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Crimson Wine

When James recognizes Alice in the baseball field, he goes after her instead of Bella. Starts from just before Edward brings Bella home for the first time. Mostly from Alice's POV but it might change. Please review, flames are welcome.


4. Chapter 4

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Alice’s POV

When we got back to the house, Carlisle was already home, and everyone, minus Edward of course, was gathered in the living room.

“Hello Alice,” Carlisle greeted us. “Hello Jasper”

“Hi,” we said simultaneously, my soprano voice contrasting his bass one perfectly.

“I think that we should leave now,” he continued. “Edward will be bringing Bella there soon, and we have to set the bases.” Rosalie rolled her eyes at the mention of Bella.

Emmett ran up to us and came to a sudden, yet somehow still graceful, stop in front of Jasper. “Wanna race?” he asked, his eyes glowing from excitement. Jasper smiled and nodded as the both of them ran out the door so fast a human would’ve thought they disappeared. Rosalie just laughed while she and I followed Emmett and Jasper out the front door. Our husbands could be so childish sometimes, but they’ve been that way for years; we were used it. The rest of my family followed us, and, thanks to our vampire speed, we were at the clearing in a matter of minutes.

Esme was holding the thin pieces of white cardboard that we were using as bases. She handed one of them to each of us. There were 5 total; 3 for the bases, 1 for home plate, and 1 for the pitcher’s mound. We spread out and put them in their respective places. We placed them much farther than any human baseball game would allow.

“Practice with me?” Jasper asked me after we finished.

“Sure.” He ran until he was about a quarter of a mile away and we began throwing the ball back and forth. I know we only had a few minutes for our game of catch. I could hear Bella and Edward talking just beyond the trees next to the field. I wasn’t listening to their conversation, out of respect, but I did notice when they stopped talking and made their way through the small bit of forest that still separated them and us.

I looked up to see Edward leading Bella through the trees, into our make-shift baseball field. I could see the amazement in Bella’s eyes as she took in the size of it. I guess it should surprise her; no human would be able to make it all the way around the bases without stopping to rest.

When Rosalie caught sight of Bella, she got up from the rock she was sitting on and walked over to us.

“I can’t believe you invited the human,” she spat at us.

“Rosalie, would you pleased just give her a chance?” I asked pleading somewhat.

“No, Edward’s putting us all in danger by bringing her here.” I just ran past her over to Edward, Bella, Esme, and Emmett. I really didn’t feel like getting into another fight with Rosalie. We used to be so close, but ever since Edward met Bella, we’ve been fighting more and more.

I stopped gracefully in front of them. “It’s time,” I said just as a rumble of thunder vibrated the air.

“Eerie, isn’t it?” Emmett said. I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Let’s go.” I grabbed his hand and we ran back to where Jasper, Carlisle, and Rosalie were gathered. Edward said something to Bella before taking off after us. Even though he started after us, he still beat Emmett and me effortlessly. Esme and Bella were walking across the field at human pace.

“Okay,” Carlisle started once we were all standing together. “Emmett and I will be team captains” Emmett went to stand next to Carlisle.

“Edward.” Carlisle picked first. As head of the family -not to mention our father- he had the right. Edward went to stand behind Carlisle. I’m not surprised he picked Edward first; he was the fastest, and with Emmett, the strongest of us, on the other team, he was going to need the help.

“I pick Rose.” Rosalie pranced confidently up to Emmett. As she passed him, she pulled the pony tail out of her hair, letting her blonde locks cascade down her back in a manner that looked much like a golden waterfall. I smiled to myself; it was typical of Rosalie to act like a flirtatious teenager in front of Emmett.

“Alice,” Carlisle called next. I ran up enthusiastically to stand beside him, hi-fiving Edward on the way. We always loved to be on the same team; we were, after all, the two fastest in the family. Carlisle was smart to pick us. Together we were nearly indomitable.

“Jasper, you’re on our team.” Poor Jazz is always picked last. As much as I love my husband, I wouldn’t pick him either; he is horrible at baseball.

We all ran to our positions: Edward far out in left field, Carlisle between first and second base, Emmett up to bat, Rosalie off to the side waiting for her turn to bat, Jasper catching for us since we didn’t have a catcher, and me pitching.

I looked over to where Bella and Esme were, waiting for Esme to start the game. They were talking quietly. Bella seemed to be enjoying herself, then again, who didn’t enjoy being with Esme. She was so sweet and loving. “All right,” Esme called raising her voice only barely. “Batter up.”

I stood still for a moment, trying to throw Emmett off with a surprise attack. It worked. I threw the ball so fast not even Emmett’s sharpened vision could perceive it. Jasper caught it easily. Yes, I thought to myself, strike one. Jasper threw the ball back to me, and, out of the corner of my eye, I could see Bella’s eye widen at how fast the ball was going.

I threw the ball again; unfortunately, Emmett was fast enough this time. He hit the ball, and it flew over our heads and out of the field. Edward went after it while Emmett ran to first base. He made it all the way to home plate before Edward came back. I thought for sure that he got a home run until I heard Esme’s voice, “Out.” Edward came out of the forest with the ball in hand and a huge grin plastered on his face. The game kept going on like this for a while, like any normal game of vampire baseball would. It was Carlisle’s turn to bat when my vision darkened and I could feel myself being pulled into the future.

I could see the baseball field, so I knew it must be happing soon. Three unfamiliar vampires stepped out of the trees. There were two men, one was tall with dark brown-black hair, and the other was a little slighter with a light brown color hair. There was one woman, too. The woman, however, looked nothing like her male companions. She had brilliant red hair, littered with leaves and other forest debris. They all had deep burgundy eyes; they hunted humans. One of the men looked strangely familiar, yet I couldn’t seem to remember him from anywhere. All too suddenly, my vision darkened once more as I was brought back to reality.

Edward I thought loud enough to get his attention. Go protect Bella. He was at Bella’s side in an instant.

“Alice?” Esme’s voice brought my attention to her. Apparently everyone knew I had a vision. I hadn’t noticed everyone’s eyes on me until I looked around at the rest of my family.

They all gathered around me. “What is it, Alice?” Carlisle said calmly, keeping his composure as always. Jasper ran to my side and pulled me close. Comforting me if only slightly. I could only image what my emotions must feel like right now.

“I saw three vampires. They’re coming here.” Everyone’s eyes shifted to Bella for a split second before returning to me.

“How soon?” Carlisle asked Edward.

“Less than 5 minutes. They’re running, they want to play.” They were close enough that he could hear their thoughts.

Carlisle thought for a moment before coming to a decision. “Let’s just continue the game. Alice said they were simply curious.”

“You play Esme,” Edward said. “I’ll call it now.” He led Bella away from the circle we had subconsciously formed while talking, and kept going until they were at the far end of the field. He wasn’t going to leave Bella alone until these vampires are gone. I couldn’t blame him; I would do the same if Jazz were a human.

We continued playing, but only half-heartedly. No one dared to hit a ball out of the field and everyone stayed close together. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I caught the scent of the newcomers. They were close.

“Take your hair down,” Edward ordered Bella in a low voice.

“The others are coming now,” she said as she slid the rubber band out of her hair. As I watched her do this, I was suddenly reminded of when Rosalie did this just before the game. Things have changed so much since then. Had it really only been 20 minutes ago?

“Yes, stay very still, keep quiet, and don’t leave my side, please.”

“That won’t help,” I reminded him. “I could smell her across the field.”

“I know,” he said noticeably frustrated. We all stood silently for a few seconds while we waited for our unwelcome visors. I felt an arm around my shoulders, and looked up to see Jasper by my side, clutching me protectively.

All at once we could hear the sound of rustling bushes. They emerged out of the forest, exactly as I had seen in my vision only much more real. The male with darker hair and a slightly bigger build took the lead, clearly showing who the leader of the coven is, while the other two followed.

I got the same feeling of familiarity as I looked at the second male. I knew that I knew him from somewhere, but I just couldn’t remember. I then realized with a start that I must have known him in my human life. I could remember every second of my vampire life with perfect clarity. We have faultless memories. He confirmed my fears by looking me straight in the eye, and speaking so quietly Bella didn’t have a chance of hearing him. The rest of use, however, could hear him flawlessly. “It’s you.”