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Sequel to Midnight. Troy goes after the Cullen's and forces Jay to go with his family. Bella and Jay must work together to get through what Troy has planned. However, will Jay be willing to sacrifice everything for the Cullens again? Or will she simply give up?


7. The Plan

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“Mike you can let go of her if she behaves herself”, Troy was speaking to Mike who still had me caged against him and silenced. “Will you behave?” This time Troy looked to me. We had stopped walking and I noticed a door ahead of me. It was large and made of very old wood. We had arrived at Aro’s chamber. I simply nodded my head and Mike released me.

“Thank you!” My words were laced with sarcasm and I walked forward toward the door. Troy pushed Bella forward, toward me and I reached down and grabbed her hand. She seemed frozen like one of those ice sculptures you see at weddings. I tugged on her arm when she wouldn’t move and I realized that she wasn’t going to move without help.

“Come on!” Troy shouted impatiently from behind me. I reached my left hand out and twisted the cold, gold doorknob. The door creaked open and I pulled Bella through with me.

“Welcome!” Aro was standing in front of us wearing one of his huge smiles, if I had been able to throw up my vile would be covering the expensive carpet on which Bella and I now stood.

How could he smile at us when he was destroying us from the inside out? He knows what he is doing; he knows neither of us wants to be here so why does he insist on being polite and nice to his prisoners? Is that what we are then…his prisoners?

I hard a load metallic clunk behind me. I turned my head slightly and saw Troy and Mike standing behind us with the door closed.

“Ah, Troy! My darling! Nice work, nice work! As promised your family may take their place amongst the guards.” Aro’s attention was completely upon Troy and so I looked around the room. The walls were stone, much like the rest of the building, the floor was covered in the large carpet and there were only a couple of couches for sitting. There was however, one robbed figure against the wall closest to Aro, which must be his guard.

“If you don’t mind I would like to talk to Bella and Jay alone.” Aro gestured toward the door and Troy and Mike nodded there heads muttering “Of course”, and left through the large old door.

“Now-“Aro had turned toward us however, what he said I never heard. My mind was being invaded; it was being pulled, strained. I had shut everything out so it’s not my doing…but who?

I could feel myself losing control on the present and succumbing to the demands of my mind. A hot breeze wiped around me, disorienting me, confusing me. My eyes stung with the heat and force of the wind, I snapped them close. Just as fast as the warmth had come it was gone. I opened my eyes slowly.

Everything was a brilliant white, unlike anything I had ever seen before, it was unreal, so clean, and nothing you could ever buy at a home improvement store in a paint color. It was…perfect, unblemished.

Where was I? What was going on? As far as my eyes could see was white, just…white! The walls, the ceiling the floor, everything! As I looked down I noticed I was barefoot, and my clothing was different. I was no longer wearing my PJ’s but was now wearing white scrubs, as white and clean as the room in which I stood.

I wiped around and around but it was all the same. A perfectly white room, nothing in it at all, surrounded me. What was going on? I started to get mad, I liked control, I needed control and in no way did I have any control in what was going on. Was this Aro’s doing? Some mind trick?

“Hello?” I called out though my voice was shaking and almost caught in my throat. I squeezed it out. It was barely audible. “Um…anyone there?” I struggled as I formed my words; they were just a whisper though you could hear the squeak of nerves in them.

“Jay.” Someone called my name. I know that voice! Who is it? Where do I know that voice from? I spun around looking for who called my name. Nothing, no one was here. Maybe I finally went crazy, perhaps I was…dead?

“Jay?” The same voice cried out to me, though this time making my name into a question. I spun around again.

“Yeah!” I was annoyed. What the heck was going on! I spun around once more, looking for…anything, and stopped dead midspin almost forcing myself to fall. There standing in front of me was someone I never thought I would see again.

His feet were barefoot, and he wore the same scrubs as I did. His hair was swaying in an unknown breeze, there was no wind at all in fact, the locks of his hair brilliant and gorgeous tinted ever so bronze. “Edward?” I squeaked out his name. No! Don’t believe this is happening! It is a trick! Aro is pulling a trick on you! This isn’t real! Don’t allow yourself to fall for it! Don’t let yourself believe! Stop it!

“Jay!” He smiled at me as he looked at me. His voice sounded just the same, velvet, nice, reassuring, but mostly…safe, it reminded me of a good time. No stop thinking that! He looked just the same, but his eyes were a stunning, brilliant, piercing green that looked as though they could look into my soul.

“No! You’re not real!” I screamed it at him. “Stop it!” I closed my eyes as tight as I could make them. Aro was doing this! He was trying to get to me! He was trying to break me! But…how? That’s not his power; he has to be touching to gain others thoughts! I searched for the connection that allowed this fake Edward into my head. I had to get him out.

“Jay it’s really me!” I could hear him walking closer to me; I could feel him reaching out toward me.

“No!” I began to try to rip the person out of my head.

“OW! Stop that!” The fake Edward called out to me in pain. I lost my concentration. The only way he could feel pain was if he was deep inside my head. So deep I really couldn’t get him out without doing damage to myself, there would be no way for me to forcibly remove him.

If it was Aro though, he couldn’t keep up the illusion of being Edward while I was fighting him like I was…so it had to be Edward…right? I opened my eyes to watch as Edward brought his hand up to his nose to wipe away the blood that was flowing. A nose bleed?

“Jay it’s really me!” He didn’t look up from his hand as he examined the blood that was shinning on his fingers. “Please believe me!” Then he looked up and I just stared into his eyes. He was pleading with me; he needed me to believe him. I couldn’t hear his thoughts to confirm that it really was him though.

“This isn’t your power!” I wouldn’t give up so easily to believe Aro’s lies.

“I learned. My family is right outside the city walls, you need to listen to me! We don’t have much time!” He didn’t look away from me as he spoke in his crisp voice. Could he really learn or was this just Aro trying to get me to give him something he needed that was inside my head?

“Prove it!” There had to be something that he could show me that would let me know…either way.

He squinted his eyes slightly at me, “How?”

“I don’t know! Show me something only Edward would know!” I knew that Aro had seen inside Edward’s mind so it would have to be something recent.

“Jay, why do you think that this room is so bare? I just learned how to do this, in fact I have been trying to get you here since you and Bella left! I don’t know if I can change this. I don’t even know how I did this at all.” He gestured to the room around us.

“Try!” I wasn’t giving in so easily.

He sighed and closed his eyes tightly shut. He started to rock back and forth; like I have to if I’m trying to reach someone who is far away. He started to whine slightly and whimper. More blood started to flow out of his nose. He had made us human in this illusion, memory, or whatever it was, I realized, it is easer to do then to translate our vampire selves here. That’s why I couldn’t read his thoughts, and why his eyes were green, and why he was bleeding. He really was new to this, if it was him that is.

I started to think this whole thing through. Was it possible for Edward to do this? Maybe he only sent out the thought of this illusion and I reached out and grabbed it and forced myself in. I had lost control of my powers after I found out about my parents, perhaps I hadn’t shut it off like thought but I only tuned it out and Edward’s thoughts where so strong that I couldn’t ignore it. Was that even possible? Or was I hoping?

The same strange warm wind that had brought me here whipped itself around me again. I snapped my eyes close like I had before. This time when I opened my eyes I found myself in a living room.

The sofas were a creamy color, as were the walls. There was a light colored rug on the floor and a large screen TV in one corner. I had never been in this room before.

I looked around. The Edward from the white room was still standing by me. He motioned toward the room ahead of us as he wiped away some more blood from his nose. If this really was Edward I would have to teach him how to do this right.

“Come on Edward!” I heard a high bell like voice issue from the hallway next to us.

“No Alice!” Edward’s velvet voice reached us before he did. He looked just like the one who was standing next to me. “I will not make Bella go shopping with you! It is her decision and if she says no then no it is!”

“It’s not healthy just to stay indoors all day!” Alice entered the room then, well, more like glided into the room. She looked stunning.

“She leaves the house.” Edward made his way to one of the couches and sat down.

“I’m not talking about hunting! I mean to have some fun!” She smiled as she said fun. I missed her, I really did.

“Alice if you haven’t noticed you’re the only one in the house, who seems to have fun anymore, now respect her decision, please.” He seemed to stick the please on the end only to make it sound pleasant, but his voice was very stern.

“ROSE!!” Emmett’s voice rung throughout the room. He stormed into the room and took in the sight of Edward and Alice before saying, “Have you two seen her?” His voice was laced with angry that I had never heard or imagined from the carefree, loveable Emmett that I had known.

“No, what she do now?” Edward was the one to answer him and he sounded indifferent, as though he really didn’t care, and didn’t want to hear it. Emmett stormed from the room without answering him.

“See, she needs to get out!” Alice turned back to look at Edward having watched Emmett leave.

“No, Alice just leave her alone!” Edward grabbed the remote for the TV and flicked it on.

“Edward?” Alice was clearly annoyed by Edward having turned on the TV. “Fine!” She threw her hands up in the air and left the room as swiftly as she had come in.

“And that comment you thought wasn’t necessary!” Edward screamed after her. What had happened to the family that I had come to love?

Another warm breeze fluffed my hair and brought me back to the clean white room. Edward was standing in front of me gasping for air. He needed to learn control before he killed himself.

“See!” He gasped for air as he tried to explain what I had just seen. “This is from 1 month ago. I didn’t know what I should show you.”

Bella had told me that Emmett had destroyed a lot of things and that he and Rose fought a lot. Alice loved to drag Bella shopping but she hated it. Edward would always try to stand up for her. But did this really prove that Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s were here?

“Please believe me Jay!” I looked up into his eyes. Again they were begging me to believe him, but I saw something in them as I looked at him, I don’t know what it was but it made me trust me, believe him and open up to him.

My eyes started to sting and Edward began to get blurry. Suddenly a warm stream started to flow from my eyes down my checks. I was….crying?

“Edward what do you need?” He truly had made us human in this illusion, memory, whatever this was. The stream kept flowing strong as I spoke to him. He smiled slightly, a little confused.

“I need you to distract everyone in the room you are in.” It was a simple plan.

“Why?” There had to be more to it.

“To give Bella time to run, and then as they are chasing her, you get out! We will be in the castle." He looked at me. He was sure of his plan.

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“I don’t know you could bring them into a memory. Just give Bella enough time to get out of the room.” He didn’t look away from my eyes, and that gave me courage. I smiled at him even though I had one problem with this brilliant plan.

“Won’t they follow us?” He didn’t look away as I had expected him to.

“No. Aro was just going to offer you and Bella a place with the family. You two are very powerful and to have you in the family would greatly improve their power. But they don’t need that extra power so they wont bother to chase you and have the whole vampire community find out that two young vampire girls got away from them, better to cut their loses and try again later.” He spoke very matter-of-factly.

I could sort of understand this. It would be more embarrassing for them if they chased us then if they simply let us go. Aro is not one for big scenes.

“Ok.” I agreed quicker then he thought I would. He blinked slightly confused, when he gathered his face he smiled.

“Oh, Emmett told me to tell you that when we get out of this you have to be his personal sparring partner for all the trouble you put us through.” I just smiled as he said this.

“How mad are they?” I shifted my eyes down; I needed to know what waited me if I was to go along with this plan.

“They aren’t. They love you and miss you!” I could feel him looking at me and I decided that he was telling the truth.

“Ok”, I looked up to meet his eyes.

“Tell Bella what to do when I release you.” It was right back to business. I would be able to keep my promise to Bella; she would be safe, and back with Edward.

“K”, he smiled as I spoke and then closed his eyes focusing on letting me go. Another warm breeze swirled around. It was different, even after I had gone through it four times, I was use to my bright flash, apparently everyone’s is different.

I was face to face with Aro as I opened my eyes. He was still talking about joining the family; he seemed to not have noticed that I was mentally gone during his speech. Deep down I wish he did so I could have told him that he had done the impossible in putting a vampire to sleep.

I could feel Bella staring at me. She at least had noticed that I was gone. I peered behind me to see if anyone new had entered. They hadn’t, the only people in the room were Aro, his guard, Bella and me still.

Bella. Listen carefully to me! Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s are outside the city now. He has a plan! I’m going to take care of the guard and Aro; you just need to start running! When I tell you to run just run don’t look back. Do you understand? I turned my head slightly to see Bella nod.

I would have to do drag Aro and his guard into my mind soon, if Aro looked at Bella he would know what was going on. Her emotions played across her face; fear, nervous, excitement.

I sighed quietly. It had to be now or never. I started to think of which memory I should use. Umm….school, family, I had so many to choose from. Bella was nearly bouncing up and down in anticipation. Ok, I had the perfect one. I turned to look at Bella.

God please let this work! RUN! I focused in on Aro and his guards mind, tuning out Bella’s frantic running. I pulled and tugged on their minds, inviting them in yet at the same time focusing them to come.

A bright light sealed me into my memory with Aro and the guard. Run Bella, just keep running!