell me what I had become.

I didn't know until I tried to open the door, and it flew off the hinges, and when I ran away two moments later I was already out the lobby.

I had killed 137 humans in my life time. Not something I'm proud of, but you can't change the past.

But here I am today; as a vampire. And I have been trying to hunt down a family called the Cullens. That's who the Volturi told me to find. And they said Forks, Washington would be a good place to look.

I walked up to the office building and went straight to the secretary.

"Hello, I am Darren Blake. I'm new here."

"Oh, yes. Darren Blake. Here is your schedule and you need all your teachers to sign the pink slip and bring it to me by the end the day." She said without even looking at me.

"Yes ma'am." I said as I walked out of the door.

Right when the door opened a wind brought a smell to my nose. I licked my lips, it was delicious. Like flowers; a violet or freesia?

I hurriedly followed the smell. It got really strong behind a building, and it started to smell sweeter. Almost like it was being mixed in with sugar.

I peeked around and I saw a guy and a girl. She was leaning, back to the wall, and he had a hand on each side of her face and they were kissing. The male must have heard me because his head snapped away from hers and he looked at me in the eyes. And grabbed her hand and they walked away.

I knew him. He was so familiar. And that's when I realized that it was Edward. Edward Mansen. He looked the same as ever.

But what I was really dumbfounded about, was how he was so comfortable kissing a human. Yes she was beautiful, but she was human.

The bell rang and pulled me out of my trance.

I hurriedly went to my class.

I was late, but who cares. Not like I'm going to learn anything new today. It wasn't until I looked down at the class that the scent hit me again. The flower, and sitting right next to her, was the sugar. He glared at me, as I looked the girl up and down. She blushed when she realized we were staring at each other.

I looked away as the teacher handed me my signed slip and told me to sit in the only empty desk. The one right next to the girl. I smiled as I walked towards my new seat.

I quickly got a piece of paper out and wrote a note to the girl.

Hey angel, what's your name? I wrote.

She didn't notice the note until I pushed it under her elbow. She looked at me confused, but hesitantly opened the note. Her heart beat was noticeable as it went up, and so was the sound of the male's growl.

Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella. He wrote back in a scribble.Angel sounded better to me.

I quickly returned the note saying: Is that your boyfriend next to you? He seems pretty mad that I'm ‘talking' to you.

When I did I looked at the male. He was concentrating on me. I winked, smiled and then his eyes widened. DARREN?! He mouthed. I nodded quickly and looked around, hoping no humans saw. They didn't. He looked at me, with the same look as he did when I caught him and Bella behind the building.

Yeah, he is. He tends to get over protective. Wrote Bella. I laughed. He always was. Even as a human.

Then the bell rang.

Everyone stood up quickly, but I tapped Bella on the shoulder.

"Can you show me to my next class?" I asked, looking into her eyes. Her scent swirled around me like a tornado. I found it hypnotizing.

"Uhh, sure. One second." She said raising a finger. Ugh. I forgot about the boyfriend.

Bella turned to looking for Edward, but she missed him leave the room as soon as I asked for her company. I silently chuckled. Getting this girl would be easy, if he didn't even fight me for her.

But if he didn't fight for her, other girls were going to fight for me. Before Bella turned back around, I was being lead out the door and pulled by eager girls, who wanted to take me to class.

When I looked back to find Bella she was already at the door.

"Hey, Bella! Wait up!" I called.

She snapped back around, when I called her name.

But of course I was stopped by a girl. But this one already told me her name. Jessica.

"You know.. She has a boyfriend. But I don't." she whispered in my ear. When she leaned back she had a smirk on her face.

"I know. She told me. And I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think you're my type." I said with a shrug, and walked away, and towards Bella.

"What did she say?" Bella said a little upset.

"Just that you have a boyfriend. And I told her I already knew."

"What is your next class?" I asked.

"Uhh. Oops."


"I forgot my schedule on my desk."

"No, let me get it. Just stay right her, and I'll be right back."

Perfect. I thought.

I started to walk towards a group of people, but was stopped by an iron hand on my shoulder. I smiled as I turned around.

"Edward." I said.

"Darren. What are you doing here?"

"Well, the Volturi, I'm sure you've heard of them, told me to find the Cullens. But little did I know, my best friend was one of them."

"I- we- we thought you died during the change."

"Nope. I woke up. Alone."

"Like I said: we thought you died. But you didn't your alive! That's amazing."

"Yeah, but you know what else is amazing?"

"What?" he said raising his eyebrow. He knew that I was always up to no good.

"That hot ass girlfriend of yours."

Before I knew it I was being held above the ground and up against a wall. "Keep your hands off of her." He growled.

"Why? It's not like she can't be shared. I'm sure you've gotten a lot of her by now."

"She's human." Edward hissed.

"Oh, so you haven't?" I chuckled. "Really? Come on Edward. You are with that goddess and you still haven't gotten-"

Before I could finish I smelt her.

"EDWARD!" Bella yelled.

"This isn't over." Edward whispered quietly. Then Edward looked at Bella. "Edward, put him down."

Edward looked at her, and hesitantly lowered me to the ground.

He still had me shirt in his death hold grip, and Bella slowly unlocked his fingers. I could smell her fingers as they moved under my neck.

"Darren, are you okay?" she asked, still looking at Edward.

"Yeah, sure." I said with a smile directed towards Edward.

"If there's anything I can do for you." She said, finally looking me in the eyes..

"Go to dinner with me on Fri-" I started.

Before I finished my sentence Edward tackled me to the tile. All I saw around me were people's feet.

"This is what got you in this position in the first place." Edward hissed at me.

"EDWARD stop!" Bella yelled. Tears creating rivers down her cheeks..

"EDWARD!" A booming voice from behind everyone ordered. It was a large man, and two women.

"Bella, come with us." Said the two women.

I watched Bella leave, and I waited for Edward to get off of me, but he didn't, and was removed by the large man.

"You two, come with me." He said, leading us outside.

"Edward, what the hell is your problem?"

"Do you remember that guy Carlisle and I told you about. About the one who died during the transformation?"


"Emmet. Meet Darren. My best fried from my human life."

"HI I'm Emmet Cullen, and I don't really care who you are, all I care about is why Edward almost killed you."
"I said that Bella was hot."

"Wow. Man, there are some things you try keep from Edward, and that is one of them. Well that is until he reads it from you."

"Reads it?"

"Edward reads minds."

"Oh like an power. Oh okay. I have one too. I can make people oblivious to things."

"How does that work?"

"Well I don't smell vampire do I? I don't look it."


"You couldn't tell, therefore you were oblivious to the whole situation."