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Mike's Note

Bella finally gets what Mikes problem is


2. Chapter 2

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As Bella was sleeping peacefully I was thinking about the story she told me about when she was at school today.

I knew Mike loved Bella so I wasn’t that surprised, really. But Bella sure was.

She even showed me the note. I didn’t think Mike would say something like that.

I kept thinking if I should even confront Mike or not.


Lucky for me the next day was rainy and dark, so I could go to school with Bella today. See if Mike tries to do anything.

At school when I was walking to my next class I saw Newton at his locker.

“Hey Mike.”

When Mike turned his head and saw me it looked as if his spine just dissolved.

“Oh… hi…. Edward….”

“About yesterday…”

“What about yesterday?”

He started to gather his books very quickly as if he was trying to get out as quick as possible.

“The whole note thing.”

“Oh… that…”

“Yeah… why did you tell her?”

“Dude, she had to know! And I thought I had a perfect opportunity since you weren’t there.”

I felt myself get mad as he said that so I walked over to him and glared.

“What you thought since I wasn’t there you could steal her from me?”


“Because that will never happen. Especially from you.”

As I walked off I gently pushed him into the locker.

I was steaming so I decided to just walk away and not talk to him. I wasn’t that angry at first but now I know what he was actually trying to do while I wasn’t here. He now does have the advantage for Bella, since some days I can’t go to school and he can. But that is just silly Bella would never like Mike Newton.

I saw Bella in my next period class so I will talk to her about it then.

When I walked into the class Bella wasn’t there yet so I would have to wait impatiently until she got here.

“Hey Edward.” Bella said as she walked into the classroom.

“Hello Bella.”

“You scared Mike, I just saw him in the hallway and he looked scared…”

“Did you talk to him?!?” I said before she could finish her sentence.

“Yeah, what does it matter?”

“Because you… well… I guess there is no reason.”


“And remember Bella, if you want to leave me for someone else, you can. That is how much I love you.”

“Cut it out Edward. I would never leave you. Especially for Mike. You know that!”

“Great, because that would be really embarrassing. And Emmett would give me a really hard time about it too.” I said and smiled.

She smiled back and the class began. I don’t know why I got all worked up over the Mike thing today. There really was not reason. I mean really, Bella would never leave me for Newton. But let’s hope Mike doesn’t decide to do something like that again. Or else he will be in trouble with me.