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Sequel to Midnight. Troy goes after the Cullen's and forces Jay to go with his family. Bella and Jay must work together to get through what Troy has planned. However, will Jay be willing to sacrifice everything for the Cullens again? Or will she simply give up?


3. Mistakes

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We were running. Troy was dragging me along. I was going as slowly as they would allow me to. I was trying to delay this as much as possible. My message got to Edward but it didn't do any good. Troy and Cole were good at hunting but Mike was amazing. He tunes into vampires powers and can find them using that so he kind of cheats. We were closing in on the Cullen's.

"Faster!" Troy glared at me. I knew I was dragging my feet. We were running in the forest to where their house was. I was praying that they had already left but the chances of that were slim. Edward most likely just got my message an hour or so ago and knowing Alice, and Rosalie they were still packing their clothes. The further way I am from the person I'm trying to contact the longer it takes for the message to get to them, its rather annoying.

"I'm moving aren't I?" It was more of a statement. Part of me wanted to sit down on the cold, damp forest ground beneath me but after the beating I got from Mike today I didn't want another one.

"And I say we move faster!" Troy flung me onto his back so he was giving me a piggy back ride without breaking his stride. I was squirming on his back trying to get him to put me down in vain. The forest was flying past us now at increasing speeds. There was a clearing ahead of us and as we entered I noticed a huge white Victorian house seated in front of me. Troy placed me back on the ground and grabbed my hand. Emily, April, Cole and Mike weren't far behind us.

"Cullen's?!" Troy was laughing as he yelled their name. Please have already left! I was praying but as the front door opened I realized that it was in vain. Carlisle walked out onto the porch and looked at Troy's family. Emmett and Jasper followed him out and the three began to walk away from the house toward us. I dropped my face. How could I allow Troy to do this? I was evil! That's what I was! I sold my friends out! I did this! It was my fault!

"Troy what is it you want?" Carlisle spoke calmly as he approached us. Emmett and Jasper were staring at me. I didn't want to know what they were thinking right now so I blocked my mind off completely along with my feelings.

"Bella! We came to bring Bella to Italy. I'm sure we can do this without a fight. Just hand the girl over." I could almost hear the smile that was spread across Troy's face. The Cullen's however powerful they were, were no match for Troy's family. I could sense that the rest of the Cullen's had come out expect Edward and Bella. I still wasn't looking up. The blade of grass that I was staring at was pretty amusing.

"Well Bella is part of this family and we will not give her to you." Carlisle kept calm as he spoke. Mike and Cole made their way closer to where Troy was standing behind me. They were getting ready to fight.

"At least let us see the girl so we can tell Aro her current condition." I wanted to scream out that that wasn't why he wanted to see her but I knew I wouldn't even get one word out before Mike hit me. He had positioned himself directly behind me in case I tired something most likely. I kept my eyes down still.

"I can assure you that Bella is very much a vampire." Carlisle was looking all of Troy's family over and I could feel people staring at me.

"Well Aro is going to want to see an image of Bella in my mind so if you don't mind I wish to SEE her." Troy's voice was getting louder as he kept talking and Carlisle just nodded his head. If he refused April would pull an illusion over them, or Emily would persuade him to bring Bella out, or if things got really bad Mike, Cole and Troy would go in and get her.

"Very well." Edward and Bella appeared at the front door. Edward held Bella close to him and he was leading her down to where his family was facing Troy's family. I don't know where I fit in. I don't know which family I belong to or if I even belong to one. I could feel Edward trying to get his way into my mind.

"Don't even try to read her thoughts!" Mike spoke up and glared at Edward. I was still looking down. The bruises on my face were still present. They healed faster then they would have if I were human but the force he had hit me made them heal slowly even for a vampire. I didn't want them to see my face or the look of sorrow in my eyes. I had messed up! I shouldn't have allowed this to happen! I should have done more to prevent this!

"Jay?" Edward called my name from where he stood. I didn't look up or move my eyes the ground. Troy placed his index figure under my chin and lifted my head up to face them. I quickly snapped my eyes closed. I didn't want to see the disappointed looks on their faces; I didn't want them to hate me for not protecting them better.

Tory slapped me across my face so hard it sent my face to the side. I couldn't help but have my eyes snap open to look at them. My eyes moved over the Cullen family standing in front of me. They landed on Edward. The looks that I got from them were ones of horror. I don't understand. I opened my mind to search Edward's thoughts.

How could she? Drink from humans! After everything that happened! Her eyes are a disgusting burgundy! How could she? What? My eyes weren't red! I hadn't feed in over two months! Troy?! I turned at once to glare at him.

"What?!" He just smiled at me. He was making them hate me the one way he knew how. He had April turn me into a monster. I looked eagerly at Edward. "Edward I didn't!"

Mike put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me behind him so I was blocked from view. All of Troy's family was in front of me but I could still see the Cullen's. They were all trying to see me, their faces turned up into disgusted looks. They believed that I had drunk from humans; they believed I was a monster. "I…I…" I started sobbing and turned on my heels. I sprinted as fast as I could from the scene.

I ran and ran through the forest. Away from Troy, away from the Cullen's and away from the disappointment. I hated Troy! How could he do this? He turned the only people who had ever loved me against me! I kept running. No one was following me. I was alone. As I sprinted over the damp forest ground I realized that I had left the Cullen's to fight Troy's family. I knew they wouldn't win. They couldn't possibly win. I tripped over a log and went flying through the air.

"HOW COULD I LET THIS HAPPEN? HOW COULD I?" I was screaming at no one as I lay on the wet, muddy ground. I was banging my fists against the soft ground. I was sobbing as hard as I could. I hated myself for letting this happen, I hated Troy for making them hate me, I hated the Cullen's for thinking I could be this monster and I hated Aro for his dumb race.

I stayed like that, sprawled out on the forest ground, sobbing and pounding my fists into the ground for what seemed like hours. I didn't know what was happening back at the Cullen house nor did I care. I mean…yeah I cared but no one there cared about me so why should I care? I do care but I don't want to care.

"Jay?" A sing song voice was calling me. They knew where I was and they were walking closer to me. I wasn't paying attention enough to even sense who was walking up behind me as I kept up with my tantrum. Cold hands wrapped themselves around my forearms and brought me up off the ground.

I turned to find myself face to face with Emily. Of course they would send Emily! She could make me come back, she could make me do whatever she wanted me to but the look on her face was empty, void which isn't something Emily has ever been good at. She is easy to read, almost like a book.

"WHAT?! What could you possibly want with me?" I snapped at her and started to try to hit her. She spun me around and wrapped her arms around me. I was pressed up against her body my arms folded across my chest. I was trapped.

"We are going back to Italy." She spoke very matter-of-fact, not letting anything get out from her expression that she didn't want me to know.

"What?" I didn't understand. The only reason Troy would leave now is if he had Bella and I knew the Cullen's wouldn't give her up without a fight.

"We have Bella." I started to squirm against her. Trying to get away, to get back to where I left the Cullen's to fight for themselves. I was dumb! I made another mistake! How could I do this?! "April made them all pass out. We are headed back to the airport with Bella now."

"So their not…" I couldn't bring myself to whisper the words that would have hunted me for the rest of eternity if they were true.

"No they are not died. They will wake up after we leave." She let go of me and I would have fallen back to the forest ground if she hadn't of grabbed my hand and held me up. "We need to leave." I was in no shape to run and she must have sensed this because the next thing I knew I was being thrown onto her back as Troy had done earlier and we were off through the forest again. I closed my eyes and buried my face down into my arms and her shoulder blades.

"Love! I was so worried." We had stopped moving and Troy was tearing me off of Emily's back.

"Don't touch me!" I jumped off of Emily and headed toward the plane. He ran after me so I increased my speed. I got to the plane before he did and rushed into the bathroom.

"Jay!" He was banging on the door and I just shouted back, "Just leave me ALONE!" He walked away and I could feel the plane start to take off. I opened the door and walked out. In front of me Emily was sitting on one of the couches on top of Cole. They had just been married, again. April and Mike were seated next to them holding hands. Bella was under April's influence on the couch across from them.

"Nice to see you!" Mike laughed at me as I made my way into the room. I shot him an evil glare and went to sit next to where Bella was laying. I placed her head on my lap and smoothed out her hair.

"I'm sorry Bella." I kept whispering it to her even though I knew she couldn't hear me. Troy came back from the cockpit and looked at me.

"We will be in Italy in a couple of hours." He walked over toward me and reached for my hand. I snapped it away from him and looked up into his face.

"How could you make them hate me? They are all I have! You took them away from me!" I glared at him and he just smiled back before sitting on the floor in front of me.

"I told you what I was going to do."

"NO! You made them think I'm a monster! That's worse then them hating me!" If I had been human I would have been crying so hard my words wouldn't have been understood.

"Well…I came up with the idea for the eyes." April was smiling and Mike looked into her eyes with approval for his wives brilliant plan.

"I hate you all!" The voice I used was laced with so much hatred that Troy didn't even try to touch me he just looked up at me. "And I will never ever love you!" I shook my head at him before returning to smooth out Bella's hair.

"We will see. Dear we have all of eternity together!" He smiled an evil smile at me. I looked back at him.

"Not if I kill you!" I more or less whispered it out at him. Emily tensed in Cole's arms. Mike stood up.

"April be a sweetie please." Troy quickly looked at April who was still seated before he stood up and made his way back to the cockpit.

"What? Ever time I get out of hand your going to use April!" I laughed at him as the corners of my eyes began to get black. The veil was covering me again but I didn't fight it this time. I didn't want to stay awake with them. I felt myself fall over onto the ground as the veil completely covered me taking away all of my senses. Complete darkness took over then and I was out.