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Jasper is on the hunt for Bella. This time, Edward is by Bella's side - but there is no telling for how long Edward can keep her safe... Don't read Inexplicable until you've (In order) read:
1.) Tears Don't Fall
2.) Unforgettable DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake, or content taken from the twilight series belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story is a result of my untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

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10. Chapter 10

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I had expected it to be over very quick. One bite and it would all be over. But I was wrong. I could feel Victoria’s icy breath on my neck, and then the temperature seemed to fade completely. I hadn’t realized until then that I was, very painfully, squeezing my eyes together in a lame attempt to lessen the blow.

My lids opened over my eyes, and I looked around frantically, wondering if by some miracle, God had pardoned me from a painful experience. The empty forest around me only added more fuel to my anxious fire. I spent a long time, searching, searching, for something I couldn’t find. Then I caught sight of a very long lock of red hair. It was caught on the spiky branch of a tree, and it looked as though it had been torn from Victoria’s head. I tried not to think of how painful that probably was.

Then a wave of new fear washed over me. Where was Victoria? And most importantly, who had taken Victoria? And where to? But I realized that Victoria’s safety was the least of my worries and took off running. I slipped several times on the wet with snow forest floor, but eventually I managed to escape its mossy clutches.

The forest opened onto a snow-covered green. I could make out the blue flag that waved in the distance. I was glad to have found this abandoned golf-course. I kept on running until I reached the clubhouse. I must’ve looked a mess when I stumbled into that place, because everyone in it turned to stare at me.

“May I use your - bathroom?” I asked a slightly dyslexic looking waitress carrying a tray of drinks. She nodded, pointing in the general direction of the bathroom. I stumbled away.

I did look a mess. My long hair was matted to my head, and there was dirt on my left cheek. I took a mass of paper towels and began wiping the dirt and grime off, doing my best to repair the damage. I finally emerged minutes later, and after thanking the waitress, I left.

I hailed a cab and gave directions, similar to the ones Edward had given, to Esme and Carlisle’s British estate. My heart beat grew increasingly jagged as I got closer to Edward. My anxiousness was strong enough so that, I did not think of Victoria and how I had almost been killed a short while ago. Then the cabbie announced that we had arrived. I dug through my wet jeans and threw a wad of cash through the partition and then proceeded to run up the steps to their front door.

My heart seemed to jump out of my chest as I waited for Esme to answer the door. To my utter relief, it was Alice who answered the door. I literally threw myself into her arms, tears rolling down my cheeks when I saw that Victoria really hadn’t killed her. Alice petted my hair soothingly and then led me into the living room, where Esme and Carlisle sat; their expressions undecipherable.

“Is something wrong?” I felt a bit guilty for assuming so. Esme pushed herself up off the couch and went over to embrace me. My hand still wrapped around Alice’s, Esme began to sob tearlessly.

“I’m just so glad to see you, Bella…” Esme sobbed. It hurt me to see her like this.

I hugged her back with as much affection as I could manage. My eyes surveyed the room. Only Carlisle and Alice were in it. Then my heart stopped as I realized that my angel was not seated next anywhere near them. “Wait - where’s Edward?” I said, my voice tinged with franticness.

Esme released me, only keeping my hands in hers.

She spoke in choked whispers. “He - disappeared.”

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Juliet - Romeo and Juliet