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Cullen Chat Room

This is the Chatroom with your favorite Vampires and Werewolves! Banner made with BannerFans.com, hosted on ImageShack.us -There is abuse toward Jacob.So, If You are a Jacob Lover then I wouldn't read it.-- So Over 1,000 reads And STILL ONLY 45 READS???

Over 500 Reads and Only 18 Reviews? I might not Update until I get more REviews......You Decide! I want To Update Soon But I only Have a couple of Reviews. Review if you want more Chapters! You guys must hate me, so I might just end the story here. I am really mean but this is like my first story that has done good.And if that Doesn't work, How about GIR HOW CAN YOU NOT REVIEW AFTER LOOKING AT THAT?????????? COME ON!!!! PLEASE!!! Thats It. I am not updating until after I get atleast 35 reviews from different people. I know I am greedy but its also for your benefit and Reading Pleasure.So Its with my regret that this story is on TEMPORARY Hiatus. I am Sorry, But Its for the Best. 35 REVIEWS!!! Thank You I have dropped the goal for reviews down. One More and I will update again! Thanks to JasperandMe for Writing a great story and For awnsering my reviews! Oh My Gosh! Over 1,000 Reads! I am so Happy!!!! Thanks You Guys! I might be ending Cullen Chatroom after the next Chapter but I want you to Vote! Review By Commenting Yes or No. Thanks to you guys out there! I wish I could....Ride in Bam's Lambo. I wish I could give you all volvos but uh. Not the first one. Ueah, I love Bam so......

3. Boys............

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Blonde_Beauty 24-Rosalie







--Conversation Started By Leech_Hater--

--PupyDog-Entered Conversation--

--IrritableGrizzly-Entered Conversation--

Leech_Hater: Wow. I am alone in a chat with a smelly Bloodsucker and an immature Wolf.

IrritableGrizzly: *Sniffs* I smell Fine Dog. Don't get wet. You'll Smell like......


IrritableGrizzly: A WET DOG!



PupyDog: Yeah, But you called me immature. *Sticks Out Tounge*


Leech_Hater: What?

IrritableGrizzly: Nothin, I was just wondering which one was the Husband and Who was the Wife.

Leech_Hater:Well. At Least our wife isn't a Tramp. Right Seth?


Leech_Hater: Well????????

PupyDog: I am not saying anything cuz his wif is SMOKIN!!!!

IrritableGrizzly: Yea, Husband of the Smokin' Hot Tramp is in here listening to everything. Chuck and Larry.


PupyDog: It sounds like he Called us Chuck and Larry.

Leech_Hater: I KNO WHAT HE CALLED US!!!!!!!

PupyDog: But You Just....

Leech_Hater: I kno... Just Shut Up and leave the Chat.

PupyDog: Fine. But if Virtual Blows get Exchanged And I miss it, I am letting Paul Know that you were the 1 to take Emily's Last Muffin.

--PupyDog-Left Conversation--


Leech_Hater: What now?

IrritableGrizzly: I just wanted to Give you this. *Virtual Blow*

Leech_Hater: Oh Yea... *Virtual Blow*

******After Several Virtual Blows, Slaps, Punches, Kicks, Scratches, and Bites******

Leech_Hater: *Pants*

IrritableGrizzly: Look, NOw he's trying to Keep himself Cool..... LOL

Leech_Hater: No. I just Remember that Paul is Coming.......

Leech_Hater: No, Paul, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IrriatbleGrizzly: Mutt?

Leech_Hater: No. This is Paul. If there is a vampire still on this chat when I come Back, Ur in TRouble.

IrriatbleGrizzly: Yea and What are you going to do about it?

Leech_Hater: Well, Let's Start with ur Girl. I could get over the stench.

Leech_Hater: *Grins*

IrritableGrizzly: NO!!!!! Rose has been Mad at me anyway. She would!

--IrritableGrizzly-Left Conversation--

--Blonde_Beauty 24-Entered Conversation--

Blonde_Beauty 24: First Off, NO!! Second Off, Ew!, Thirdly, I would probably Kill you Mongrel.

--Leech_Hater-Left Conversation--

Blonde_Beauty 24:Tee Hee. I love being a super Hot Vampiress.

--Blonde_Beauty 24-Left Conversation--

--Conversation has Ended