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This is the story of a girl who comes to La Push. These she meets some occasionally strange, but mostly lovable characters, one of which is seemingly showing an unusual interest in her, but will she believe the strange things that these new friends tell her or will she write them off as crazy and leave? Read the story to find out!

Obviously all of the credit for the original plot, characters, etc. goes to Stephenie Meyer. This story is set the summer after Bella is supposed to marry Edward. I have disregarded the first chapter of Breaking Dawn.

2. Chapter 2

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Even though I was in a new environment and was sleeping on the floor (Lucy couldn't move furniture into her room until it was painted) I still thought sleep that night would come to me easily after spending the whole of last night driving. After Lucy turned off the movie we had been watching I laid awake for close to an hour. My mind's eye seemed to be stuck repeating the images of the cliff diver over and over again. It amazed me that anyone could work up enough courage to jump off a cliff of that size and the idea that it could be enjoyable? Now that just sounded crazy to me. After my mind finally settled down, I fell into an uneasy sleep with dreams filled with turbulent water, tall cliffs and daredevil boys.

The next morning I woke up at around half past one which, as Tom pointed out, was understandable due to my recent lack of sleep. Soon after this Flo marched into the kitchen and informed us that she and Tom needed to be heading out so that they could help her father with dinner. Then she handed Lucy a twenty and told us to order a pizza when we were hungry and finally, in the sudden whirlwind of a woman on a mission, the two were gone.

Lucy looked at me in shock for a few seconds before giving her head a little shake and saying, "So, what should we do today?"

"Let's paint your room," I said after a few seconds of internal deliberation, "I don't think I can sleep on the floor again tonight." She laughed and then went into the garage to get the paint and rollers.

Halfway through the second coat the doorbell rang. Grateful for an excuse to quit painting we threw done our brushes and rollers and raced down the stairs. At the door there were two girls, one around our age and the other slightly older. The younger one was rather plain but seemed friendly enough with her bright smile. However it was the other girl who drew our attention. She was beautiful with stunning eyes, shiny black hair and a flawless smile, but the most shocking thing about her was not her beauty. On the left side of her face were two parallel scares running from her mouth to her temple.

As soon as I caught side of the scars I immediately looked away, trying not to be rude. Neither of the girls seemed to notice our obvious stares but rather looked rather interested to meet us. "Hello," began the older girl, "I'm Emily and this is Kim." I smiled at her, slowly getting used to the effect the scars had on her face.

In reply to this Lucy introduced herself and then moved on to me. "This is Addison Rose, but you can call her Addi." she said, "She's my best friend from back home." Kim and Emily both smiled at me for a second before I continued on with the circumstances of my visit.

"I'm staying with Lucy for a month and a half, hopefully by then she will be settled enough to let me leave," I said with a smile giving Lucy a slight nudge with my elbow. Kim and Emily both laughed before turning back to Lucy to ask her all about her family and how she was related to the tribe.

After a long discussion about Flo and the tribe and how everyone was related Kim asked, "Do you guys have plans tonight?" When we both shook our heads Kim smiled and continued, "Good, you can have dinner with us, the boys will all be there, but we'll make sure they're on their best behavior." The two then gave us the specifics of time and place before leaving us to finish Lucy's bedroom.


At three o'clock Emily and Kim entered the room Sam and I were watching TV in while we waited for them. They both looked rather pleased with themselves and were giggling as they entered. Both Sam and I stood taking this as good news.

"We found her," Kim practically sung.

"And she's coming here for dinner," Emily added. "So you two need to go get everyone else, and please make them dress appropriately."

"What time?" asked Sam before leaning over to kiss Emily on the cheek.

"Seven." She replied before sweeping Kim off to the kitchen where they began brainstorming for dinner.

I slowly sank into the chair next to couch trying to contain my immense nerves. "You'll be fine," Sam reassured, "We won't let anything happen." He then clapped me on the back before mentioning that we should round everyone up.

"What about Jacob?" I questioned.

"He's coming," Sam stated decisively, "He can phase now, Cullen said so. Plus I think it'll be good for him to leave the house for a while."

"I'll get him," I volunteered.

Sam nodded and said, "If he gives you any problems come and get me." Nodding in agreement I turned back to the television and continued to stare at the screen, but my mind was a long way away.

At 6:30 I left the house and ran toward the forest, phasing as soon as I got there. Arriving at Jacob's house I phased back and then walked in without knocking. Sitting inside was Jacob's father, Billy, and Charlie Swan from Forks. I nodded at them both before continuing on to Jacob's bedroom. Inside Jacob was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling; he didn't even move as I entered the small room.

"Jacob," I began, "You have to get up. We're eating dinner at Sam's." He rolled over, hardly even wincing at the great pain it caused him, and gave me a questioning look. I sighed before sitting down on the floor and telling him all about the girl at the beach. He stayed silent through the entire story, but when I got to the end he attempted to get out of bed without even complaining. I smiled at him before grabbing his good arm and pulling him up. Then I looked at him and said, "Thanks."

He laughed a little and said, "Who would keep you under control if I didn't come?" We then hopped into Jacob's Rabbit and heading back to Sam's house.