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Sequel to Midnight. Troy goes after the Cullen's and forces Jay to go with his family. Bella and Jay must work together to get through what Troy has planned. However, will Jay be willing to sacrifice everything for the Cullens again? Or will she simply give up?


6. Broken Promies

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“Do you hate me?” I spoke in a voice that was barely above a whisper. I was sitting on my bed, my legs curled underneath me. Bella had been keeping distance from me ever since we had gotten back to my room. She had placed herself on one of my couches, the furthest couch from me.

“Why would I?” Her voice was void of any emotion. She didn’t look up from the floor as she answered me.

“Then why are you acting like this?” I had practically yelled at her, though I hadn’t meant to. I was so tired of the silence that I had been putting up with for the past two hours.

“Can we not talk about this?” I knew that she meant what had happened today and what was going to happen tomorrow so I didn’t bother to ask her about what though I was tempted to. She still hadn’t looked up.

“How’s Emmett and Jasper? Has Jasper beat Emmett yet?” The two of them were in a contest that dealt with one of their games for the Xbox 360, they had started the computation while I was still…there…in town…free I guess you could say. I looked at her face trying to see any change in her expression.

“Ha. Emmett broke the Xbox after you… left so Esme bought them a new one for Emmett’s birthday and he broke that one…right before I got here…” She had been smiling at the start of her sentence but by the end of it she was frowning and her gaze was back on the floor. My carpet was a plain, creamy colored white so it couldn’t be that interesting.

“Oh, how was Emmett’s birthday?” She seemed to be happy about that conversion so I brought it back up in hopes that she would smile.

“He smiled…it was the first time since…well...yeah… Edward got him an iPod nano cause he broke that also, Rose bought him some parts for his Jeep. Jasper bought him a blow up set of Somo wrestler thingies”, she rolled her eyes at that one, “, and I got him a gift card. He was…happy.” She ended the conversion with a smile.

“He broke Timmy the iPod?” I was stunned…that iPod was practically his baby. No one was allowed to touch it or even look at it and he broke it.

“Yeah about a week after you… left.” She paused after ‘you’ thinking of a correct word; abandon, deserted, ran, gave up, lied; left was being nice.

“Oh.” Short simple, yet I still felt like crap.

“Jasper wasn’t too happy about other things he broke. Esme allowed him to get out his angry though he and Rose fought a lot” I looked up at her and I meet her gaze. She was sad not for herself but for me. She knew that this information was tearing me apart inside. How could I have done this? I mean I know why I had to…but I could have found another way? Couldn’t I? Didn’t I just take the easy way? I always take the easy way out!

“How are they now?” I put spaces between each word, going up a little higher at the end. I didn’t know if I really wanted her to tell me the truth or to lie to me to make me feel better. The truth would be painful, but I would know if she lied so I would know the truth anyways.

“Well…they still fight, just not as much. Emmett’s mad at you and Rose is…well…indifferent.” She searched for the words that she used carefully not wanted to lead me on or tell me anymore then she needed to or wanted to at the moment.

“Yeah well…how’d um…my parents?” I didn’t finish my question but I needed to know. I needed to get all of this out of my system I could face whatever would happen tomorrow totally clear and open. This is one thing that haunted me after I left. I needed to know how my parents had taken my death.

“Your mom cried, your dad just sat in your room for a couple of hours.” She detached herself from her words and I realized that she wasn’t telling me everything. I looked up at her trying to make a connection with her mind to find out what she wasn’t telling me but she had learned to close it off. I made my way over to the edge of my huge bed and I sat there concentrating on breaking through to her mind. She smiled weakly at me, “Something’s are better not known, or seen.” I turned all my attention to breaking through her mind block, I had been practicing this on Mike trying to figure out what was going to happen, but he was more practiced at mind blocking.

I broke through into her mind. I concentrated harder, bringing the images of my parents that I wanted to see to the surface.

A blinding light and I was standing in my bedroom facing my dad who was sitting on my bed. He was holding my stuff animal that Alex had won me at a carnival we had gone to one time. I slept with it every night. His eyes were glazed over, he wasn’t really looking at it nor taking in the fact that he was shaking. I heard a creak and looked over toward my door. My mother walked in.

“Don’t touch that! Put it back!” She was yelling at my dad and walked briskly over to where he was sitting on my bed trying to grab the stuff animal out of his hands.

“Just leave it alone!” She was still yelling at my father who hadn’t looked up at her.

I heard the door bell ring and my mother turned to face my father, “Put it back!” She walked out of my room and down the stairs. I looked out my window trying to avoid my father’s empty glare at my doll and saw Bella sitting in my tree. This was her memory, she had been watching over my parents after Esme called to give them the news of my death. My room was in the back of the house so all that Bella could see was into my room and the backyard.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH” I heard my mothers screaming from below me. I wanted to run to her, to see what was happening, to help her but as I tried to make my way out of my room I couldn’t move. This was only a memory and I couldn’t see what Bella hadn’t seen.

My father dropped the stuff animal he had been holding and jumped up making his way out of my room. He hadn’t gotten to the door though before a black figure made its way into my room.

“Who are you? Where is my wife?” My father demanded an answer from the hooded person who had intruded into my room.

“You will know soon enough.” That voice! I know that voice! The figure removed his hood reveling an inhumanly pale face and crimson red eyes. Troy! I dropped to my knees. Please God tell me no! Tell me he doesn’t! I was praying to change the events that most likely happened over 2 months ago. I closed my eyes. Trying to detach from Bella’s mind.

“What?” My father asked back. I couldn’t get out of her mind. I had used so much force to get in that I was stuck there. I had to wait for this memory to play out. I looked out the window trying not to listen to Troy as he spoke to my father, told him lies about how he had killed me. Bella was sitting in the tree, frozen in place, she couldn’t believe what she saw and she couldn’t move an inch. I heard my father’s screams and reluctantly turned to face Troy as he dropped my father’s bloodless body onto my carpet. He turned and left my room after licking his lips. I snapped my head away from the seen. Looking instead to where Bella was still frozen in the tree, staring awestruck at what she had just seen.

“BELLA?” I could hear Alice’s bell like voice call franticly from below where Bella was perched. She must have seen what was going to take place. I heard the back porch door creak open. Seconds later Alice was in my room bent over my father. Her tiny frame cursing and shaking in angry. They had failed in keeping my parents alive; Troy had lied about leaving them alone.

A blinding light whipped me away from the seen as the Cullen’s made their way into my room, Edward carrying Bella with him.

“NO!” I screamed as sobs ripped from my chest. I jumped off the bed and ran into my bathroom slamming the door behind me and locking it. I slid my back against the door and curled into a ball and sobbed. My eyes wished for tears to come, my mind wanted them to stream down my face in little rivers but my being couldn’t make them came, I was faulty I was broken. That’s what it was…I was broken!

I filled the large bath tub with scolding hot water. I striped my clothing and made my way into the tub when it was full. Bella had been pounding on the door screaming my name for about five minuets before she gave up and went away. Leaving me alone with my thoughts, just the way I liked it. I slipped under the water until my head met the bottom of the tub. I stayed like this for who knows how long. Just thinking.

How could Troy do that? He had taken away everyone from me? He had left me all alone! He lied to me! I knew I couldn’t trust him but still he had promised he wouldn’t hurt my parents, he had promised he would leave them alone, never to haunt their dreams with his red eyes or his pale skin. The image I couldn’t get out of my head was of my father’s glazed over, lifeless body lying crumpled on my carpet.

I sat upright in my bath. I realized one thing, it may not save Bella nor me, but Troy had to be stopped.

I stepped out of my bath and wrapped a large towel around myself, after toweling myself off I changed into PJ’s and wrapped my hair. I slowly opened the door and walked out to face Bella and the world that awaited me on the other side of the door. Bella lay in a ball on my couch. She didn’t look up as I made my way over to her. I had closure that much she had given me. When we got away from Troy I didn’t need to worry about my parents or what was happen to them, they were in heaven with God and I took comfort in that fact. They weren’t truly gone.

“Bella…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have pushed you I just needed to know.” I whispered to her as I got closer to where she laid. She didn’t look up nor acknowledge my presents. I sat down close to her head and brought it slowly and carefully onto my lap stroking her hair. “I’m sorry.” I whispered again to her. She whipped around to face me, angry and confusion written on her face.

“You have nothing to be sorry for! I should have done something! I was frozen; I just sat there and watched it happen!” I put my figure to her lips to stop her babbling.

“If you had gone in there Troy would have taken you.” It was a fact and she couldn’t argue with my logic so she sat silent and stared off at the wall. I kept stroking her hair.

“Why doesn’t Rose like me?” I asked Bella. It was an odd topic to bring up now but I knew that both of us needed something lighter and she laughed at me when I asked.

“She doesn’t like me either! She only puts up with me!” Bella sat up then. She looked into my eyes and I could tell that they were sad and scared at the same time.

“I promised you that I would get you out, and I will.” I smiled reassuring and reminding her of the promise I had made today…or was it yesterday. I had no concept of what time it was or how long I had been in that bath tub.

“I should go take a shower.” She got up off of the couch and made her way toward my bathroom. “Thank you Jay.” She turned to look at me and smile once before closing the bathroom door and turning on the water.

“The only question is how I’m going to get you out.” I whispered it so she couldn’t hear as I thought about this challenge. I kept my thoughts to this task and to developing a plan in hopes to avoid memories of my parents. Every once and while I would have a memory play across my mind and then I would stop to sob and then continue in planning.

:”Nothing!” I yelled at myself. My mind could only come up with plans that got one of us killed or left one of us behind.

“What?” Bella had come out of the bathroom and was smiling toward me as she toweled dry her hair. “I hope you don’t mind but I borrowed some of your cloths.”

“Nothing, and that’s ok. Make yourself at home!” I smiled brightly at her as she moved closer to me.

“What do we do now?” She searched my eyes for an answer but I had none to give.

“I don’t” I didn’t finish my sentence as I gazed off toward the door. Someone was coming. I could have reached out to find out who it was and what they were doing in the halls but I realized that I had no control over my power since I went into Bella’s mind. I had found something I didn’t want to know, to see or to believe and so I had shut my mind off, blocking my mind from others and others minds from me. In human terms I was sticking my fingers in my ears though my way worked so much better because I couldn’t hear anything then my own thoughts.

Perhaps I should have opened up to know who would come through the door because when he walked in I couldn’t help but launch myself at him. Troy had opened our door and within two seconds after realizing who it was I was across the room attacking him. All the angry of what had happened to my parents, all the hate for the lies and the way he treated me propelled me forward toward him and gave me the strength and energy to attack him.

“Jay!!” I could hear Mike and Bella yelling at me but I couldn’t stop as I punched and kneed a down Troy. I could feel two strong steel arms work their way under my arms and begin to lift me up and as I was raised into the air it only gave me a better angle to kick him at. “Stop it!” Mike was yelling into my ear as he held me against him.

Someone slapped me hard across the face. I knew it wasn’t Mike, whose strong arms were holding me in a cage against his steel chest, that left one person and as I whipped my head back to glare at Troy I noticed my handy work. He had scratches down his face and a black eye. They would heal soon but not before the rest of his family would see them. I spit venom at him and glared as hard as I could.

“What brought this on?” He was smiling as he wiped my spit away from the perfect shot I had made toward his forehead.

“You killed my parents you sick-“I was fighting against Mike but he had enough strength to cover my month and hold me. I never got to tell Troy what I thought of him.

“I did it for us love!” He walked closer toward me and kissed me lightly on the check. I tried to whip my face away but Mike held me in place. I thought Cole was the strong one but apparently Mike had been working out over the last couple of months. “We should go, Aro doesn’t like waiting.” He smiled at me as he turned back to the room and grabbed Bella’s arm dragging her with him out of the room.

“Don’t touch me!” Bella ripped her arm out of Troy’s grasps and walked next to Mike who was still holding me in a weird way because one hand was around my waist holding me to him while the other one was crushed against my month keeping all sounds from getting out.

“Have it your way!” Troy smiled as he led us down the hallway toward Aro and whatever they had in store for us.