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Sequel to Midnight. Troy goes after the Cullen's and forces Jay to go with his family. Bella and Jay must work together to get through what Troy has planned. However, will Jay be willing to sacrifice everything for the Cullens again? Or will she simply give up?


5. Secerts

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So there I stood…facing Aro who was smiling from ear to ear. I had no idea what was going on…how he knew my name, unless…I quickly turned to look deep into Troy’s eyes.

“You knew!” I shouted at him before ripping my hand out of his grasps. “You needed both of us?” I had meant for it to be a statement but my voice cracked at the last second making it into a question. His eyes were bored, dull of any emotion not allowing any information out of them.

“Of course I knew!” He spat at me. My eyes squinted, I didn’t understand, I don’t understand. What was happening?

“What?” Cole spoke this time and I whipped my head around to stare at him. April, and Emily’s faces were also covered in a confused look. Troy hadn’t told them.

“Aro wanted both of them.” Mike had spoken this time. April ripped her hand away from her husband’s hand disgusted.

“You lied to us?” April looked at both of them with hate.

“Children! Please take your business outside.” Aro waved his hands at Troy’s family ushering them to leave. April, Cole and Emily left in a hurry exchanging glares with Tory and Mike on their way out. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out! Troy is going to get it! The door snapped shut behind them and Bella and I were left alone with the Volturi and three dangers looking body guards.

“Well Aro?” I had found my voice faintly and though it was only a whisper everyone left in the room was able to hear it.

“As you two have just found out I wish for both of you to join our wonderful family here!” As he spoke he moved closer to us lifting his hands up with palms toward the ceiling showing us how ‘wonderful’ his family was.

Why us? I knew Bella was very powerfully but why me? “Why?” I hadn’t realized that I had asked it out loud until Aro laughed. I glanced over at Bella who appeared to be terrified into an unmovable position. I reached out and grabbed her hand pulling her closer to me. I promise it’s going to be ok! I don’t know what he wants but we will be fine and I will get you home to Edward! I promise you this! She looked up at me to gaze at me with her wide open, scared eyes. She appeared to be taking in my face to see if I meant my promise, whatever she saw there reassured her and she nodded her head towards me.

“Ah so convenient that must be Jay! To be able to give your thoughts to others while taking in theirs as well! What a wonderful gift!” He beamed at me like a parent would to a child who had just earned their first ‘A’ on their report card.

“Umm…thanks?” That was the second time today that I was unsure of what to say to him. He knew more about my power then I thought that he would.

“And you Bella the power of control over nonliving things! Ah you two surly are powerfully and to have found each other! So wonderful!” He looked toward Bella and smiled brightly at her.

“Ah…..what?” Her face twisted into a confused look as if she didn’t know her power. Was that possible? I thought she knew!

“Surly you know by now Bella that you can freeze things where they are and move things to where you want them to be!” He tilted his head toward us while explaining this to her and then cocked his head to the side as if waiting for an answer from her all the while still smiling brightly.

“Well…yeah. I mean I know that.” Uncharacteristic answer from Bella, I have never seen her stumble for words, but she seemed to be totally stunned by Aro’s knowledge and quickly looked away from him.

“Then surly you also know that your power can only work on things that are nonliving?” His head hadn’t moved since asking her the first question. I stood where I was quietly, and unsure of what was about to happen to us. I was trying to figure it all out. What was going on? Why was he quizzing us on our powers? What was he trying to get at?

“I…I….no”, I gave Bella’s hand a quick squeeze and smiled at her. That was twice in less then a minute that she stumbled for words. This was unlike the confident Bella that I knew!

“Well then! You have much to learn about your power, and Jay you need to learn control. You will both need to learn before we can use you!” He smiled at the two of us in turn before he spun around and walked back to his throne like chair.

“Use us?” I brought my face forward and cocked to the side slightly as I asked him. I knew what my face must look like, distorted with confusion and fear as to what was happening.

“Yes. Now you two may leave back to your rooms to rest. You will be summoned tomorrow.” He smiled at us as if I hadn’t asked a question and as if everything was totally clear. His smile quickly left his face and his lips became hard pressed together and I could tell that was the end of this conversion, he would say no more. I squinted my eyes at the three of them quickly trying to figure out what was happening, what they were planning. What ever it was they had quickly shut off their minds from mine, other then Aro who was bubbling.

What wonderful gifts! Such gifted young girls! How lucky we are! They will come in handy. Jay are you listening to my thoughts? He smiled at me but I quickly turned and dragging a still stunned Bella with me, I walked out of the chamber room into the hallway.

“Well?” Troy and Mike were leaning against the wall right outside the room.

“We are going to bed.” Bella was still quite by my side as I walked down the hall. I tried to take my hand away from hers but she refused to let go.

“You don’t sleep!” Troy and Mike were following us down the hallway quite closely. I wanted to ‘break check’ them to see if they would run into us but I didn’t think Bella would be able to take that after what happened.

“No but we don’t want to be bugged by you. But while you are here…how are Emily and Cole doing Troy? And Mike how’s April?” I smiled as I turned around to face them. Bella was still facing forward stunned. I wonder how long it will be before she is back to normal; hopefully soon I can’t do this alone!

“They are fine!” Troy curtly responded to my question. Mike looked as though I hit him in the face but then again he had been April’s husband for over a hundred years by now and I don’t think he ever kept anything from her, before now that is.

“And why is it that Mike knew and not them?” I was trying to hit a nerve with Troy and making him seem like a bad leader was one way of doing this.

“Cause I couldn’t keep it from Mike! With you around he can read my mind…or didn’t you remember love?” He smiled at me as he spoke, making me sound dumb and ignorant, “Now get your rest I will be there to pick you up tomorrow to bring you back to Aro.” He turned away from Bella and me and began to walk down the hallway. Mike stood looking at me. If I didn’t know better I would have thought it was a look of pity and sorrow but he kept his mind blocked from me as he quickly turned and left with Troy.

“Odd.” I whispered it more to myself then anything. I turned to continue walking. “We’ll get through whatever it is together.” Bella was looking up at me as I spoke to her quietly and I lead us away from the chamber room with its walls full of secrets toward my room, my safe retreat from whatever was to come.