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with one look, he crumbles into stone.



1. Chapter 1

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She opened the french door leading outside to the wrap-around porch. The sun was shining beatifically, enveloping the world in warmthness. She ran her long fingers on the railings surrounding the porch, imagining the warmth actually warming her otherwise frozen body. She put on her oversized sunglasses and perched them lowly on her aristocratic nose. She sat on the chair near the porch's entrance and fanned her head, scanning the surroundings when she saw him. He was leaning casually against a large oak tree, his voice hushed in discussion, a silver cell phone barely visible. She caught his eye as he closed his phone and silently walked towards the beautiful woman.

“I knew you’d come back,” she said, eyeing her new visitor. She remained lounging on her chaise lounge, her slim body curving in the right places. She flicked off her sunglasses and motioned for the newcomer to sit on the porch railing. The bronze-haired man ambled cautiously towards her, his eyes looking everywhere but at her.

“Very subtle,” he said, now fully looking at her, her pale skin glistening like diamonds in the sunlight. The woman laughed flirtatiously, shaking her head at his words.

“Oh Edward, I see you haven’t changed at all,” she says, now standing up from her lounge chair, stretching her arms over her head. Edward stared intently at the floor, not wanting to catch a glimpse of her slim legs. She noticed his awkwardness and chuckled silently.

“It’s not that I haven’t changed, it’s simply that I’d like to remain inconspicuous to the rest of the world. I don’t think being a vampire is something worth showing off,” he replied gruffly, stressing every word. The woman laughed heartily, amused by his words. She sauntered over to him, and sat next to him on the railing.

“Edward, quit whining about who or what we are. Accept it already and, dare I say, flaunt it!” she exclaimed, placing her cold hand on his pallid cheek. His cheek burned and Edward refused to break his concentration of the floor. They both remained silent, resembling Greek statues, both equally beautiful, both exquisite. Finally, Edward broke the silence.

“I can’t hear what you’re thinking,” he whispered, placing his hand on her thigh, now revealed from her white sundress. The contact between them smoldered their expressions.

She looked at him mysteriously before replying, “I’m not thinking anything interesting, anyways, I'd rather do what I'm thinking than just think about it, you know that.” She smiles invitingly, moving her hand down to his strong chest, picking at the top few buttons. He growls inwardly.

“Stop it, Tanya. You know perfectly well I can’t,” he says, pushing her away and standing up, “I just came here to talk to Eleazar about the upcoming wedd--,”

“Oh that’s right, you're engaged to some pathetic, homely human girl,” Tanya says, disgusted and venom trailing every word. Edward growls louder this time.

“Don’t you dare criticize her, Tanya; you're the one that has refused countless visits to actually meet her!” he shouts, fury ravaging his perfect facial features. Tanya takes no notice at his anger or simply disregards it and laughs sarcastically.

“Why would I even want to see her? Come off it, Edward, you know perfectly well that she could never give you what I can give you,” she says seductively, walking, enclosing the space separating them. Edward grunts as Tanya presses her body to his. Tanya closes her eyes as she reaches her perfect pink lips towards his face.

“No,” Edward whispers, barely audible, before Tanya kisses him. Tanya looks back at him, his face pained but lust present in his eyes. Edward stares at her, her beautiful face, her wavy strawberry-blond hair and her intoxicating deep golden eyes, a pool he can lose himself in. He stumbles as he tries to move from her grasp.

Tanya veers back to the railing, hurt in her face, but she’s determined to not give up. She's been wanting him for the longest time and there's no way she would ever lose to a human. She silently fumes as Edward stays glued to the spot. A plan begins to formulate in her mind. She smiles wickedly as she crouches, hiding her face in her knees. The sundress is now exposing more parts of her body and Edward looks at her, tantalized with fear, yet longing to touch her skin. He moves towards her and touches her hand.

"I’m sorry, Tanya. I just can’t do this Be--,” he begins but Tanya rapidly places her lips on his, stopping him from saying her name. She runs her hands through his hair, and he moans. Tanya stops the kissing and looks at Edward. His once golden eyes are now fading dangerously to black, his breathing ragged.

“Don’t stop,” he groans and she more than agrees.

Though, he knew that his unfaithfulness will catch up with him, he couldn't stop; both of their cold bodies ingniting a flameless fire.

Tanya smiled victoriously as Edward carried her inside the house, ripping her sundress to shreds.

She knew she would never lose.