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This is the story of a girl who comes to La Push. These she meets some occasionally strange, but mostly lovable characters, one of which is seemingly showing an unusual interest in her, but will she believe the strange things that these new friends tell her or will she write them off as crazy and leave? Read the story to find out!

Obviously all of the credit for the original plot, characters, etc. goes to Stephenie Meyer. This story is set the summer after Bella is supposed to marry Edward. I have disregarded the first chapter of Breaking Dawn.

1. Chapter 1

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"LUCY!" I shouted as I jumped from my car and into her waiting arms.

"I'm so stoked you're here," She told me with a large grin on her face. "I haven't talked to anyone but my parents and Flo's father for two weeks."

"I am here to save you from your involuntary isolation. Have you realized how small this town is?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't notice my change in the topic.

"Yeah, Addi, I realized. And you can only save me for the next month and a half, and then I'll have to make real friends and everything else." Lucy said pouting at me; I mentally cursed my ability at avoiding subjects as I hugged her. Tough love was not what she needed, I decided. We then turned and walked into the house. This, we soon acknowledged, was a mistake, because all of the sudden Lucy's dad and stepmother seemed to think we were part of the moving crew that was being paid to move the furniture. After a quick excuse we left the house to take a walk.

It was beautiful out for June in La Push, Washington. The sun was out warming our faces and a cool breeze played with our hair all through our walk. I talked to Lucy about how much everyone at home was missing her and how unfair it was that she was moved away only a year and a half before graduation. Lucy, the kind girl that she is, did not complain because she knew how much Flo had missed her father while she had been living in Spanish Fork, Utah with Lucy and Tom (Lucy's father).

As we neared the beautiful beach Lucy let out a frightened exclamation; "Do you think he'll be okay?" she questioned pointing to the boy that was flipping through the air toward the water. As he neared it, he pulled into a perfect dive, convincing Lucy and myself that leaving the cliff high above had been intentional. I sighed in relief as I saw him standing in the water and continue toward shore.

As I glanced at him, he turned toward us and made eye contact with me for an instant. Embarrassed, I looked away immediately, and then said to Lucy "I'm really tired, do you think we could go back to your house for a while? It was a really long drive." She nodded and we turned and headed back to her house.


The early June breeze hit my face as I walked out of the forest and toward the beach. Reaching the sand I angled toward the cliffs that overlooked the ocean. I began to climb the rough trail up to the tallest cliff. It was beautiful outside and cliff jumping was a perfect way to clear my mind. I kept a steady pace up the trail until I reached the flat plateau at the top. I spent a few minutes looking out at the ocean's turbulent waves before back tracking to where the path met the plateau; I then sprinted toward the edge of the cliff.

The shock of falling was a welcomed release. I flipped and spun in the air multiple times relishing in how free it made me feel. A few seconds before hitting the water I pulled into a perfect dive, saving myself the pain of a huge belly flop. I sunk a few before letting out a powerful kick and rising to the surface of the water. I then began swimming toward shore for another turn.

The water was cool, but my body temperature kept me perfectly comfortable. I swam with strong even strokes toward the shore. Right as I got to the place I could stand I happened to glance up at the shore where two girls were walking along next to the road. As I shook out my hair the one on the right glanced up and made eye contact with me for perhaps half a second. That half a second however, was a turning point in my life.

I slowly knelt down in the water to regain my balance from the sudden shock I had been given. When I felt slightly more normal and ran up to shore and then toward Sam's house. He would know what I needed to do.

I slammed into Sam and Emily's kitchen startling only Emily and Kim for Sam, Embry, Seth and Jared had all heard me coming. Once they all caught sight of my face, however, they all became silent in fear of what was coming. Finally Sam asked, "Paul, what happened?" I just shook my head and took a seat at the table trying to calm myself.

"Jacob's alright still isn't he?" questioned Embry. I just nodded before again attempting to collect my thoughts.

"I saw two girls at the beach while I was cliff diving," I began.

"They weren't blood suckers, were they?" interrupted Seth.

Sam shot him a quick, piercing look, before shaking his head and studying my face closely before saying slowly, "No, you imprinted didn't you?" I just nodded unable to answer. I felt sick to my stomach, glad that Sam could read my facial expressions so that I wouldn't have to say it out loud yet.

Almost everyone was looking somber save for the exceptions of Embry and Seth, who had yet to imprint. "But isn't this a good thing?" asked Embry, confused. I just shook my head, not feeling steady enough to open my mouth. Luckily Jared answered the question for me.

"He thinks he's going to slip up and hurt her," he answered looking cautiously between Emily, who looked unaffected, and Sam, who looked like he was in some sort of great pain, which was understandable, as he had harmed Emily after losing his temper around her.

Silence surrounded us for a few minutes, before I finally said, "I don't even know who she is."

"We'll find her," said Kim supporting.

"And we'll make sure she stays safe around you, too," added Sam glancing at Emily who smiled and nodded.

"What if you don't find her? Don't you think that might be better?" I asked cautiously.

"No, it would be painful on you and you would be forcing her to miss a great opportunity," said Emily forcefully. I swear she was more like a mother to me than my own. "I do need you to tell us what she looked like and Kim and I will ask around about new arrivals." They all looked at me expectantly, awaiting my description so they could all begin snooping around town and my personal business, but, come on, what are families for?

With that final thought I began describing her. "Short. Long, dark hair. Pretty grayish eyes. Nice smile. Pale." I said in a choppy sort of manor. Eventually I think I stopped naming things out loud and just began picturing her in my head.

"Look," Kim stated teasingly, "He's in love!" I answered with a vicious growl to which she simply laughed at. "Sisters" I thought to myself.