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This is victorias point of view to when they get to the baseball game. Update WOW I kinda just left this story hanging but I gcouldnt think of anything new to add. But then the other night I had a dream. So I twicked it a little and ta-da the new chapter I am starting back at the begining of Victoria hopfully spreding a new light on the vampire everyone seems to hate.

this has some parts that relate to the book try to pick them out

2. Back to the Begining

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It was a beautiful day out. The water was so calm and it seemed to Glitter even though the sunlight only broke through the clouds ever so often.

There were three of us in the boat myself and my two siblings. Even though there was about ten years between me and my youngest sibling we were still close and I tried to do as many activities together as I could Hiking, Swimming, theme parks, canoeing.

But canoeing was by far our favorite.

Every summer when I was on break I would take them on a canoeing trip and we would spend all day on the water, we packed a lunch usually of PB&j's, fruit and lots of water.

Even after four years this run was still so new to us.

The trees hung out over the river I many places and small rocky beaches were scattered here and there the river had an almost nonexistent current so we could stop and swim after lunch.

That day we had stopped on a part of the river that was kind of off the beaten path and because of the big cliff face it was such a great place to stop.

We loved jumping of the Ledge into the water beneath. We pulled the canoe onto the shore and pulled the ice chest out of the center.

Sitting on the beach we ate our lunch.

Then pulled of our outer clothes, revealing your swim suits underneath.

I helped them climb the wall. But when we got to the top something made me stop.

I roughly pulled the two of them behind the rocks so they were hidden from view.

I stood in front of them.

A man walked through the trees surrounding the beach. Walking towards the water I watched as he approached a canoe I hadn't noticed before because it was hidden in a Cave was the water had eroded the rock.

We were quiet and I silently prayed that he wouldn't see us, there was something about him I didn't like, didn't trust. He walked with a predatory gait towards the boat. I motioned my siblings to move quietly because they were know in his line of view but as we did a small stone was knocked from its place and It bounced, DOWN ,Down ,down, the cliff face.

I braced myself trying to will it to stop but it was too late.

The man looked up at us his eyes were a deep crimson color, like blood, I could see that even from here. He approached the rock face an evil grin on his face the blood ran from my face as I saw the hungry glint in his eyes.


I told my siblings and thankfully they did carefully and quickly climbing from the cliff and they ran towards the boat, I followed not looking at them man.

Just then my younger sibling trips I stop to help her and pull her by the hand.

Then her hand is ripped from mine and I turn to see the man holding her by her other hand.

My other sibling hides behind me.

"Let her go." I said all of the fear for myself gone It was her I had to worry about.

"And why should I?" He asked his voice cold hard and beautiful.

"What do you want any way?"I demanded trying to keep him talking.

He looked at me up and down and I suddenly felt vulnerable in my thin swim suit. His eyes examining me like I had once seen a farmer look at his livestock.

"How bout we make a deal," He said raising an eyebrow, "I will let your two sisters go but you must stay."

"And If I don't," I asked He smiled reveling rows of perfect teeth, white, and strong looking. I couldn't help but shiver.

"I will kill you all," She said slowly and deliberately putting emphasis on the words.
I calculated the chances in my head of getting away, I was usually so good at it but know I could see no way out for me but I had to help my two sisters.

"Fine," I said surrendering; he immediately released my sister who ran behind me.

"Good" he said smiling still.

"Go get in the boat," I told them not taking my eyes off him.

"But, what about you we aren't leaving without you." They said

"Renee, jen, Please, Just get in the boat and go, I ketch up."

Thankfully they believed me and launched the boat. I watched as they glided down the river a knot in my throat.

"Well," the man said pulling my gaze away from the river.

I turned to look at him. He lifted a hand a brushed my hair from my neck his finger running along my collar bone letting it rest on my neck.

" I Believe you never introduced yourself. What is your name?" He said. I looked at him my hair falling back onto my neck.

"Victoria." I replied