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Sequel to Midnight. Troy goes after the Cullen's and forces Jay to go with his family. Bella and Jay must work together to get through what Troy has planned. However, will Jay be willing to sacrifice everything for the Cullens again? Or will she simply give up?


4. Fights and the Truth

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2020   Review this Chapter

“Mmmmm” My head was pounding as I rolled over. I had been lying on my stomach and it was very uncomfortable. Something was poking me in the back of my mind, trying to get through, trying to be remembered but I couldn’t think straight yet and whatever it was it was eluding me. It couldn’t be that important anyways.

“Glad to see your awake!” I snapped open my eyes and turned to stare at the familiar voice who spoke to me with such hatred. There sitting on one of my couches back in my room in Italy was Bella. The room was dark but I could make out her eyes filled with hate, her clenched jaw, her brown hair pulled into a messy bun but the thing that stuck out most about her was the distance she kept between the two of us as if I had the plague. She was leaning away from me even though she was across the room.

“Umm…thanks?” The way she had said it made me realize that in fact she wasn’t happy to see me awake. I pulled the covers off of me and stood making my way to my bathroom.

“Where are we?” She spoke with so much venom in her voice. I continued on my way to the bathroom. I turned the cold water on and splashed my face before toweling it off I answered her, “Italy” a short to the point answer. I turned away from the bathroom and placed my hand on the sink and stared at her.

“You look…good”, I tried to smile at her as I spoke but she glared at me and I stopped at once. She truly did hate me. Nothing I could say or do would change the way that she saw me now; I was a monster to her. I walked out of the bathroom and made my way to the door. I had to get away from her, to think of a way to get her out of here. She may hate me but I'm the reason that she is here and I’m responsible for getting her out then.

“Your eyes their…black?” I had walked into the only beam of light in the room on my way to the door. I couldn’t help but get mad. How could she so easily just think of me as a red eyed monster? Had I not gone shopping with her? Had I not fooled around with her? Trusted her with all my secrets? And now just so easily she believed this lie…this cruel lie told to her? I opened my month to speak but realized just how much venom filled my month that I closed it again. I folded the top of my lips over my teeth trying my hardest to get control over myself, my temper, and my words.

“I haven’t fed in over 2 months!” That seemed an innocent enough response. She looked at me with confusion spread over her face touching every part of her expression. I started to walk past where she was seated toward the door but I turned around. I couldn’t control my angry, my fury anymore. “That was all Aprils doing, making you all hate me! Seeing red in my eyes that isn’t there!” I had reached the door and had started opening it in need of my escape and fresh air.

“Jay I didn’t, I mean…” I spun around to face her, slamming the door in the process. All control over my temper was gone.

“What do you want Bella?” I yelled as loudly as I could at her. I knew she didn’t deserve this…any of this. I knew it was my fault but I was going to take it out on her. After all she believed the lie they fed her, she was partly at fault and I was going to make her see this.

“You just left us there! You ran away!” She was yelling back at me. I started to walk toward her. I wasn’t going to hurt her but I needed to be closer to her, for her to see the lost, desperate look in my eyes, my pitch black eyes, both from hungry and fury.

“I ran! I ran as fast as I could!” I didn’t deny anything as I slowly walked closer to her.

“You just left us there.” Her voice was laced in sadness and depression and I realized as I came closer to her that she wasn’t talking about today’s incident but she was talking about two months ago.

“I did what I had to do!” I turned away from her then feeling as though I had achieved my goal of hurting her like she had hurt me. But I was still yelling at her and knew that my temper was not yet under my control.

“You didn’t –“ I lost all control then realizing what she was about to say I spun around and cut her off before she could go any further.

“You’re new to this whole mind reading thing!” She seemed surprised that I knew her power but I kept going, “I heard what Troy was going to do to you, to your family, to your Edward! I did what I had to do! I did what I did for you and now look where you are! I gave my freedom so you could have yours and look what it got me! Nothing. Look where you are!” I spun around as fast as I could before I said more. Leaving a stunned Bella standing alone in my dark room I ran into the hallway slamming my door behind me.

“Ha I told you” Troy was leaning against the wall nearest me.

“I hate you!” I stormed down the hallway away from him and away from Bella.

How had all of this happened? I mean I went with Troy to keep him away from the Cullens but did I just make things worse? Should I have fought harder? What have I done? Bella is here because of my mistakes! Edward will hate me, he will blame me. Alice will hate me for talking her sister away from her. Emmett will most likely try to kill me. Carlisle and Esme will never look at me again. I’m at fault! I need to get Bella home, home to her family, her loved ones. I owe her that at least after all that I have put her through.

“Jay?” A quite weak voice spoke my name and I looked up to see who it belonged to. Bella was walking toward me down the hallway. She hadn’t been presented to the Volturi yet but I hadn’t thought that Troy would have let her out of the room, yet alone unsupervised.

“What?” I said it a little meaner then I had meant to. It had been over an hour since I had left the room. I was in one of the hallways in the castle, it was the least used and next to my room it was my favorite place to just come and think. Bella walked closer to where I was and leaned against the wall before sinking down to sit opposite me.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice was so weak and filled with remorse.

“So am I.” I looked her straight in her eyes. “Bella you have no idea what their going to do.” My voice was just above a whisper but I knew she could hear it just fine.

“But I’m a vampire they can’t hurt me.” She spoke with so much confidence and her smile spread up to her eyes.

“Yeah but you made one fateful flaw…your in love. Everyone has been blocking their minds from me so I have no idea what they are planning. God Bella! You got yourself caught! Think of what they can make you do by holding Edward’s safety over your head! Think Bella!” As I went on her smile faded as she realized what I was saying was true and as she absorbed it.

“So….so…” She couldn’t form her words as she looked at me with terror in her eyes.

“So you’re at their mercy as to what they do.” Both our eyes dropped to look at the floor as we began to think about Bella’s fate. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” She looked up from the floor to gaze into my eyes.

“For getting you into this mess.” I looked away from her eyes, too ashamed at what I had done to her.

“You didn’t do this! This is Troy’s fault! Jay it has nothing to do with you!” She spoke with such sincerity that I had to look up into her eyes to see if she spoke the truth to me. There beneath her lightly tinted red iris was the hope I needed. She honestly didn’t blame me for any of this.

“So you don’t hate me?” I leaned closer to her.

“No, never!” She smiled at me as though I was crazy for even thinking it. I let out a little sigh of relief and suddenly I felt as though everything was going to be ok…somehow I was going to get Bella back to Edward and the rest of the Cullens.

“There you two are!” A vile voice broke up Bella and my conversion as Troy and Cole made their way down the hallway toward us. “Bella its time to meet your new family and Jay its time to take your place with us as a guard to the Volturi.” Cole bent down and took Bella under the arm in an unbreakable hold. Troy reached his hand down for me to take.

“I don’t need your help to get up!” I curtly responded to his gesture.

“Very well.” He removed his hand and I stood up with support from the wall behind me. Troy placed his hand on my lower back just barely touching me as he lead me down the hallway followed by Cole who was still holding onto Bella. “This will be interesting Aro just got back and is very excited.”

I turned to look Bella in the eyes. I concentrated on reaching her mind, everything will be ok. I will find a way to get you out of here I promise you that! She nodded at me and I nodded back before turning to look at Troy. “Why are you doing this?” He didn’t look at me nor answer me as he opened the door to a chamber like room.

Troy pushed me in first and then allowed Cole, with Bella still in tow, to enter before him. Once inside I looked around. Emily, April and Mike were all standing just to the right of the door. I moved left to be opposite them and looked forward toward the three high backed throne like chairs in front of me.

“Jay over here!” Troy had entered the chamber and grabbed my arm forcing me to the right with the rest of his family. Bella and I ended up standing next to each other. I could see her looking at me out of the corner of her eye and I turned my head to look at her, giving her an encouraging smile before looking forward again.

Suddenly one of the side doors of the chamber opened allowing Aro, Caius, and Marcus to enter followed by three body guards. While Caius and Marcus both went to sit in their chairs, Aro walked toward the center of the room.

“Welcome Bella and Jay!” He smiled so bright toward us. I had expected him to address Bella but not me. I was stunned and caught off guard as he said my name. I cocked my head slightly to the side. I could see Troy’s family staring at Aro just as surprised as I was.

“Umm…thank you?” I was so unsure of what to say. Of course everyone knew who the three of them are and I know how they know Bella’s name but mine?

“We have much to discuses I see!” Aro smiled toward Bella and me again.