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Water's Daughter

Bella Swan has a secret, one she's hidden for all her life. See, Bella is a mermaid, and a very powerful one too. Edward Cullen and his family too, have a secret. They're vampires, who hunt animals. What will happen when they meet?

Not Stephanie Meyer, and I don't know her.


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Okay, I’m actually going to restart this, because I read the reviews and then I read the story, and I don’t think I wrote it well, so here’s the first chapter, and not everything is going to be the same.


Great, yet another school. It was pretty boring the first time; imagine how boring it was now! I mean, it’s just the same thing all the time! In English, you learn Shakespeare, old English things and stuff, in maths things that you’ll never actually use in real life, Biology things that don’t apply to me, you know, all those sorts of things. Never anything exciting.

So, I guess you could say I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it.

I was up all night (as usual, considering it was impossible for me to sleep) and preparing for my first day of school at Forks High School, well this century. I had made sure anyone who had been alive when I was here last was dead now before coming, because I think it might be just a little hard to explain how I hadn’t aged since they had last seen me, the day after graduation, when I supposedly ‘died’.

I sighed as I put on skinny jeans and a blue scoop neck top. It irritated me that I couldn’t wear white because it would be the same colour as my skin. I guess you could say I was extremely pale, paler than any vampire, but don’t worry, I’m not one. I slid on blue four-inch heels, with a pencil thin heel on my foot, before grabbing my bag and climbing into my Porsche.

I was fond of this car, though not as much as some of my others at my house, well technically speaking mansion. Could you blame me, I mean I had unlimited money, which was to be expected, considering how long I’ve been around for.

I switched on the engine, and sped off to the school. It was funny, at my old school, it was a perfectly normal thing to see a new Porsche or Mercedes or other sports cars sliding into the student parking lot, but here, the nicest car a shiny sliver Volvo.

Switching off the engine, I climbed out and walked to the office. It was surprising how the school hadn’t changed since I was last here. It was still the same size, still made of cheap bricks and slightly shabby looking, but then again, it was Forks. I suppose in a small town, there wasn’t a lot of money.

I was surprised again as I read the new secretary, Mrs. Cope, the daughter of the old one who passed away twenty-one years ago, because a tree fell on her car.

“Mrs. Cope,” I said, trying to get her attention.

Oh my word, she is ever so pretty. I wish I was like her, she’ll have the boys eating out of her palm in less than a second.

Her thoughts screamed at me, God whoever I had taken this gift off was going to pay severely for doing this to me. I could distinctly smell a vampire, no a group of them. It was annoying every time I met someone with a gift, I got it, but ten times more powerful.

“Yes, dear?” she asked me, fluttering her eye lashes. Oh my God, was she flirtingwith me? Apparently she was thinking the same.

Oh my God, I did not just flutter my eye lashes at her! She’s a girl! You like boys. You like boys. You like boys.

And on went the chant. Dear Lord, it was giving me a headache, okay, that’s impossible, but I was coming as close to one as I ever would.

“I’m new here, I need my schedule.”

I waited patiently for her to digest the information, but I think she was in some sort of a daze. I blocked out her thoughts, not wanting to hear anymore of them. I was always thankful when I got gifts, that they came with self-control too.

“Schedule.” I reminded her.

“Oh, right.” She blushed. “I’ve got them here somewhere, dear.” Mrs Cope leafed through her flies and documents. “Oh, here they are.”

She showed me a map of the school, highlighting the fastest routes to each of my classes. I wasn’t really paying attention, I mean, I’d been here before.

Finally, she let me go to my next class. I realised I was slightly late, so, checking there were no humans around, I ran ten times vampire speed to my first class, English, and arrived in less than a second. Even if a human had seen me, they would just think it was some sort of vapour.

I knocked on the door before entering. My teacher was an old, balding man, dressed in a suit, which, if you ask me, is way too dressed up for a simple day at school. I wondered if he always dressed like this, or if he was just going somewhere after school. Somehow, I doubted he had much of a social life.

“Hi, I new here. I need you to sign this.” I said, handing the slip to him.#

“Isabella Woods?” he queried.


“Okay, why don’t you stand up there? We have a game with new students. Basically we play unlimited questions until the period ends. Ready class?”

I stood in front of the class; glad I had no blood so I couldn’t blush.

“Where did you use to live?” asked some acne greasy haired guy.


It was then, I saw him. A messy bronze haired pale skinned animal drinking topaz eyes vampire, watching my very move with curious, yet frustrated eyes.

Why can’t I read her mind?!

So he was the guy with that gift. Perfect. Not.

“Shouldn’t you be tanned?” came a trying-to-be-smart guy’s voice.

“I’m part albino.”

“Did you have many friends?” asked a quiet girl’s voice.

“Um . . .” to be truthful, I hadn’t, but I couldn’t say that or they’d think I was anti-social, “I had enough.” I saw the vampire raise a perfect eyebrow. Wait-perfect?

Why can’t I smell her blood? She doesn’t have eyes like any vampire I know, and her skin’s too pale. Plus, she’s way more beautiful than any vampire; even Rosalie is miles behind her. Why is she looking at me like that?

Awww, how sweet! “What’s your favourite colour?” The questionnaire really just went on like that, the teenagers asking questions and the bronze haired vampire listening intently to what I said, trying to get a hint of what I was from what I said. On the way out, he pulled me aside to talk, “What are you?” “Why do you want to know, vampire?” “Because-“ “Speaking of which, I don’t even know your name, which is quite rude, considering you know mine.” “Edward Cullen.” “And your families’?” “Alice, Emmet, Rosalie who attend high school. Carlisle works as a doctor and Esme stays home. I’ll introduce you to them at lunch. Now, what are you?! Why can’t I read your mind?” “You can only guess my business, I won’t tell you.” I said, before walking to my next class.