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I am not the PERSON i used to be

Bella is in the field when Laurent shows up. But before the pack showed up bella is raped and bitten by Laurent. Now Bella has to live with the knowlege of every thing that has happened.. But with the twist of living with werewolves.


3. What is that smell

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Chapter Three:

RECAP of the last chapter:

I laughed softly, it was so true Charlie couldn’t cook to save his life and Jacob, I don’t know about him yet, he hurt me so much.

“But I have no were to go”

“You will stay with us”

I looked up at Sam in shock, was he really asking me, a vampire, to move in with them, a werewolf and a human. “We don’t even know what I am capable if and you offering me a room in your house, I’m not to sure the pack would agree.”

“The pack will understand when I explain things to them”

“And why would they listen to you” I asked confused

“I’m the alpha of the pack, they have to listen” Sam explained

“Still do you understand what you are saying, you are offering me, Bella Swan vampire, a creature you swore to kill, a place to live.

“Bella, I agree with Sam, like you said, you have no were to go and none of men here will hurt you like Laurent did.”

A shudder of pain racked my body at the memory of what Laurent did to me.

“Bella, what Emily is saying, we want you to stay with us, at least till you get back on your feet”

“But that could take years” I exclaimed “and I doubt the counsel of La Push will agree to have a Vampire live on their territory.”

“Let me deal with the counsel and it doesn’t matter how long it takes”

I didn’t know what to say if I stayed here I could see Charlie and what Sam and Emily were saying I looked exactly like I did when I was alive

“I have some conditions”

Sam eyed me wearily “What are they”

“Firstly are you sure I looked exactly like I did before I died”

“From what I saw of you when you were alive, I would say yes you look the same” Sam said confidently

“Ok” I mumbled to myself “that means that Charlie is still in the picture”

“Yes he is, is there anything else”

“That was a question not a condition”

“my first condition is that no one besides you and Emily are allowed to touch me,” at their confused expressions I continued “Emily is to kind to cause anyone any pain and she would hunt you down if you hurt me for no reason” the only response I got was Emily burst out laughing “S…So true” she gasped between laughs

“My second condition is that no male that I am not familiar with, is not allowed within a meter of me, I will not be help accountable to what I may do to a man who comes to close or tries to touch me”

“Don’t you think that is a bit dras-”

“No Sam” Emily interrupted “She has a point, if a female human was raped she would be given these rights, its only because she is a vampire that you are hesitating. Bella has my Vote”

“Damn right I am hesitating she could bloody well kill someone” Sam said loudly causing me to jump which in term made Emily glare at Sam who sighed “but I will agree that no male should come near you”

“And thirdly I reserve the right to ignore anyone I do not wish to talk to, even if they are talking to me”

“Agreed” Emily said firmly glaring at Sam as if to say ‘you dare say no’

“Emily I do not believe that you should be agreeing to the ter-” before Sam could finish his sentence I interrupted him.

“Emily could you please Bathe more as your smell seems to be getting worse”

“it could be that you are getting hungry and her scent is changing so you don’t bite her” Sam said, a thoughtful expression on his face.

“Well I don’t want to eat humans, Full stop.” I paused before adding “could you please get me a steak, I don’t feel like slaughtering animals either”

“Emily” was all Sam said. Emily stood from her sitting position next to me and left. I waited until Emily left before speaking

“Sam are you sure about this”


“Fine, then I need you to take me home, so I can explain everything to Charlie”

“Bella, I don’t think that would be appropriate”

“I will not lie to my father but I will not be telling him the complete truth either, but I have been missing for almost four days”

Sam sighed but looked at me for the first time without pity, anger or disgust “you must eat first and then we will all talk about what we are going to be saying to Charlie”

“What do you mean us” I asked, not liking were this was going

“The pack is coming with us”

“No! This is my fight” I couldn’t do this with all them watching…with all those men around me, much to my dismay Sam seemed to understand that.

“No one will hurt you there Bella”

“You don’t know that”

“Bella you have no reason to trust me, but no member of this pack is going to harm you”

“You don’t know that, they all hate vampires and now you are inviting one to live here”

“Bella, come upstairs to the kitchen and eat, Emily will be back any moment”

“The others are upstairs, I can’t be around them all at the moment, please take them outside and talk, I really just want to be left alone.”

I watched Sam walk to the door and I grudgingly got up and followed, I paused at the kitchen entrance as Sam walked over to where the four young werewolves sat plying cards and told them to follow him outside”

As Sam predicted Emily walked through the door as Sam and the other were about to open it.

“I hope you are all hungry, I got a lot” Emily said loudly not looking up from pulling the key out of the door knob.

Four pairs of eyes swiveled to causing Emily to laugh when she looked up and Sam to groan.

“Let me talk to these idiots outside then we will talk. But make sure she eats … A LOT” Sam said looking at me.

“WHAT” four voices yelled at Sam’s words?

“OUT. NOW!” Sam yelled in reply.

After the boys had left I sighed, it felt good to be away from men. I laughed when I saw the line of perfume bottles that were lining the kitchen counter “what are these for” I asked Emily

“Which one of these do you like” she asked, side stepping the question. I carefully walked over to the bottles smelling each one, after a few moments of thinking I said

“that one” pointing to a little pink bottle.

“Baby Doll, good choice” smiled Emily

“What is this about?”

“This is my new perfume, to cloaks my smell from you”

“Stench more like it” I laughed

I started helping Emily unpack when a scent hit me, causing me to gasp and for the first time since my awakening my K9s lengthened becoming my fangs.

“Bella are you ok”

“What’s in that bag” I asked pointing to the bag that Emily was holding.

“Your food”

“Could you please pass mine to me” before I knew anything had happened, a packet of raw steak was in my out stretched hand.

“EEEEEEWWWWWWWW” I screamed throwing the packet of raw meat away from me, which happened to be at a wall, which now has a hole in it from were the meat went through and 5 werewolves were standing at the door looking at me in shock. “Oops”

“Well that’s an understatement” laughed Jacob

“What the hell happened” Paul snapped angrily. Apparently Paul doesn’t like the fact that I am a vampire.

“Emily passed me a packet of raw meat” I answered simply

“Shouldn’t you be all over it” Paul snapped again

“Paul” Sam said in warning “but Bella, he is right, why did you throw the meat away like that”

“Well, I smelt something really nice and I asked Emily to pass me what she had bought for me and she then passed me a packet of raw meat” I screwed up at my face at the thought of eating raw meat.


“That’s not what smelt nice, what ever I smelt is still in that bag and it smells great”

“Emily” Sam said. I had forgotten that Emily was in the room and spun around to face her but what I saw was not what I expected. Emily was clutching her sides trying not to laugh.

“What so funny” I asked

“I think you are going to have to fight for your meal” I must have had a confused look on my face because she continued after a moment. “I ah umm. This bag contains Paul’s’ food as well.

“I heard a loud growl and several manly snickers from behind me. “What is Paul’s food?”

I gasped as Emily pulled out….