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The Choices I make...

Bella must choose betwixt the two of her lovers...jake or edward...using symbolism and witty prose i show you this decision and my take on her "choice" ENJOY


1. all there is...

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Here I sit

Like a balanced ball

The breeze is blowing

Where will I fall?

I'll make a choice

I hope its right

No choice more difficult

The day or night?

I know the perks

The pleasantries of day

Warm sunkissed feelings

Dare I turn away?

I also know

The night's serenading call

The moonlight mysteries

The stars that fall

Impossibly daunting

What I'm asked to do

Who could settle

I beg of you, who?!

The curse I live with

Following my every turn

Which future do I want?

For which future do I yearn?

The emotions are swirling

My heart is tossing, Yet turning

My blood is boiling, Yet burning

My soul is groaning, Yet yearning

I couldn't be more fruitless

More frugal

More Pointless

More brutal

I make the only

Choice that i see

The way that hurts less

I choose...neither of thee