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Twilight Fantasy

A quick one shot cross-over between the characters of Twilight talk about there favorite Final Fantasy 7 characters.


1. Chapter 1

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Bella Swan had just jumped ten feet in the air, and fallen to the floor, making a resounding clash within the brightly lit kitchen. Alice Cullen leaned over the edge of the marble counter to look at her soon to be sister. Alice chuckled and reached out her hand to help Bella to her feet. Bella blushed of course, and mumbled a quick thanks.

“What was that anyway?” Bella asked. She was of course referring to the extremely loud and furious roar that had issued from the general direction of the living room. She thought. Alice shrugged.

“Oh it’s just Emmett playing his new video game.” The shorter girl shrugged. Well, the term ‘girl’ being used loosely. They could still hear Emmett’s loud cursing involving someone’s mother another person’s religious figure and a duck. Alice walked around the marble island in the middle of the wide kitchen gesturing for Bella to follow. Alice walked into the living room and raising her eyebrows at her older brother.

“Feeling frustrated Emmett?” Emmett gave a rage filled howl and threw his wireless controller across the room where it embedded itself into the wall with a dull thunk.

“ARG!!!” He buried his face in his hands. Edward Cullen had drifted over to where Bella was peaking around the corner, to intimidated to be in the room with the furious Emmett. Edward laughed when Bella gave a slight jump and whirled to face him. He kissed her forehead and pulled her into the room with him.

“I just can’t BEAT HIM!!” Emmett yelled with desperation. Edward smiled and sat down on the love seat with Bella. Alice scrunched up her face for a minute, almost as if she’d forgotten something and was trying hard to remember it.

“Yes...you will.” The pixie girl smiled.

“Just keep trying Emmett, and remember, block!”

Emmett just glared and muttered to himself. Faster than any human eye could track Jasper Hale was leaning against the wall grinning.

“Still can’t beat old Sephiroth Emmett?” Bella turned to look at the screen with new interest.

“Your playing Final Fantasy 7? Really?” Edward looking at her curiously.

“You know the game?” The petit girl nodded.

“J-a friend...used to play. Do you all like the game?” They all nodded there heads.

“Who’s your favorite character Bella?” She thought for a minute then smiled.

“I always loved Aerith, I cried every time I played the game and she died. Plus, her and Cloud looked so sweet together.” Alice shook her head.

“But what about Tifa? She obviously had such a huge thing for him, and then Aerith got killed and Cloud got all angst ridden but she still stuck by him. Even though she knew there was no chance he’d be ok.” Edward sighed.

“Ah. Poor Cloud, I always felt worst for him, first when Zack died and then Aerith, and how he felt so guilty, and there was the fact that he’d been thinking he actually was Zack so was his feelings for Aerith real or just a past impression of Zack’s personality on him. His story seemed the most tragic to me.”

"No way bro. Zack had the worst out of all of them. I mean, come on. He a young healthy guy, SOLDIER second class, he’s got a good mentor a idol a girlfriend a best friend, and then suddenly it all goes to crap, and he wakes up 4 years later in some tank. Then he busts himself and his half dead best friend out where the on the run, trying to get to his girl, and then he sacrifices himself and gets totally shot and dies young. That really sucks.” Emmett finished with a nod, folding his arms over his chest.

“What about Sephiroth, or Kadaj for that matter.” The remark came from Jasper still leaning against the wall. Hs statement was met with raised eyebrows from everyone else I the room.

“Well, think about it. Sephiroth was the final product of a freak experiment and a tragic love affair. He went totally crazy and hated everyone so much, that he wanted the entire planet destroyed. Then there’s Kadaj, all he wanted was his “mothers” approval, only to find out that he’s only a tool, kept around so that Sephiroth could be formed again as Jenova’s Legacy.” Emmett nodded his head.

“Huh. Never thought of it like that Jas.” At which point Rosalie walked past the room, saying quietly to the air.

“You guys are such nerds.”