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Sequel to Midnight. Troy goes after the Cullen's and forces Jay to go with his family. Bella and Jay must work together to get through what Troy has planned. However, will Jay be willing to sacrifice everything for the Cullens again? Or will she simply give up?


2. Message

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"Mmm" I rolled over groggily and fell to the floor. My eyes snapped open and I found myself sitting on Troy's plane. April was staring at me confused. I sat up and leaned against the couch that I had just been sitting on.

"But you...you can't be…" She glared at me and was focusing hard on something. I just looked at her confused.

"Where are we?" I didn't care what she was so confused about. I don't care about her so why I should I care about what she was confused about.

"Were headed to NYC. But you shouldn't be awake" Her voice was full of angry and she was still glaring at me.

"Looks like you're losing your power." I just smiled at the thought. Maybe I could get a message out to Edward before she regains her power. April can only hold an illusion for so long before she needs to rest and apparently keeping me under this time took more out of her then she thought it would because she was still glaring at me. "Oh, get over it!" I shouted at her before standing up and heading to the bathroom.

Edward? Edward? Can you hear me? Oh, please answer me!! I was leaning over the sink in the bathroom screaming in my mind and trying to reach him. The door to the bathroom was ripped open and Mike grabbed me pulling me out and threw me back on the couch. Edward RUN!!! I knew that if nothing else he should be able to hear that one. Mike started walking toward the couch with hate written all over his face. He pounced on me.

Edward's Point of View

I was sitting in Biology 101 again! I already knew all of this! How many times can one person learn about cells? It wasn't fascinating the first thousand times I learned it what made Mr. Keller think I would care about it now. Of course he doesn't know that I have been to Harvard and medical school. I let my mind drift as always in a class like this.

Yesterday was strange. I felt as though my mind was being pulled somewhere. I felt like someone was trying to call out to me but just as abruptly as it had started it ended. I don't understand what happened. I felt the same why I did two months ago when Jay called out to me. No! Stop thinking about her!

"Mr. Cullen! Care to answer?" No I don't want to answer.

"Lipid bilayer. That's what a cell membrane is made of." He just stared at me stunned. He had thought he would get to scold me for not listening. He turned back to the board without another word to me. I looked back down at my desk. My mind wondered but before I could start thinking about Jay again the bell rang. I gathered my books and darted from the room into the hallway.

"Edward!" Alice was calling from down the hallway as I made my way to our lockers. Standing next to her was my gorgeous, soon to be wife, Bella. Her chocolate hair cascaded down her back like a river as she walked. Her eyes were still a slight red from when she was changed but it would fade. She smiled at me as she came closer. I couldn't help but look her over. The change had only enhanced her already gorgeous body.

"Edward!" She laughed as she spoke my name and I looked into her eyes. Oh, how I wanted to kiss her, how I wanted to back her into the lockers. She just smiled at me having sensed what I wanted to do. "Later Edward, right now its time for pre-calc!" She smiled as she began to skip toward our next class. I followed behind her thinking of what we would do tonight and a smile spread across my face. "Stop Edward!" She had heard my thoughts and turned around to playfully smack me on the shoulder. I just laughed and followed her into the classroom taking our seats in the back.

Bella is a very powerful vampire. Shortly after her transformation she found that her power like mine dealt with minds. She is capable of reading minds. However, that is not her only power. Bella is also able to control things around her. She is capable of moving things, and freezing things. Carlisle believes that controlling things with her mind is her real given power and the mind reading was only given to her because of a bond that was formed between her and me when I changed her and she gained my power. Bella's powers are still not completely formed and she isn't completely able to control them yet but she is learning fast.

I smiled at Bella and she shyly smiled back at me. The teacher was going on about something but I wasn't paying attention again. Truth be told, I never paid attention in school. I allowed my mind to wonder once more and when the bell rang announcing lunch I gathered my things and followed Bella out of the room still deep in thought. She also appeared to be deep in thought. I was capable of reading Bella's mind when she allowed me too but right now she wasn't permitting me in so I could only guess what she was thinking about.

"Edward!" Alice was beckoning us over to the table that held my family. Rosalie and Emmett were already there along with Jasper. Bella led me over to where they were sitting. "How are you guys?" Alice was asking both of us but Bella was the only one who answered.

"Fine. What about you?" Alice just nodded her head in answer and sat down next to us.

My mind felt as though it were being pulled again. Edward RUN!!!! I fell over onto the ground as the voice inside my head hit me. It was Jay and she sounded scared. Bella came running over to me kneeling beside me. The entire lunchroom was looking over at me.

"Are you ok? What happened" Bella was asking me urgently but I couldn't answer. I couldn't speak. That voice was playing over and over again in my mind. I stood up quickly and headed toward the door of the lunch room without another word. My family followed suit without asking me any more questions.

"Edward?!" Alice was the first to speak as we reached the deserted parking lot. I turned to face my family. I didn't know how to tell them. It had been two months since we had heard anything from Jay and now I get a two second communication that didn't make any sense. I sighed determining that I had to tell them.

"Umm…we have to leave." Rosalie looked at me pissed.

"What? Why? You fall over in the lunch room and we have to leave!" Her face was getting angrier ever second and Emmett reached down to touch her hand with his.

"Jay told me to!" Her face immediate relaxed when I said her name. She looked dumbfounded at me.

"What?" It was Emmett who spoke to me. Everyone in my family's face was a mirror image of what Rosalie's face looked like.

"She yelled at me 'Edward run' inside my head." Bella walked toward me taking my hand and holding it tightly.

"Is that…all she said?" Alice was trying to hold herself together as she spoke. Jasper put his arm around her holding her closer to him.

"That's all." I nodded toward Alice as I spoke. "We should tell Carlisle." I turned back toward our cars taking Bella with me. No one else moved and I realized that I was more or less dragging Bella with me. Everyone was stunned. "She sounded urgent!" I shouted at them and they began to move slowly toward the cars. Bella sat in my passenger seat with Jasper and Alice in the back. Rosalie and Emmett got into Rosalie's car.

"Edward?" Alice was leaning from the backseat in-between the two front seats to get closer to me. My hands were gripping the steering wheel so tight that I could have broken it. I realized that I was also shaking a little.

"What?" I snapped at her more then I meant to and I saw her wince back a little as I spoke threw the rear view mirror.

"She warned us, we're going to be fine." She smiled at me and Bella gripped my hands tighter before bringing them up to her face to kiss my hand. I just glared at Alice taking my eyes off the road.

"At what cost to her?" Alice hadn't thought of this and quietly sat back against the seat next to Jasper who sent off calming waves at once. "Our family keeps putting her in danger!" I knew that this isn't how it really was but no one argued with me and the rest of the car ride was done in silence.

"Kids shouldn't you be in school?" Esme came out the door as soon as both cars entered the drive way and she started to speak as soon as we exited our cars.

"Umm…" Everyone looked toward me for me to explain to Esme what had happened during lunch.

"I got a message from Jay telling us to run, that's all I heard." The look on her face changed at once when I spoke Jay's name. It had been two months but our family was still grieving for losing her. She had become part of this family and has affected us with her leaving.

"Oh." Esme turned from me and started heading back inside the house. "I'll call Carlisle and tell him." She opened the front door slowly and walked in. I felt my family leaving their cars and making their way up toward the house.

"So where will we go?" Bella was still by my side and was looking up at me with wide eyes.

"I don't know." I whispered at her. I truly had no idea where we would go or what we would do. I led her inside the house and turned into the living room. Emmett was standing over a broken Xbox 360 and Jasper was simply sitting with Alice on his lap.

"What happened?" Bella ran into the room and looked at Emmett.

"I…I broke it." He kept his eyes down as he made his way over to the couch where Rosalie was sitting. He lifted her up and placed her on his lap. As soon as Rosalie was seated on his lap she began to sob which made Alice sob. I looked toward Bella and saw that she also was near sobbing so I brought her over to the only empty chair and placed her on my lap.

"Bella everything is going to be ok." I kept whispering to her and rubbing her back trying to make her feel better. Everyone in my family was blocking their thoughts from me.

"Carlisle is on his way home." Esme entered the room and looked at each of us in turn before sitting down next to Jasper. We stayed like this, no one moving, no one speaking, the only sound being the sobs from the girls until we heard a car pull up in the drive way.

The front door opened and Carlisle walked in and looked at each of us as Esme had. He walked over to her and placed her on his lap as each of us had done and then looked toward me. "Tell me what happened." His voice was calm and he was collected with his thoughts but he looked frantic.

"In lunch I felt someone trying to connect with me and then her voice hit me and told me to run. That's all I got and then we left and came here." I babbled out my words and didn't know if they made any sense at all but Alice and Rosalie started sobbing louder.

"Then let us heed her warning and leave. Have you tired to connect with her?" Carlisle looked at me intensely and I just looked down into Bella's silky smooth hair.

"She is to far away for me to reach." I was embarrassed that I wasn't able to reach her. My dumb power wasn't strong enough. I didn't look up from Bella's hair as I spoke to him.

"Ok, then let us pack and we will leave tonight." He stood up and took Esme's hand and started to leave the room.

"Where will we go?" Bella spoke up and turned her head to look him right in the eyes.

"I'm not sure yet." With that Carlisle led Esme out of the room.

"Edward?" Jasper was speaking to me with Alice still sobbing on his lap and I turned to face him. I simply nodded toward him to tell him that I was listening. "It's not your fault."

"If my power was stronger I could reach out to her!" I stood up and pulled Bella with me toward the stairs.

"Edward it's not your fault!" I could hear Jasper yelling after me but knew that he was still seated with Alice. I walked up the stairs with Bella behind me. I could feel her staring at me. I opened the door to our room and walked in leaving the door open for Bella.

"Jasper's right, it isn't your fault." She walked over to me and embraced me in a hug. I just smiled at her and hugged her back. "Should we pack?" She was still hugging me as she spoke into my shirt.

"Yeah, I hear the others moving down stairs." She let go of me and walked toward her closet that was almost as big as Alice's. "It's going to take a while to pack everything this time." I just smiled at her as she turned to face me with a grin on her face.

"What can I say? All girl vampires like shopping!" Her face dropped when she was done saying it and I knew who she was thinking of but she soon collected herself and went back into the closet to pack. I stood in the room watching my beloved pack.

I can't let anything ever harm her. She is my life; soon to be wife and I will treasure her forever! I have never known love like this, and I know that I will never know it again because Bella is mine; I was made to love her, made to protect her, and made for her to love. I will heed Jay's warning and take my love away from here to protect her and to keep her safe.

I smiled once more at Bella before turning to my CD's to begin to pack as well.