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Jasper is on the hunt for Bella. This time, Edward is by Bella's side - but there is no telling for how long Edward can keep her safe... Don't read Inexplicable until you've (In order) read:
1.) Tears Don't Fall
2.) Unforgettable DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake, or content taken from the twilight series belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story is a result of my untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

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9. Chapter 9

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“Jasper…” The word barely had time to escape my mouth when he grabbed me by the waist and flew me out the window. I thrashed around in his unbreakable grasp, wishing every second that Edward would miraculously appear. He didn’t, and every step Jasper took made the gap between Edward and me bigger and bigger.

“What the hell do you want from me?” I screeched; the bitter wind whipping around my face. “Let me go!” I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to feel the distance from Edward. Finally, an eternity later, Jasper set me down against the trunk of a tree. I stared in horror at his black eyes, tinted with the slightest ribbons of crimson.

“Bella…” A voice not of Jasper’s sounded in the distance. I turned my head painfully to see a tuff of bright red hair. “It’s so nice to see you again.” Victoria’s voice was high-pitched and sounded like a mix of purring and grease. Her eyes were just as dark and red-rimmed as Jasper’s. “Thank you, Jasper. You have earned your Alice.” She tossed him a key. Jasper threw me an apologetic look before running off. I felt myself having the dire urge to scream.

Earned Alice?” I asked, too terrified to move.

Victoria glared at me icily. I could see it in her eyes that her only mission was to kill me. She nodded before she spoke. “Yes, Bella. Did you actually think Jasper wanted you for his mate?” I thought this over in my mind. It did seem quite ridiculous. Alice and Jasper had an unbreakable bond, similar to the one between Edward and I. Jasper would do anything to save Alice; killing people included.

Her eyes burned into mine. “And now I’m going to kill you, Bella. What is your dying wish?” I laughed. As if she would grant it.

“I just have a few questions.” I said, preparing myself.

“Ask away.”

“How did you do it?” I asked. “Why did you do it?”

Victoria’s laugh was shrill and mocking. Then her face was acutely serious. “When we first met in the clearing - your Edward was paying not too close attention to my thoughts. I’m a telepath. A very skilled one, at that.” She answered, as if her words answered all my questions. “It was easy to trick Edward into thinking that Jasper was not around. Like taking candy from a baby.”

I thought for a moment, still confused. “Why?”

“Your Edward killed my mate.” Victoria said, her red hair whipping around in the wind, as if to illustrate her vast mind controlling powers. “And I think it’s only fair to kill his. I’m sorry, Bella. You just happened to be alive at the wrong time.” Her apology was not genuine and tainted with sarcasm.

“Edward is going to find you if you kill me.” I said, turning to childhood tricks. “And then he’s going to kill you.”

“I don’t think so. See, Bella. I’m going to do for you what Edward couldn’t. I’m going to change you.” I found myself trembling with the thought.

“Wait!” I said, putting up my hands to halt her movement. Victoria glared, waiting for me to speak. “I still want to know.” I had thought up a plan. If I stalled long enough, maybe Edward would be able to catch the scent and hopefully save me. Then I realized that Victoria’s powers of telepathy were even more powerful than Edward’s. I didn’t dare think of the danger that would put Edward in.

“Yes?” Victoria growled irritably.

“Where is Alice? Is she really dead?”

Victoria sighed. “Alice is not dead. I could not bring myself to kill a creature as exquisite as Alice.” Then she laughed. The sound hurt my ears. It was nothing like Edward’s enchanting laugh. “I simply kidnapped her from Jasper. When I knew that Jasper would do anything for Alice, I took the opportunity.”

“Are you the reason that he’s a carnivore?” I demanded.

“Oh, silly Bella and your silly Edward. Can’t you see? My trap formed months ago. And you two lovebirds were stupid enough to fall into it.” She answered.

I struggled to keep the tears in. “Why didn’t you just kill me? Why did you have to drag it out for so long?” The thought of all the pain that Victoria put Edward in made the tears spill over.

“Poor, ignorant Bella. Where is the fun if you don’t torture your prey for a little while?” Victoria then continued to take a step forward.

“Any more questions?”

I wiped my tears on my sleeve and shook my head.

Victoria sidled forward, her movement reminding me of that night in the clearing. “If you don’t’ mind, I’m going to kill you now.”

O comfortable friar! where is my lord?
I do remember well where I should be,
And there I am. Where is my Romeo?
-Juliet - Romeo and Juliet