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I am not the PERSON i used to be

Bella is in the field when Laurent shows up. But before the pack showed up bella is raped and bitten by Laurent. Now Bella has to live with the knowlege of every thing that has happened.. But with the twist of living with werewolves.


1. In the field

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I had lost them all.

The Cullen’s left.

Then for no reason Jacob doesn’t want to be my friend anymore.

So hear I stand in the middle of the field that once held my biggest nightmare. I don’t know how long I was sitting there when I saw a lone figure exit the forest. I couldn’t tell who it was from where I was sitting, but I could tell that he was looking at me, slowly the figure started to walk towards me and only then did I realize that it was Laurent, I jump up quickly and raced over to him but stopped short when I noticed his eyes were black with a tint of crimson around the edges.

“Bella, how nice to see you hear” his voice was strong with his French accent.

“You too, not to be rude but what are you doing here, I thought you were in Alaska” I asked in a steady voice trying to hide my fear.

“Oh I was, but I came to see the Cullen’s but I can’t find any scent of them here” he looked at me curiously “Did they leave”

I almost doubled over in pain at the mention of ….them. The Cullen’s.

“Y…yes” I quickly coughed trying to get my voice back “Yes, they left a while ago”

Once again he looked at me curiously and it made me feel strange “And they didn’t take you, I thought you were like a pet to them”

“I was something along those lines, but they left and I haven’t seen them”

“Well I guess that makes it all the much better, but I do believe Victoria will be mad”

“Victoria” I gasped “What does Victoria want”

“Well you see, I am actually here by request of Victoria”


“You see, Victoria was James’ mate and your Edward killed him and that has made Victoria quite mad, as she sees it a mate for a mate, but seeing as your mate left you I guess she can’t get her exact revenge.

“Revenge” ‘what is wrong with me, why can’t I get more then one word out’ I thought

“You really should be thanking me Bella, if you knew what she has planned for you”

“Thanking you for what”

“Killing you of course” he said as if it was the most reasonable thing in the world

“Killing me” I squeaked

“Well I may have some fun while I kill you”

“Fun” I asked confused

“You really are beautiful Bella; I wonder…did Edward ever get to see that delectable body of yours”

I reeled back in shock not even caring that he used his name “what”

“I will take that as a no, too bad” he stalked towards me looking at me as I was a piece of meat, well technically I was to him

“Please don’t” I said taking a step back for every step he took towards me

“Come now Bella, I’m sure you don’t want to die a virgin”

I was panicking now, looking for any way of escape only to realize that we were in the middle of the field still and he would catch up no matter what happened.

“Bella, Bella, Bella” he taunted “you really should just except that you are going to die among, other things”

“Please don’t do this”

“You don’t have a choice” and with that he lunged at me pushing me to the floor and I began to scream. He pressed his knees into my thighs and held my hands in one of his cold ones and with the other he tore of my blouse.

I began to cry as he ripped my bra off and brought his mouth my breast and bit me hard, but he was smart, he sucked the venom back out before the transformation could start.

“Get off” I whimpered struggling against his hand that held me.

He slapped me across my face causing my neck to crack with the force, I was sure he must of broken my jaw. He quickly undid his pants and pushed them down and off his legs, it all happened so quickly that I wasn’t even prepared when he thrust himself inside me.

“NO” I cried as he tour through my virgin entrance.

He continued to thrust into me violently, with all his weight on me I couldn't move any part of my of my body, his cold body moved over mine over and over. I had retreated into my mind like I had when Edward had left.

Edward had left me defeated and broken but Laurent is leaving me feeling violated and dead.

I was brought out of my musing as he sunk his teeth into my neck as started to drink my life force.

“AAAHHHH” I screamed, each suck of my blood causing me extreme pain.

I was shocked when I felt him stiffen and I looked up and upon his face was a look of pure terror.

“It can’t be” he gasped. He pulled out of me causing me to whimper in pain and crouched down before turning around and running away in a blur.

I heard growling then as I continued to look towards the sky I saw out of the corner of my eye 3 horse size wolves run past me in the same direction that Laurent had gone. I closed my eyes as one of the wolves towered over me before running away, it was only a moments later that Jacob and Sam were towering over me like the wolves had just done.

“Oh my god!” I head Jacob yelled “Bella, Bella can you hear me”

“Her neck Jacob” I heard Sam’s voice say.

“Oh god no, Bella” cried Jacob “Sam, we can’t kill her, Bella would never hurt another person”

“Look we will take her to my house, Emilycan look after her until the transformation is complete then we will discuss what will happen”

I continued to listen to them talk until I felt the first wave of fire rip through my body and I screamed out in pain.

“BELLA” I heard Jacob scream. “Sam, please take her, I can’t stand to hear her in pain.

I felt myself being picked up by who I guessed to be Sam, I felt the wind flowing past me and before I knew it I was being tied to a bed.