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No one answers

What I think bella felt like after endward left her in New Moon.


1. Chapter 1

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No one answers


"You...don't...want...me?" Those words didn't sound right together. I never thought I would have to ask Edward, my Edward that.

"No." I couldn't belive it. It was amazing how a word so small could hurt me so much.

End of flashback

It had been three weeks since he left me in woods. I didn't dare go back there. I didn't go anywhere anymore. Just to school. I was there physically, but never mentally. I really only went to make Charile happy anyway. I didn't care about my grades anymore. They didn't matter, nothing mattered.

I rarely ate anymore either. Just enough to make Charile happy. Thats all I ever did anymore, just enough to make Charlie happy. I was losing weight, but I didn't care. If it was up to me I wouldn't eat or sleep or go to school or even breathe. I didn't deserve to. It was my fault they left. I was probably just some annoying human, always hanging around them.

If only I was better. If only I was good enough for him. Then maybe. Maybe he wouldn't have left me. Maybe he wouldn't have torn up the heart I so willingly gave to him. But I wasn't. I wasn't good enough for him, and he did tare my heart. He ripped it up into little pieces and throw them back at me. No matter how hard I tried the pieces would never fit together again.

"I'm sorry Edward." I whispered but no one answered me. No one ever does. I was alone in my dark room...again. It was late, really late. Well after midnight.I didn't sleep anymore I couldn't. Sleeping meant dreaming, and if I dreamt about him, the hole in my chest would rip open again.

"I'm sorry I'm not good enough for you." I wished that he would come through my window, wrap his cold, stone arms around me, and tell me that I was good enough and that he loved me. I knew he wouldn't. I knew this because I wished he would every night. He never came, and he never will.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. He was supposed to change me. We were supposed to spend all of eternity together. What happened? Why did he leave?

"Why did you leave me Edward?" I whispered, yet again. I wanted to scream it, but I knew I couldn't. Charile was across the hall, sleeping. Reene was downstairs. She came up to Forks for a few weeks. Probably to make sure I didn't kill myself. I had thought about that. I would never do it though. It would hurt Edward to much, to know that he was the reason I had died so young. I loved him to much to do that.

"I will always love you Edward." I whispered into the darkness, but no one answered, no one ever does.