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This is the story of a girl who comes to La Push. These she meets some occasionally strange, but mostly lovable characters, one of which is seemingly showing an unusual interest in her, but will she believe the strange things that these new friends tell her or will she write them off as crazy and leave? Read the story to find out!

Obviously all of the credit for the original plot, characters, etc. goes to Stephenie Meyer. This story is set the summer after Bella is supposed to marry Edward. I have disregarded the first chapter of Breaking Dawn.

3. Chapter 3

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When the painting was finally done Lucy and I immediately began getting ready for dinner.

"What do you think Kim meant when she said 'the boys?'" I pondered aloud. Lucy simply shrugged as she blow dried her beautiful blonde hair.

"Maybe Emily has brothers?" suggested Lucy, nodding I continued to curl my hair, deep in thought.

By six thirty Lucy and I were perfectly ready to leave, her in a denim skirt and a bright purple polo shirt and me in my little white sundress. After giving ourselves one last check in the mirror, we walked out the front door.

"It's beautiful out," I observed, "Do you want to walk to Emily's?"

Lucy smiled before replying, "Mmmh, definitely."

We then began our trek to across town. As we walked the sun began to set, turning the ocean and sky alike a beautiful mixture of fiery oranges and light pinks. It took a quarter of an hour to reach the other side of town and Emily's house. It was a small, white, two story house with a wide front porch and big, friendly windows. The house looked comfortable and inviting from where we stood on the porch waiting for someone to answer the door. Finally it opened to reveal Emily in a cute white apron.

"I'm so glad you made it!" She said surprising us by giving us both big hugs. She then grabbed us both by the arm and dragged us into what looked like the living room. Inside sat seven or eight people talking amongst themselves. Emily hauled us to the center of the room before announcing, "Everyone, this is Lucy," –She gave Lucy a little push forward-"And this," she continued excitedly, "This is Addi." I smiled and gave a little wave to all of the people congregated in front of us.

Then Emily began the real introductions. She took me to meet Sam, her fiancé, Seth and Leah, her cousins, Jared, Kim's boyfriend, and Quil and Embry, who, as far as I could figure were the rest of 'the boys', whatever that meant.

As I was talking and mingling with Leah and Kim the door opened and in walked two boys. They were both tall and tan and very attractive, but the boy on the right held my special attention. I think it was his eyes that got me; they were eyes that were barely ever seen, eyes rare for this cruel, cold world. They were caring eyes full of mischief and hope. And for some reason, they were familiar, like they'd always been a part of my life.


Standing outside Emily and Sam's house I tried to gather my wits before seeing her again. The last thing I wanted was to come on too strong and scare her away before I even had a chance. Jacob just gave me a pat on the back and an encouraging smile before determinedly limping into the house. I quickly followed him inside, shutting the door behind me and heading towards the living room.

And there she was. I was addicted to everything about her; from her twinkling eyes to the cheeky smile she wore on her face. Finally she turned and looked at me, square in the eye. I swear I was almost knocked to the ground with my sudden urge to wrap her in my arms around her and never let anyone hurt her.

I quickly looked away, trying not to let her see the sudden emotion in my eyes and expression. I made eye contact with Sam instead, who quickly came to my aid by walking over to make the proper introductions.

San stepped up next to her and motioned for Jacob and me. When we arrived next to Sam I glanced down at her face her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion as she looked up at me and when my eyes met hers she quickly looked away, embarrassed.

"Jacob, Paul," Sam began, saying my name with slightly more force, a subtle reminder not to come on too strongly, "This is Addi. Addi, this is Jacob and Paul."

Addi smiled at us before asking, "So, how do you all know each other? You all seem really close."

"We all kind of grew up together" –If you consider growing up the equivalent of changing into a wolf whenever you get angry- "Our parents were also really close when we were born" –Close enough for one of our dads to father Sam- "And that's kind of how we came together." I continued with my half-truths. I glanced over at Sam and Jacob both of which were smirking, obviously amused with my spin on our history with one another.

Addi just continued to stare up at me with that same confused expression as before. I glanced down and made the mistake of letting myself become a captive to those beautiful brown eyes of hers. I could feel myself slowly leaning toward her, trying to get closer without even realizing it. Thankfully before I could do any real damage, Emily announced dinner was ready, and Sam came up behind me and began nudging me toward the dining room and what was sure to be an interesting meal.