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Mercy and Desire

Edward and Bella's wedding, last human experience, and a new addition to the cullen family. No it doesnt involve bella's pregnancy.

This story is told in chapters and i hope to post the rest soon.

1. Chapter 1

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I felt sick.

I was sitting in Alice’s bedroom; listening to her as she told me the plans she had for Edward’s and my wedding. As predicted, she had overdone it. Even though I was horrified as the image she was describing formed itself in my head, I couldn’t find it in me to deny her. It was evident that she was ecstatic at this chance to show off her exquisite taste for design and decoration. Her innocent enjoyment was another reason I had decided to go through with the wedding. True I had been freighted at first and to be honest, still was, but I could see that in the long run, this was the best choice. It would give my family and friends a sort of closure that my original plan, would not have included. And Edward was happy. He didn’t try to show it much since the subject was still touchy for me, but I could tell he was euphoric as the day of matrimony drew closer. His eyes seemed to sparkle with an elated light that I had never seen in them before. That only was reason enough to go through with this.

“ So Bella, have you and Edward found the song you want to play for your first dance?” Alice’s voice broke through my contemplation.

“ Err, no. I hadn’t given it much thought. I’m sure he has something in mind though.”

Alice shook her head in disapproval.

“ You don’t seem to be putting much effort into this. You can at least pretend to be enthusiastic about this.”

“ I’m sorry, I’m just a little stressed lately.”

“ I know Bella, but you could at least try. For Edward’s sake.”

I am. I thought to myself.

“ So, have you been brushing up on your dance moves?” Alice interjected enthusiastically.

My head swam nauseatingly at the thought. Dancing.

“ You know very well I haven’t. What kind of psychic asks so many questions?” I said, placing my hands on my hips.

She laughed. “ I just like seeing the way you react is all. It’s very amusing.”

I didn’t have a chance to respond as a knock sounded at the door.

“ Can’t stay away from you for long can he?” she murmured almost inaudibly.

My breath caught as Edward walked in, rescuing me once again. His expression was worried, probably because he knew what Alice had done and wasn’t sure what kind of mood it had put me in.

“ Do you mind if I steal Bella back?” he asked Alice, taking my hand in his.

“ Sure, sure. You two go have your fun while I work hard trying to make you happy. Why not?”

Edward gave her a warning glance to watch herself and she rolled her eyes.

“ Come on.”

He led me back to his bedroom. Once inside he closed the door and sat down on his bed, pulling me onto his lap.

“ You know,” he said casually tracing his fingers over my arm. “ You do have the authority to tell her when enough is enough. It’s your wedding, not hers.”

“ I know. She may get carried away at times but she means well so I’m fine.” I answered, struggling to keep my breathing even as he began to trail his fingers up and down my spine.

“ Good.”

Then he was kissing me. His cool lips crushed mine and I felt my heart hammer inside my ribcage. My lips parted at his tongue’s gentle probing and I was lost in him. The sweet taste of him and the way his tongue swept across mine with the gentlest of movements. It wasn’t long before I had to reluctantly resurface, panting along with him.

“ You know,” I said after catching my breath completely. “ You seem to have found a new liking for torturing me.”

He looked up at me confused.

“ What are you talking about?”

“ Well,” I said trying to word it correctly. “ We decided that we wouldn’t try anything until after we’re,” I gulped. “ Married. Yet you seem to enjoy making it hard to stick with our plan. All your teasing is seriously compromising my virtue.” I said, teasing him.

He smiled and then looked instantly serious. “ I don’t mean to make it hard for you. I just can’t seem to help myself when I’m around you.” He leaned closer and pressed his lips to the hollow behind my ear. “ And if it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one struggling to keep your urges to yourself.”

I shivered at the deep velvet of his voice and the meaning behind his words. Was it really as hard for him as it was for me? I doubted it.

“ Well in two days, we won’t have to wait any more.”

His eyes darkened as I suspected he was picturing what we’ve both been waiting for, just as I was.

“ Only two days? No problem. I’ve waited 100 odd years, what’s another 48 hours?” he snickered into my hair.

I laughed to.

Speak for yourself.