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I Will Always Love You

Really just some poems I decided to write that take place throughout the series.

Not Stephenie Meyer, and I don't know ehr.

1. You're Gone

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You're Gone

Why won't this work?

You're just being a jerk!

I thought you said you were my boyfriend

Then why did you make our releationship end?

I can't believe your doing this to me.

I can't believe you don't understand what I see.

I can't believe what you said-

That you'd rather I was dead.

Is what you said really true?

If so, what happened to you?!

Do you not care what happens to me anymore?

Looking at me, do you feel sick to your core?

I thought you were someone in which I could confide,

It turns out, you'd rather I died.

Each time you look at me, your face is fulled with hate,

Is this really how you treat your old mate?

Your eyes are fulled with hate when you glare.

It makes me wonder if you ever did care.

With the replacement for me, you go to the mall,

But I'll always be waiting for your call.

Even if it will never come, I'll always hope,

And that last hope, though small, will help me cope.