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Water's Daughter

Bella Swan has a secret, one she's hidden for all her life. See, Bella is a mermaid, and a very powerful one too. Edward Cullen and his family too, have a secret. They're vampires, who hunt animals. What will happen when they meet?

Not Stephanie Meyer, and I don't know her.

1. Mermiad

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 503   Review this Chapter

Great. This life could be so boring sometimes. I mean, there was never anything to do, everything just gets so boring after a couple of decades. Yeah, I’m immortal. A mermaid, but no one of those mermaids you always see on TV, no, I am way different than that!

Have you seen H20 Just Add Water? I’m kind of like that. If any water gets on me, even just a drop, I grow a tail. It’s very annoying. Plus, it means I have to be extra careful when it rains, stuff like that. But, what’s really frustrating is the fact that I can’t live in sunny places or I’ll evaporate. It’s happened before, though, and I don’t die if it happens, actually, it’s quite a pleasant feeling. The frustrating part is that I can’t live in a sunny place so I have to live in a rainy place, which means I always have to be aware that at any moment, it could rain.

Currently, I living in Forks, I moved here yesterday. Today I’ll be attending the small local high school.

That’s another thing I don’t sleep. I guess you could say that it’s impossible for me to. I also have super human speed and strength, faster than any vampire, which has interested the Volturi a great deal, something I don’t pride upon. See, they want to change me into a vampire, so my abilities become even more enhanced, but personally, I don’t think that could happen. As it is, there is no voice too low, that I can’t hear it, and from inside my house, I can hear what people are saying from two streets away, which is saying a lot, considering the fact I live in a privet area, where there are no other neighbours. Mostly, I just tune everything out.

And you know the way vampires have gifts, I do too, but mine are much more powerful. See, I borrow powers. Currently, I have more than you could imagine but when I get someone’s power, I get it enhanced. Like with Jane’s, I can be in a room, an unleash her power at full force on everybody. Or with Aro, I have no need to touch anyone.

As for eating food, I can’t. I drink water and that’s all I need to keep me going. I don’t need to drink it all the time, just sometimes, and my eyes turn the colour of the water I drink. So does my tail, and then they darken.

I love my house. It really is amazing. A deep river flows past, which is amazing for swimming in, its even better than the one at my last house.

For school, I put on a deep blue scoop neck top and tight skinny jeans. I didn’t really need to wear warm clothes, seeing as I can’t be cold or warm, but I needed to appear to be suffering from the coldness of Forks.

I jumped into my Porsche and drove to the small High School.